What’s A Guy Have to Do to Get Kicked Out of the Cabinet?

It is getting to a point where nothing Christian Paradis does should surprise us any more. Paradis has a history of providing special consideration for his riding and his friends in his position as minister.

Earlier this year Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson, found Paradis guilty of violating the Conflict of Interest Act for helping organize meetings for his former colleague Rahim Jaffer.

That violation was not enough to get him kicked out of Cabinet.

There are two more complaints against him waiting for a ruling from the Ethics Commissioner. He is accused of moving a employment insurance processing centre out of an NDP riding and into his own in a building owned by his father’s business partner. The NDP has requested that the Ethics Commissioner look into that situation as well as another story that while Public Works Minister, Paradis went on a hunting trip with Marcel Aubut, a Quebec may who was trying to get money from the federal government to build a new arena in Quebec City.

Now it has been uncovered that while he was Minister of Public Works he had his staff meet with two companies from his riding and that one of those meetings happened in his Ministerial board room.

One violation of the Conflict of Interest Act? Still okay to be in Cabinet. Two more investigations? Still good.

How many questionable decisions does the Minister have to make before it becomes embarrassing for this Prime Minister?

With Maxime Bernier, it was leaving secret documents behind at his girlfriend’s house. Bev Oda resigned, so we’ll never know if her habit of spending taxpayers money on luxuries for herself would have done it.

After moving Julian Fantino to International Development, Stephen Harper said in an interview that there would be no more shuffling of his Cabinet until the middle of his term. Let’s see how many more questionable decisions Christian Paradis can pull off before then.

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Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago


James C.
James C6 years ago

We have the same problem here in the USA theres so unethical yet why not be after all they get away with it. Look no further then our Supreme Court and you can see it . But it doesnt end there both congress and the senate and yes even the president are all corrupt.it has gotten to the point people are starting to wake up about it now we need to do something about it also. Justice Clarence Thomas for instance needs to be empeached for his unethical conduct as a supreme court justice but noone in DC is really doing anything about his corruption. And look what was hand picked for us to vote for the next president. Are these 2 really the best they could come up with or just the most bought and paid for corrupt ones?

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley6 years ago

It sounds like Canadian politics is going the same way as American politics--straight to the low and corrupt!!

Abbe A.
Azaima A6 years ago


Shan D.
Shan D6 years ago

"Is there a recall system in Canada? It appears as though it is time for people to take a look in the mirror and say "Last election, I made a mistake." - John B. -

Unfortunately, we do not have a recall system. The only way we can get rid of a corrupt politician is to vote him out next election (if possible). Or we can hope that he/she does something SO spectacularly stupid/crooked (and gets caught!) that it can't possibly be overlooked. And then the politician will "resign because I want to spend more time with my family" - which is politician-speak for "this is the most graceful way I can leave without getting fired." And then at some point later, that politician will end up with a plum appointment to some corporation's board of directors, an ambassadorial posting, or the Senate.

Winn Adams
Winn A6 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Alan G.
Alan G6 years ago

The whole riding/cabinet minister system is just asking for corruption. Until we get rid of the first past the post electoral system there is little hope of the government actually representing the citizens.

Ryan Z.
Past Member 6 years ago

He'll always find a way to make it so it's not embarrassing for himself. He'll always find some way to lay blame elsewhere.
Unfortunately reshuffling the cabinet just moves corruption from one department to another.

Sad the way this country went and continues to head.

Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers6 years ago

Some people are quite oblivious to criticism.

Christina Robertson
Tina Robertson6 years ago

How many questionable decisions does the Minister have to make before it becomes embarrassing for this Prime Minister?

This must be a tongue in cheek statement, because there is NO WAY that you can embarrass Harper, if this were true he would have been embarrassed years ago. You have to have some sense of shame, sense of ethics, sense of morality and just plain common sense to be embarrassed enough to "kick out" a minister and Harper as we know, has none of these qualities.