What Happens After Michigan And Arizona?

Michigan and Arizona will have their turns at picking the Republican presidential nominee tomorrow, but the contest is in no way going to end there.  After the votes are counted, what’s next for the GOP candidates?

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is back in the lead in Michigan, although his lead is likely still much tighter than the candidate would like to see in what was supposed to be a sure thing state.  And an endorsement from Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is helping to help Romney’s standing in Arizona as well.

But once upon a time, it was believed that Romney was inevitable and invincible.  Now, it’s not even clear if he will survive the nomination process.  The party leaders still see him as the likely winner, but now, it’s going to a a long haul win, not a clear, decisive victory.  And to protect themselves, the GOP is now attempting to spin that as a good thing.  Roll Call reports, “Speaking on CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ [South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham] said that the drawn-out, bruising presidential primary contest has actually made Romney more likely to win the nomination.’Gov. Romney is a better candidate because of the primary process,’ Graham said. ‘By the time Florida came around Romney took it to the field, and the upside of the process is that our frontrunner has gotten stronger.’”

The attacks on Romney make him stronger?  It’s hard to believe that when a majority of Republican voters are still rooting for other candidates.   Even worse, although Romney supporters are stating they still expect the nomination to be wrapped up by Super Tuesday — a mere seven days after the Michigan and Arizona elections finish — Romney’s campaign itself is saying that things could go on much longer.  “Mr. Romney’s campaign has warned donors and supporters that even with his victories in the coming contests, the Republican competition may very well last until at least the middle of May. They said the situation did not indicate diminishing prospects for Mr. Romney but rather was the result of the party’s delegate-allocation rules and the additional time those require for any candidate to accumulate the 1,144 delegates necessary to secure the nomination.”

The biggest fear, for Romney as well as the party itself?  A brokered convention.  With former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich refusing to leave the race and playing hard in Georgia, where he has a substantial lead, it becomes clear that Gingrich is hoping having some delegates under his belt might make him a kingmaker down the road. It also adds to the speculation that Congressman Ron Paul is possibly a Romney campaign ally, maybe even planning to, as Jessica Pieklo speculates, trade his delegates for a Vice Presidential slot for himself or his son, Rand.

Tomorrow’s primary battles were once thought to be the end of the road.  Now, they are just the beginning.

Photo credit: Jessica Rinaldi


LD B6 years ago

The Dirty Dozen of Republican Myths, courtesy of Alan Grayson.

(1) The Government can’t create jobs. (Tell that to FDR, who created four million jobs in three months.)

(2) Tax cuts reduce the deficit. (Doesn’t it bother them that a man named “Laffer” came up with this one?)

(3) A fetus is a baby.

(4) The poor have too much money.

(5) Cutting the federal deficit will end the recession.

(6) The rich are incentivized by tax cuts, while the poor are incentivized by lower wages, no benefits, an end to the minimum wage, and unemployment.

(7) An unwanted child is God’s will.

(8) Everyone who wants health insurance has it.

(9) The problem with education is the teachers.

(10) The “free market” satisfies every human need.

(11) There is no discrimination in America anymore.

(12) The distribution of wealth and income are irrelevant.

Sa F.
Sandi F6 years ago

Republican Talking Point Translator

Family Values = War on Gays
Pro-Life = Pro-War, Pro-Death Penalty and Pro-We will make your life choices for you
Religious Freedom = Freedom to spread Christianity
War on Religion = Opposing basing law on the bible
Job Creators = Source of lobbying funds to rig the tax system
Capitalism = Economy that is rigged to benefit Job Creators
Class Warfare = Protesting that the system is rigged
Elitist = Educated
Liberal Bias = Facts that don't fit our agenda
Sanctity of Marriage = Oppose equality based on the bible
Intelligent Design = Evolution confuses me and I don't want to have to read
Over-regulation = No more cheap labor or ability to pollute environment at will
True American = White, Christian, or rich. Must fit 2 categories
Protect Our Borders = Keep America White

Sandra W.
Sandra W6 years ago

What happens? I saw Romnty's speach and Ann spoke as a first LADY and not the racist that we have now. Go Mitt and Ann! Please save our country that Obama is ruining and renew the land of opportunity.

Ron B.
Ron B6 years ago

What happens is that Romney eventually wins the nomination and loses the election in what should be a landslide for Obama, but turns out to be disturbingly close because Obama broke so many of his progressive promises. We then limp along for another four years with massive Republican obstructionism further weakening and destroying our country.

Or maybe a large meteor will slam into the Earth and put us out of our misery just that much quicker.

Rob Keenan
Rob Keenan6 years ago

It's not desperation,Jeffery W. to point out that ANY chance of Romney losing the state where he was born show's a great deal of weakness on his part as a potential nominee. Especially with all the money backing him. All the same,the smart one's among us Democrats will take whoever the nominee is very seriously and approach the general election as if it will be nail biting close. It will,potentially,be the fool of the Democrat who as a result of the current mess among the Republicans,celebrates President Obama's reelection before the final votes are counted in Nov. Too many of us made that mistake in 2000 AND 2004.

Christopher Fowler

Audrey B. I just saw that same post from you on another subject. Do you just copy and paste the same statements over and over in the hopes that you might hit one subject that it pertains? You are certainly following the GOP playbook of lies and disinformation.

And that last statement about us being bankrupt under 4 more years of Obama, well, that is just an outright lie since every single independent economist says that the economy is getting better even though the GOP has been obstructing ALL efforts to get out of the GOP-created mess that Obama was left with to clean up for them. Even unemployment is down, in complete deference to all GOP efforts to prevent job creation.

Perhaps doing some fact-checking (ala scholarly effort) rather than just following the Rush Limbaugh/Fox news propaganda, lies and failure to actually check facts, is in order.

Evelyn M.
Evelyn M6 years ago

Well said Hugh W. Why do we have to be subjected to months and month and even years of this?

Audrey B.
Audrey B6 years ago

Why are we debating religion & abortion? We need to hear more of what these candidates have to say, on how they are going to run this country. The gov't issues such as JOBS, ECONOMY, MEDICAL COVERAGE, OPEC, MEDICARE, FORECLOSURES, REDUCING FOREIGN AID and use those $$$$ to assist our own country, and staying out of all these other counties issues. They are wasting to much time on religion & abortion which is and individuals personal right.
Vote Newt, he is the only one speaking the facts on Gov't issues, the others are hiding behind religion & abortion issues, and not discussing the real issues. I personally think Republicans have not appointed good candidates, but I think Newt is the only strong candidate that can debate Obama, I don't care how many times he has been divorce, what can I say hes is just not lucky in love. But he knows the facts. He won't take any crap from these other countries. 4- more years of Obama will bankrupted this country.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/separation-of-church-and-state-makes-santorum-throw-up.html#ixzz1nh8sAOie

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

With a rethuglican in power, the rich will get richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class will be gone.

Christopher C.
Chris C6 years ago

And Steve R, who will rid us of the evil Wall Street Hedge Fund banking Szars and the creeping fascism that the religious-Reich is trying to put into place? Hmmm?!? Certainly not Romney or Santorum!