What’s Next For Gabrielle Giffords?


Perhaps the only real positive moment from the House debt ceiling vote was the surprise appearance of Arizona Democrat Gabrielle Giffords, who cast her first official vote since she was shot in January. But now that she’s been on the floor, the questions on everyone’s mind are, is she back for good, and what next?

With Gifford’s attention still focused mainly on physical and speech therapy as she recovers from an assassination attempt in her home district, others have been pulling together to ensure that if she does decide to run for reelection, she’s not far behind in her bid.  The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has put her on their list for key support in 2012, and multiple Democratic leaders have either hosted or are preparing to host fundraisers in her honor. So far, those efforts have put $700,000 in her coffers, according to Politico.

Her campaign team has stated she has made no decisions about reelection yet, stating the Congresswoman is “focusing on recovery.”  But that hasn’t stopped many from wondering if maybe the decision isn’t just about her House seat, but the open senate seat that will be vacated by Republican Senator John Kyl.  When questioned about the possibility, Kyl replied, “[W]e should let her concentrate on her recovery.”

Giffords has until the May filing deadline to make her final reelection decision.

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William C
William C3 months ago


W. C
W. C3 months ago

Thank you.

John Beck
John Beck6 years ago

notice how Gabby came to congress with her true hair color not trying to be a scandavain instead of jewish. The man who tried to kill her was a Nazi skin head and yes he was also jewish. The young men who asked the girls do you believe in the Lord they shot point blank in the head at Columbine High School . Oh yes those two committed sucide and the other five jewish boys got off. So they can kill christians and then demand that they get gun control of christians. Notice how her two jewish girl friends in congress demand this gun control . I guess they can lower the rest of the boom with the PROTOCOLS of ZION

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

It seems Gabrielle Giffords has been at death's door and seen a bigger picture than those of us who squabble and dare to keep inequality and injustice in place. Should she decide to run again, move over!

myra d.
myra d6 years ago

I wish her the strength and determination to continue on with her various therapies. She's got a lot of new realities to deal with. Her "job" right now is to get as better as she can.

Debbie Brady
Debbie Brady6 years ago

You go Gabby. Take the Senate seat. Go for the big prize Girl. We know you will do us proud.

Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey6 years ago

I hope that both she and her husband consider running. My parents will vote for both of them.

Winn Adams
Winn A6 years ago

Prayers and good wishes for this amazing woman.

Carole C.
Carole Chowen6 years ago

Someone who acted honorably and at personal expense in the fiasco. Hopefully those who behaved so shamefully, the tea bagger republicans, can lean from Rep. Giffords courage. The nation needs her and more like her.

Mo Va
Mo Va6 years ago

thank you for the note. wish her well. do hope she would consider soon. want her to be a us senator !