What $500 Means For A Local Animal Rescue Group

I had the pleasure of congratulating Lori Anglin, president of Metro Ferals, last week when I called her to announce that Metro Ferals of Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia had won the first weekly prize in Care2 and Adopt-a-Pet.com’s “A New Year of Hope for Animals” contest. This $500 weekly prize is awarded to a randomly selected rescue group or animal shelter to ensure that all of the groups participating in our contest have a chance to win a much-needed cash prize.

Metro Ferals is an all-volunteer organization established in 1997 to promote non-lethal alternatives to feral cat population control. Metro Ferals isn’t a traditional animal shelter; instead Metro Ferals is a registered non-profit rescue group whose primary focus is “TNR”: Trap-Neuter-Return. Metro Ferals volunteers trap feral cats, neuter and spay them and then return them to their “homes” where they ensure there is a human caretaker who is responsible for feeding and caring for these cats.

Metro Ferals’ volunteers rescue feral kittens and then foster, socialize and adopt out these kittens to loving homes.  Metro Ferals also runs a low-cost spay and neuter clinic three days a month; when I spoke with Lori, she said they had spayed/neutered 117 cats at their last clinic!

According to The Humane Society of the United States, feral cat females can become pregnant as young as four or five months of age and may have two to three litters of kittens a year! Not only does having to produce and feed all of those kittens put an enormous burden on a feral kitty momma, but these litters of feral kittens add up quickly.

So what does $500 mean for the wonderful volunteers at Metro Ferals? With $500, Metro Ferals could spay and neuter five boy cats and five girl cats, giving these cats a better life and reducing the pet overpopulation problem.

And how can you help feral cats and homeless animals? Check out the good work Metro Ferals is doing, support your local rescue group or animal shelter, and make sure to vote in Care2 and Adopt-a-Pet.com’s new contest!


Mandi T.
Mandi T9 years ago

Oh yahoo! Finally. I'm happy about this.

Bea B.
.9 years ago

why pets don't work? They haven't got a thumb! I have tried to teach them to do the housework, but no thumb, no work, LOL

Congratulations on the $500

Christine - Pals with Paw

I am so glad that one of the Little Guys won some of the funds offered in this contest. We work twice as hard with less funds, most of us using our own funds to keep going. CONGRATULATIONS to Metro Ferals. Keep up the GREAT work you are doing.

Martin S.
Martin S9 years ago

It's about time that attention be given to the small rescue groups that are actually doing the work. When the little old lady sends her 25 bucks a month to the large Humane organization with the pretty PR material do you really think she knows that it's likely going to pay someone's multiple six figure salary? Unlikely. My hat's off to you for casting the light on small groups making a difference.

As to whether the spaying of 5 female and the neutering of 5 male makes a difference, consider the following national statistic: two unneutered/unspayed cats can produce 67 cats in just two years and in nine years, those two cats and their offspring can produce 11.5 million cats. So yes, that $500 made difference.

Martin St John, Director
MuttShack Animal Rescue Foundation

Sir Walkadelic F.
Sir Walk F9 years ago

I say "NO!" to animal welfare. All it does is promote lazy cats and dogs just sitting around collecting more welfare checks. They need to get jobs and work for a living like the rest of us, instead of living off our taxes!

(It's a play on words, people!)

Tanya M.
Tanya M.9 years ago

This is a great program. I'm glad they won.

Amalthea Lalaith
Amalthea Lalaith9 years ago

TNR is a humane solution. I am glad this group got the $.

Sharren Grant
Sharren Grant9 years ago

I am so happy that Metro Ferals was awarded the $500 prize. What wonderful things they do for the less fortunate of god's creatures. Keep up the good work!

Gail Gronosky
Gail Gronosky9 years ago

I am a firm believer in SNR nad am glad to see this group get a donation like this.

Susan Zulauf
Past Member 9 years ago

I'm glad that the community will benefit. I hate to see animals put to sleep when they shouldn't