What’s The Most Energy Efficient Form Of Transportation?

It’s Bike to Work Week in the Colorado town where I live. In the U.S., a national Bike to Work Day celebration happens each year in May, but because of weather concerns (sometimes we have blizzards in May) the city of Fort Collins holds off until June.

Green living advocates talk about the benefits of alternatives transportation all the time: biking, walking, taking the bus or cruising on your skateboard reduces carbon emissions and provides some extra exercise as an added bonus.

Fossil fuel-powered vehicles are usually responsible for the largest portion of any individuals carbon footprint, but all non human-powered modes of transportation increase personal pollution.

The infographic below provides a handy breakdown of all the different ways you can ‘get up and go’ along with their respective level of efficiency. Take a look at the miles per gallon that you get from your typical mode of transportation, and then compare it to some of the more efficient vehicles on the list. You might be surprised it can be to reduce your carbon emissions.

How much energy could you save by switching to a more efficient vehicle?  Or no vehicle at all?

Infographic created by WellHome Energy Audits

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Image Credit: Flickr – woodleywonderworks


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Thanks for the spread of awareness. Comparative data is very helpful

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thanks for the article! I just wondered if other folks have noticed all the "clean, green energy" talk form O, and if you live here in NYC from Bloomberg (who claims to be against fracking). Bloomberg has financed a fleet of "natural gas buses" in the city, as well as a refinery plant in Queens, and a new prospected 30" pipeline to rundown NJ and cross the river into 14th St. This is the same type of pipe that blew in CA approx. 3 mos. ago, a similar explosion would wipe out much of the West Village/Soho/Chelsea neighborhoods. Not to mention that fracking is 20% dirtier than coal.

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What would the difference be if we where to ban motorise transport for the individual and force people to save the planet via cycling as a main means of transport

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Every city and town should be bicycle and pedesterian friendly !