Which State Is The Fattest Of Them All?

Red states, blue states, even square states. Now there are fat states. The Centers for Disease Control lists the United States in order of obesity. Find out which states are the fattest.

The Fattest States in America Listed by Centers for Disease Control

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Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Terri Lynn Merritts
Terri M5 years ago

They need to take a look at Tennessee, Georgia and Kentucky because they are just as fat or fatter than Mississippi and Alabama. As for Colorado being the slimmest, oh please. California and Oregon have to battle it out for that. Both have huge numbers of vegetarians and vegans.

@Stephanie H in Texas. You're a lovely lady even with obesity and I don't go for people making nasty remarks about people who are poor and on food stamps nor those who are overweight. You should check into the Ellen Jaffe Jones book EAT VEGAN ON $4 a DAY. It is available at www.amazon.com and www.betterworldbooks.com used and less expensive.Also visit me at www.facebook.com/VegetarianVeganVillage (I admin three veggie pages on Facebook) and I can help you figure a healthy vegan eating plan that will help you lose weight and be healthier even on a tight budget.

Everyone needs to realize that obesity can have many causes. I had ballooned up to over 300 pounds due to a combo of diabetes (runs on both sides of the family), a serious thyroid disorder, and some meds I had to take. I was an exercise fanatic who ate only healthy but it happened anyway. In fact, it happened to my formerly skinny mother in law too. We both wound up having to have treatments and surgeries to correct the health problems and then it was a struggle to lose the weight they had caused.

I do a lot of volunteer work and most of the food donated to the poor tends to be sugar cereal and starchy pasta. Many on food stamps or a

Wendy Schroeder
Wendy Schroeder5 years ago

There is a lot of fat people in the Denver area. If we are the slim state I think the people of Mississippi would look like aliens to me, Randi! Now you got me wondering what town that is.

Marianne Good
Past Member 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Randi Levin
Randi Levin5 years ago

Hate to tell but the slob voicing his opinion in this video is unfit for such. What a pathetic role model he will be to his kids if he had any.

And listing CO> as the healthiest---well as a resident of CO. I say HA HA. evidently researchers fail to consider the weight outside of Boulder and the ski areas. Just go down south there is a small town whereby 1 out of every 2 kids is obese or close to it! Do their parents do anything to help---sure they but them soda, snow cones and treats at events while glaring with disdain at the fresh food samples.

Stephanie Hungerford

I live in Texas and I am poor using food stamps to purchase all of my food. I have to frequently choose a less healthy item because it is cheaper and means I will not run out of food buy the end of the month. I still probably eat a lot healthier than a lot of people on food stamps. I make sure to buy milk but soda is so much cheaper where I live. I also buy juice but only occasionally. I am disabled so standing for long periods isn't an option. Right now the staple in my diet is a Whole Grain Tortilla and peanut butter with a whole banana wrapped inside. Some times when I am really low on food stamps I have to switch to white tortillas because I can get 2 white tortillas for the price of 1 whole wheat tortilla. So a package will feed me for 20 days versus 10 days for lunch at that is a huge difference. Yes I am obese but recently I have started losing weight. I drink lots and lots of water but when I need a break it is a soda because milk is only for my cereal in the morning or a rare special treat at night with cookies. I can get 12 cans of soda for 1.75 -2.25 on sale the best price I find for milk is 3.78 per gallon that is 16 eight ounce servings. Much more expensive per once than soda. I do try how ever. I mostly buy diet soda, and I limit it to no more than once a day which is the same limit on milk most of the time.

Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller5 years ago


Robert T.
Robert Taylor5 years ago

The winners from the top 6 states all vacation at Myrtle Beach.

Richard B.
Richard B5 years ago

I eat a good amount of cheese. But then again, I'm not the sedentary type. I'm digging trenches by hand to run water and power lines to bring in campers. Working around those tree roots is a workout! I use my urine for my garden. I'm sure the cheese makes my urine saltier. Some plants like salt more than others.

Jane L.
Jane L5 years ago

i think it's interesting that poorer states in America also happened to be high in obesity rate, whereas poorer countries in the world, like those in the african contintent, are so thin as to almost starve to death.