The Air Belongs to All of Us (VIDEO)

This short, incisive video from Repower America points out that the air belongs to all of us, not to the polluters. 

It asks people to speak out to support the Clean Air Act in Congress. Make your voice heard: sign the petition.


Photo credit: Takver


Grace A.
Grace Adams7 years ago

The filthy rich executive of large corporations own and rule this country. They will always get their way about everything until they manage to cause the extinction of the species homo sapiens. If it were possible to figure out why things good for the planet and for the common folk were also in the enlightened self interest of the owning-ruling class, then it would be possible to to get them to mend their ways. Lots of luck.

ChanTlalok Rain C.

thanx Cris, God Bless Care2 Tribe, good comments. Keep it up.

Mike Masley
Michael Masley7 years ago

Signed the petition on March 11th. I agree with Charlene about the Tea Party Republicans. Either they are as xenophobic as she implied or severely misled. I believe there are both types within that 'movement'.

Charlene R.
Charlene Rush7 years ago

Don't be fooled by the Tea Party Republicans, who claim to want less government. They only want less 'do under others, as you would have them do unto you' government. Actually, they want more religiously intrusive government.

The Tea Party Republicans, have no concern for the poor, the mentally challenged or disabled. They think that, it isn't their problem. Claiming to be Christians, is the most absurd part.

marcel fallous
marcel fallous7 years ago

Personne ne vas s'échapper de cette pollution atmosphérique,
même ceux qui pensent s'évader dans d'autres paradis pour avoir de l'air plus pur,il se trempent complètement,toute la
planète et complètement pollué,les maladies en général sont toutes reliés à un même phénomène c'est la qualité de l'air,la pollution atmosphérique causé par le tranport et les usines,il faudra s'attaquer en général partout dans le monde»»/

Barb F.
Barb F7 years ago

TY for the article, incomprehensible to me that anyone does not grasp the concept that everyone needs clean air, it is an issue of crucial importance

Philippa P.
Philippa P7 years ago


Jo Balltes
josie batlles7 years ago

Nice vid...Thank you very much for sharing x

Doug C.
Doug C7 years ago

They are basically using us to pay for dumping their garbage. For years the free ride has gone on. You pay to have your trash hauled away. Taxes on gas and fuel oil pay for your soot. But INCO EXXON ALCAN pay politicians not taxes. Time to take out the trash, so to speak. Corporate rule must end!
Free Gaza! Free Emery! Jail polluters!

Linda Hughes
L H7 years ago

Corporate giant or small business, no one has the right to pollute the air we all breath. It harms all life that breathes, causes unnecessary illness for more and more people and, aside from those serious problems, it is contributes to the disasters resulting from climate change, and its very expensive. Only the corporate polluters benefit financially, and even they have to breathe.