What’s Going On With the Potential Government Shutdown?

The country is only nine days away from a potential government shutdown, despite Congress’s extensions, while both parties battle it out over the federal budget.  So will there be a shutdown, will we be seeing yet another few weeks of extensions while a deal is hammered out, or will there finally be a consensus and an actual budget passed this time?

The White House is sure that this time, once and for all, a deal will be struck that everyone can agree with.

As reported in the Hill, the President is “confident” that there will be a deal as long as everyone acts in “good faith.”

“I think this is always a complicated process, but we remain confident that if everybody is willing to roll up their sleeves and work on behalf of the American people towards finding common ground that we can get this done,” [Spokesman] Carney said during a gaggle aboard Air Force One.

Leading Republicans also are pushing for a deal, with Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina stating that a shutdown would hurt the GOP far more than it would help them, although not all of his party members agree with him.

“What is in our interest is to be the party that is making hard decisions like you do at home,” the senator said. “If we stay on message there and ask for reasonable things to get this reducing government started in 2011, I think we will do well in 2012. If the Democrats come 70 to 80 percent our way, as Ronald Reagan said, that’s a pretty good deal. We’ll get the 20 to 30 percent later.”

But House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) said Tuesday the likelihood of a shutdown has increased due to the impasse of a long-term plan on Capitol Hill and Graham said negotiators are “not close to that number yet.”

An actual shutdown would become an extensive P.R. spin war, with both sides blaming the other for being unwilling to compromise.  So when it comes to a war of words, who is in a better position to make their case to the American voters?

The Fix reports:

In a survey conducted by Democracy Corps, a liberal polling consortium, in 50 competitive House districts currently held by Republicans, a majority of independents (53 percent) favor the GOP plan to cut $61 billion from domestic programs this year. Just 38 percent of independents oppose that idea.

Asked whether they were more concerned that Republicans would go too far in making cuts or that Democrats wouldn’t go far enough, 57 percent of independents were more concerned about Democrats not cutting enough, while 35 percent were more worried about the GOP cutting too much.

If no deal is reached and no short term extension plans are made, the government will officially shut down on April 8th.  The last government shutdown was under President Clinton in 1995.

Take Action: Sign the Care2 petition to prevent Republicans from forcing a government shutdown.


Photo from http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html, via Wikimedia Commons


.6 years ago

Wow, first political story on Care2 that wasn't all about bashing Rep's? Finally something that I'd call impartial and for the most part truthful. I guess there is hope. On the other hand we need to shut it down. Send them home and let the states keep their tax dollars. Ain't gonna happen but what an idea.

Charles Temm JR
Charles Temm JR6 years ago

Congrads Robin, this is-if not the best, one of the best articles you have written.

You left out your normal partisan attempts to shape an event and simply reported the problems. You actually presented points concerning both sides, surprisely some highlighting Dem problems with the issue.

I think the issue has both sides increasingly afraid of being tarred with not being serious about the issue. Dems particularly looking weak to simply non responsive with the President getting highlighted as not paying any attention. Repubs are under pressure from fiscal hawks as doing too little, too late.

So far, much of the media is siding with the Dems screaming the poor are being thrown out to die and the elderly will be eating cat food but when our rulers cannot realistically even cut 1-3% of a 3.5 trillion budget, then we are really doomed. Let a shutdown come...it'll maybe be a wake up call.

Isabel Araujo
Isabel Araujo6 years ago

Yhank you.

Harriet S.
Harriet S6 years ago

All I have to say has anyone logged onto www.cagw.com? It is eye opening. Shut down government? If they haven't figured it out yet and we can't get rid of the deficit and become the country we started out to be then we may need to White Wash the White House and all who have had anything to do with it. And like someone else said give the country back to the people. We have to stay focused and level headed and work hard to regain our freedom from other countries for financial support.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

My fear is that the Dems and Obama will just roll over again. Sad.

Patricia S.
Pat S6 years ago

Sorry, but I would!!!!!!

Lin Moy
Lin M6 years ago

no matter, the poorest will not be helped anyway

William Grogan
William Grogan6 years ago

I say let it shut down. The republicans would pay the price politically and maybe Patricia S. wouldn't get her federal retirement check.

Philip S.
Philip S6 years ago

Shut it down and refer powers back to states.

Joy Looney
Joy Looney6 years ago

Is anyone else but me weary of this? Isn't this the 3rd time this year already that there was an impending shut down? Everyone screams that money needs to be cut, yet then are staging protests that "their" money is being cut and shouldn't be. Where do they expect it to be cut from if not themselves? I guess from someone else as long as it doesn't affect their entitlements. Why doesn't everybody grow up and do their jobs and stop just expecting money and a handout from the government?