White House Prepares to Take Immigration Policy Even Further

If you assume that the White House is planning to retreat from its aggressive immigration policy in the face of all the recent public blowback, have I got bad news for you. Politico has the inside scoop from six top Trump officials who say that the administration is looking to go even further in its quest to vilify immigrants.

The White House’s goals for the upcoming months include:

  • Restricting visas for seasonal farm laborers
  • Preventing legal immigrants who have accepted government aid from gaining permanent residency
  • Collecting fingerprints and other biometrics from tourists from certain countries
  • Clamping down on student visas
  • Shrinking exchange programs

According to the senior aides, the whole reason for pushing further is so that the president can produce some data that suggests his immigration policies have been successful and lived up to his campaign promises. Evidently, the administration is unconcerned with looping Congress in on most of these policies, and is instead exploring ways that Donald Trump can use executive powers to ram through these changes.

It’s hard to fathom how Trump’s spokespeople would attempt to justify a further attack on immigration, but it’s not as if they’re doing a good job with that currently. Officials can’t even get on the same page about whether they inherited the policy from Democrats or instituted it themselves as a deterrent.

The truth, though, is that over a year ago John Kelly acknowledged he was considering purposefully separating migrants mothers and children to scare other families from coming; this is very much a policy that the White House designed and has the power to end if it chooses.

Those who want someone to blame for this mess should look no further than the White House’s own white nationalist senior advisor Stephen Miller. This weekend, the New York Times reported that he was “instrumental” in pushing the Trump admin toward its infamous zero tolerance policies.

Per the Atlantic, Miller is intentionally trying to focus America’s attention on immigration issues to generate what Miller calls “constructive controversy.” He wants people talking about the issue because he claims the majority will ultimately take Trump’s side. “The public outrage and anger elicited by policies like forced family separation are a feature, not a bug,” writes McKay Coppins.

Hopefully he’s wrong about that, but I get the sense it ultimately doesn’t matter. Just 27 percent of Americans support separating families who cross the border, so Miller has got to be kidding with the notion that this policy will eventually prove popular. The real motivation is bigotry, unfounded fear and a desire to keep the United States white. It’s hard to imagine another president signing off on this kind of child abuse, so anti-immigrant radicals are running with this opportunity while they can.

Take Action

If the Trump administration has the impression that ultimately these policies will be championed by the people in this country, then we need to make it clear that that’s not the case before he takes it any further. Sign this Care2 petition telling the White House not to rip apart migrant families.



Marie W
Marie W1 months ago


Karen H
Karen H7 months ago

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace

Susanne R
Susanne R7 months ago

Paul: Who should be held responsible for the shooting of Steven Scalise? I guess we'll never know for sure. The "shooter" died at the scene. They did determine that he was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter who had a deep hatred of Donald Trump. Two firearms were recovered at the scene of the crime: an SKS 7.62x39 rifle (made in China) and a 9-millimeter pistol, according to a law enforcement source. (multi-victim crimes by one perpetrator couldn't occur without them.) It is believed Hodgkinson shot at the politicians and staffers with the SKS rifle, and that more than 50 shots were fired.

I can't defend what Maxine Waters said, but I can understand her anger and frustration. She is a woman of color and one of trump's and Fox Entertainment's favorite targets. It's important to note that she did not promote violence; she promoted protest, which is defended by the first amendment.

One more thing, about the example our crude, thuggish president sets, which may have gotten Scalise shot: please copy and paste the following URL into your browser. When you read the threats Trump made during his campaign speeches and how he set the crowd into a frenzy, you might respect him just a little bit less.


Thank you for your reasonable and well-presented comment.

Paul B
Paul B7 months ago

What the left is egging on is another Scalise situation. Waters should be held to blame it it does.

Paul B
Paul B7 months ago

No, Susanne, it is the left that is calling republicans Nazi's, Trump Hitler and harassing and bullying his staff like Sanders, Miller, Nielsen, and DA in FL. Many HIgh ranking Dems are calling for even more of it. Rather than debate the topics, they are out ruin anyone's lives that work in this administration. That is wrong and you know it.... Even Schumer and Pelosi have admitted the movement and called it out as being wrong.
Show me anything similar happening on the right. The dissing of Jim Acosta was purely retaliatory for those incidents I just mentioned. That is what you get when you incite such activity.

Susanne R
Susanne R7 months ago

Paul: Regarding your statement:

"We can tell that the left has totally lost control of the argument as many leading Dems are calling for bullying, intimidation and even violence if necessary and worse yet, referencing Hitler and nazis. When all else fails and you have no intelligent debate or response, resort to name calling. That is exactly where the left is today."

Do you realize that you have just described TRUMP?

silja s
silja s7 months ago

oh canada true north strong and free. happy to be living here

Susanne R
Susanne R7 months ago

Makes perfect sense, Rhoberta, and you can trust me because it's even later here @ 3:30 a.m. (I never sleep.) I wouldn't expect anything less than wise words from a wise woman.

I appreciate you and your contributions and your support so much!
Now we just have to convince "he who thinks he knows all."

Sleep well!

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E7 months ago

@ Susanne R
I am a firm believer in the very fact that we are NOT all clones. We have belief systems, moral codes, needs and wants, inherited values good and bad and that's what makes us valued contributors of this "world" we all live in.
As for our voting preferences, I liken it to something like liking ice-cream. I may like vanilla but you like strawberry. Same item but with perhaps a different slant as needed in our individual lives.
We can't be slotted into a one size fits all but we CAN believe in demonstrated values of a party, person or platform.
It's up to US to each make a difference no matter where you live.
Make any sense? It's late -)

Susanne R
Susanne R7 months ago

Thank you so much, Annabel. I appreciate your support. I have declared on multiple occasions that I AM in favor of Medicare for all, and the only time I mentioned Nancy Pelosi was to reference an article which indicated that she supported it, but needed more facts and figures to determine whether or not it was a feasible option. Aside from that, I offered no personal opinion of her. (Not that I shouldn't have the right to!) Brian thinks that unless I agree with him "word-for-word," I deserve to be called an uneducated, uninformed, corporate democrat who needs psychiatric help and medications. (For what? To somehow make me agree with him?) He also seems to think Bernie Sanders hates me, and he told me to leave Care2. I'm not here to sow hatred, but I'm also not here to have words put in my mouth or to have someone else tell me what to think. That's not the purpose of this site or why we put the time and effort into contributing to it. I'm here because I have strong beliefs that I want to defend --which are threatened every day by a man who shouldn't be leading this great country. Knowing that smart, supportive women like you, Rhoberta and Pam see this for what it is helps to strengthen my resolve.

So thank you Annabel, Rhoberta, Pam, Karen and all the strong women on Care2 who won't be bullied or intimidated by someone because he happens to think that no one else's contributions matter.