What’s Wrong With Civil Partnerships? (VIDEO)


Ireland legalized civil partnerships in January as a means to recognize same-sex partners, but Marriage Equality Ireland this week released a powerful short film about why nothing less than full marriage equality will do.

The short film, entitled “Rory’s Story,” hits hard on the issue of how civil partnerships do not grant the same legal rights as marriage, particularly in the area of adoption. This can have profound and devastating consequences as you will see in the video:

Research currently being carried out by the group identifies over 140 disparities between Ireland’s civil partnerships and full marriage equality.

Charity director Monnine Griffith said in an interview with Pink News that while civil partnerships were a step in the right direction for same-sex partners, they are not enough:

“For example, civil partnership does not allow children to have a legally recognised relationship with both of their parents – only the biological one. This causes all sorts of problems with schools and hospitals as well as around guardianship, access and custody. We need the government to legislate for equality for same sex families and access to marriage would give these rights and security to hundreds of families around Ireland. We are asking people to watch the film online and then get involved with the campaign.”

To find out more about the campaign and to get involved, you can go here.

The lack of full marriage equality legislation looks set to cause harm to Ireland’s trans population too who, after long suffering without legal recognition look set to be given a way to have the law acknowledge their gender change but with a few troubling conditions: The draft-legislation would require applicants to divorce their partner if they are transitioning to the same-sex as that partner. The same goes for if a person is in an existing civil partnership and wishes to transition to the opposite-sex as their partner. This means another legal hoop to jump through, and potentially a heart wrenching and costly mandate for those already in happy partnerships, all of which could be avoided if Ireland recognized marriage equality. Read more on that here.

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Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License with thanks to netsu.


Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

It is discrimination not to have 'legal recognition' and be denied the rights other citizens have.

Abbe A.
Azaima A6 years ago

better than nothing

Lilithe Magdalene

@Caitlin and Tamara - you need to watch the video again. That you would support this horrid state of affairs for families by denying marriage to same sex partners is appalling. Obviously civil unions is not enough to grant full family rights.

Brian M.
Past Member 6 years ago

People should be allowed to find what happiness they can in their short, miserable lives. Otherwise, what is the point of so-called "freedom?"

Roxane Connor
Roxane Connor6 years ago

I keep hearing
"Marriage is between a man and a woman"
But no one ever says , WHAT??? it is between a man and a woman.
WHAT?? sanctity has there ever been in marriage?It's been little more then legalized prostitution and human bondage.If the churches want control over the definition of the word marriage give it to them. The state (government) would only use the term"civil union" in it's recognition of civil contracts between two people joining their lives together. That way there would be an even across the board clear cut definition of the rights ( and obligations) the term involves and not very from state to state or province to province.

Anna B.
Anna Bouillon6 years ago

it depends on how they are set up currently most states that are just now allowing civil partnerships, such as Illinois have included clauses that give hospital rights to family and "Spouses" while I'm opposed to the bill and it's title in my state I read it to see what it contains. Supposedly in Illinois they have all the rights that are given when heterosexual coupls marry.

Frank D.
F Duffy6 years ago

Ireland , Europe, and the aAmericas,north and south and Canada, Australia, Asia have for years been denying father who are married equal rights to their children in the family courts, but it is not sexy or pc to mention this.

Walter G.
Walter G6 years ago

"Bigotry comes in many forms, and is, infinitesimally enduring." X Pres G. Bush is quoted as saying that in a speech, but I don't believe anyone who fails to pronounce "nuclear" even in his case, would be stupid enough to attempt to say " infinitesimally"

Gemma M.

There are people who say they don't oppose the idea of two same-sex persons being legally recognized as a couple, but that it can't be considered a marriage, because marriage definition talks about a man and a woman.
It wouldn't be a problem if it was just about nouns; marriage for heterosexual couples, civil partnership (or other term) for homosexual couples and same rights for everyone. But if "civil partnership" means a watered down union with less rights, it's not admissible.

Glenna Jones-kachtik
Glenna Kachtik6 years ago

Caitlin - again why? Who says? How do you know it's not marriage? Marriage is supposed to be about love, commitment & sharing a life together. If gay couples can be together for 35 years or more, then WHY can't they call that marriage? If in every way these 2 people show commitment then WHY can't they have marriage - just like a man & a woman. You didn't, I see, answer any of the questions I asked you. The facts are that civil unions are not equal to marriage. There are probably over 100 protections & privileges afforded married heterosexual couples as compared to civil union homosexual couples. There is absolutely NO REASON that 2 men or 2 women can't be afforded the same marriage rites/rights as heterosexual couples.