Who is Responsible for the Racist Ron Paul Video?

The gloves are off in a bizarrely emotional battle in New Hampshire, where everyone is scrambling to win second place in the primary.  For former Governor Jon Huntsman, who has made the state his only focus, and Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who has been watching his second place standing erode, things became even more personal, as a video allegedly posted by a Ron Paul supporter attacked Huntsman over his connections to China, including his adoptive children.

Paul has been defending himself from other accusations of racism as the endorsement process continues, and this is only the latest incident to be used against him.  But although the candidate has defending himself against the racist newsletters and other items thrown into the media, his campaign has had a different response to the Huntsman video.

They say it was a plant, and that it was actually created by the Huntsman team, itself.

According to Politico, the Paul campaign hired a web consulting firm that analyzed the video and its traffic patterns, and says it has determined that the most likely originated with Huntsman or a supporter of Huntsman. “Since no direct link to the video exists on Jon2012.com, how could YouTube show Jon2012.com as the referring site?   Our best guess is that someone used a server on the Jon2012.com domain (such as webmail) to read an email that contained the link to the video. It is also likely that the first mobile views at that same time originated from links in emails. Clicking on a link from a webmail system on Jon2012.com would provide the needed headers for YouTube to record the link….Based on the evidence above and the coincidental timing of the release and subsequent events, it seems likely that a party close to the Huntsman campaign posted and distributed this video impersonating a Ron Paul supporter in order to cast Ron Paul and his campaign in a negative light.”

Huntsman’s campaign denies the allegations and responds that their twitter account automatically links and tweets content that mentions Huntsman, which could have provided the referral mentioned.

But other Paul supporters aren’t willing to let it go that easily.  Some are hitting comment threads with alleged screenshots they claim are of Huntsman supporters laughing about their prank and the backlash Paul is receiving.  ”I cant believe how stupid these people are. As campaign insiders many of you are aware we created the fake video herehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZeVqj-t1U0 and made it look like it came from the ron paul people. This is a suprise it went viral. And the good news is paul is getting blamed for it.”

If a video is easy to fake, how about a screen shot?  In the age of online campaigning, it’s hard to ever know what to believe.



Photo by R. DeYoung


Laura W.
Laura W5 years ago

Best person for the job won--get over it!! If Obama makes mistakes with finances, its still better than the Nazi Regime of the Republicans being in office!! Ron Paul makes a couple of good statements. But I've seen him in the past, in videos; creep in sheep's clothing!! He's a Republican, and won't be happy til we're all owned and put in our "places"!! Oh, and Stacey, he was IN the group. Follow the person who loves all. That's my choice--a human, who loves everyone. If you chose parents, family, you would choose for love. Not just a business venture, which is what the Redicklicans want. I'm sorry but I have to be honest. You have to be pretty depressed or unhappy to vote for people who hate other people!! Try to enjoy the beautiful things we/you do have. Freedom--and Mitler isn't President--you're loved!! Now you're free to like the other 47% without him smashing us daily for the next four--that was the biggest nightmare I could think of. I can eat and sleep now--was so sick and scared that I would be branded with a double mark on my chest!! Woman and Jewish. Where would make us live. In the Women/Jewish neighborhood to watch us? Women are actually important to this man. THAT IN ITSELF IS THE REASON TO LIKE HIM. If you wanted Mitler and Nazi Regime, you don't value life or women or anyone in it..You just want to keep your pennies, Hitler had promised that too, that's why the people went along with him!! You were doing the same thing, omg. He would have saved you nothing

Stacey S.
Stacey S5 years ago

@Michelle B. your entire comment lacks intelligence. Just because a racist group likes someone doesn't mean someone likes them!!

Ron Paul should be anti globalist!!!!!! and anti of the majority of the things in your list all together. However you leave out "ALL" of the Facts. When he votes against something it is not because he is white & the issue is not, it is because he is pro liberty in every way, and anti war & pro peace, and voting yes in the issues you list mean anti constitutional law. Please people if you don't have facts to back up your spew, then just don't spew it. Get the facts when you do, 99% of you will vote for Ron Paul, and the 1% that don't are the ones who own the government to begin with.

Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

Thanks for posting./

Sheila D.
Sheila D6 years ago

Amazing what people will do to win an election. Hard to ignore, but I'm working on avoiding all of these ads. Whether they are positive or negative, they're mostly smoke screens to the real issues.

michele s.
michele s6 years ago

Bottom line....Ron Paul himself.......for being a racist who is dearly loved by other racists like the white nationalists over at Stormfront.......here's a copy & paste from their site......

On issues particularly important to White Nationalists or the Pro-White in general, of all the mainstream candidates:

* Ron Paul is the strongest opponent of "Hate Crime" Laws.

* Ron Paul is the strongest opponent of Amnesty and "open border" movements.

* Ron Paul wants to end birth-right citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants.

* Ron Paul is the strongest opponent of welfare programs that among other things, would redistribute the income of hard-working White families into the hands of lazy non-Whites.

* Ron Paul is the strongest opponent of Globalism and all attempts to create a North American Union.

* Ron Paul is the strongest opponent of military support and foreign aid to countries like Israel.

* Ron Paul is the least likely to support government crackdowns on Pro-White organizations, and the most likely to veto any legislation to that effect.


Stefan Dwornik

I remember when Nixon resigned, politics were already pretty sleazy, but to attack your opponent for adopting a child, & who cares from where? There are so many children that need stable parents, and although I generally don't support the right's agenda, this is true sleaziness.
It would be uplifting to see the other candidates all out reject this type od attack, and public denounce it.

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

Guess my comments about Ron Paul as an extremist was rejected. Pity, since it's the truth.

Ira L.
Ellie L6 years ago

Do not be fooled, Ron Paul is an extremist in moderate clothing, small (no) government rhetoric with BIG plans to strip Americans of EVERY safety net, benefits, freedoms, liberties. The list is much too long. Let's just say, EVERY law enacted in the past will be revoked. Every policy that benefits our Democracy will be gutted. Back to the 1800s. Ron Paul doesn't know a thing about foreign policy or about healthy, productive dialogue with other nations. Ron Paul is a serial isolationist in the 21st century - no military, despite what he says. Vote Democrat, Please for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Robby C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Steve R- there is a President Paul in our future? I sure hope you're right. It certainly beats a Dictator BO!

Dr Clue
Dr Clue6 years ago

These days the choice I most look for and which is missing on my election ballot is....