White House’s Next Target: Vietnamese Refugees Who’ve Been Here for Decades

While thousands of amnesty-seekers wait at the U.S. border and thousands of unaccompanied kids sit in detention centers, rather than devising practical solutions to alleviate these problems, the Trump administration is busy wondering, “Are there any other groups of immigrants whose lives we can ruin?”

The latest targets are Vietnamese refugees, many of whom have been in the United States for decades after fleeing the danger and unrest following the Vietnam War. Previously, the George W. Bush administration signed an agreement with Vietnam not to resettle its refugees who came to the U.S. prior to 1995, but the Trump White House wants to cancel the deal so it can deport about 5,000 refugees, particularly those who have some sort of crime on their records.

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Let’s get real, though – does the Trump administration really care about Vietnamese refugees? I don’t mean do they care for the refugees, the answer to that is an obviously no. But does the Trump administration actually believe that these seniors who have spent so much of their lives in the U.S. and often have American-born children (citizens) pose a threat or even a problem to this country?

Again, I’d contend the answer is no. However, the Trump White House sees political value in demonstrating to its base that it is continuing to eject non-white people from the country, with bonus points for being able to label a lot of them criminals. Never mind that so many of the president’s own associates have been caught committing worse crimes of their own, but I digress.

Or maybe I don’t digress. As the walls fall down around Trump, he needs issues like this with which to distract his base. It’s a lot easier to keep their support in spite of the mounting evidence against them when he keeps playing one of their favorite hits – namely, booting non-white people out of the country. MAGA!

It’s also a self-preservation tactic. When he makes pointlessly cruel decisions like this one, the Democratic Party has to shift its own focus to this issue, as well. On the one hand, they realize they’re playing a part in a political game, but what’s the alternative – go along with this inhumane choice and send people back to a country they haven’t seen in decades? Unfortunately, the Dems are forced to halt their own investigations and agenda in order to do what’s right.

A letter from 22 Democratic legislators to the White House explains that the then-young refugees “were resettled in struggling neighborhoods without support or resources to cope with significant trauma from the Vietnam War… As a result, some made mistakes that funneled them into the criminal justice system… The refugees have completed their time and are now positively contributing to their communities.”

There’s no denying that the U.S. played an intrinsic role in the Vietnam War, thereby making life for many Vietnamese people impossible. The least we can do is continue to offer a home to some of the displaced people who have lived much of their lives here.

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Let’s discourage the Department of Homeland Security from using the lives of people who came here so long ago as refugees as political tools. Sign this petition encouraging them to leave the deal with Vietnam in place and let them stay in America with their American-born children.


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So much wrong with this. Thank you for sharing.

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Petition signed. Thank you.

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Some people who call themselves "American" or "Christian" don't seem to care for anyone who "isn't us". Don't have white skin? You need to go! Don't follow MY religion? You need to go! Speak with an accent? You need to go! This is not what I thought America was all about. I like Jimmy Carter's quote: "We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams."

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Petition signed. Hey Trump and your administration....I care....why don't you? Thanks for sharing.

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