Who Is Running for President in 2020?

Yes, 2016 is barely in the rear view mirror, and the 2018 midterms are still more than a year away. But running for president of the United States is now a full-time, multi-year endeavor — and the race is already on.

Who’s in? Who’s a maybe? And do we have a frontrunner in the wings yet? It’s a 2020 Democratic nominee roundup — and just the first of many as the political cycle begins.

With President Donald Trump looking to be one of the weakest incumbents ever — at least, if he isn’t impeached or ousted by his own party first — it’s unsurprising that a number of Democrats have been named as likely contenders.

And one who appears to be in the best position to run may be 2016 vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine. Kaine, a Virginia senator, has the benefit of the big-time campaigning he participated in during Hillary Clinton’s run — but unlike Clinton, Kaine has the ability to walk away from the last election with his political career still in front of him.

Kaine, on the other hand, says “absolutely not” to a presidential run.

“Kaine says he’s not putting himself forward as the one to lead the party out of the wilderness in 2020,” reports Politico. “He insists he has no presidential ambitions and wants to emulate the 30-year Senate career of former Sen. John Warner (R-Va.), a family friend of Kaine’s who retired in 2009.”

Kaine and Clinton are definitely out of the game, but Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who battled Clinton to the very end, seems like he may consider giving 2020 another try. Sanders is visiting key early primary and caucus states, and he has kept his grassroots network of supporters up and running — all signs that he may be in it to win it again.

Still, the same issues that caused Sanders to lose the nomination in 2016 will remain in 2020, such as his ongoing determination to remain an Independent rather than join the Democratic party — not to mention his steadily advancing age.

Obviously, many potential candidates haven’t been touched by the ridiculous mess that was the 2016 presidential race, and it looks like quite a few of these individuals are considering a run. Some are old hands like Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, while others are new recruits like New Jersey Senator Corey Booker.

And, for those of us who felt frustratingly close to finally seeing a woman president only to have it snatched away, quite a few women could be powerfel contenders, too. Among the top candidates are New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, California Senator Kamala Harris and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.

With California potentially moving up their Democratic primary, Harris’s stock continues to rise.

“Comparisons to Barack Obama and talk of a run for president have persisted since the 52-year-old became the first woman elected to serve as California’s attorney general in 2010. But, with the party still searching for its message in the age of Trump, it is as the Democrats’ most visible opponent of the new president that Harris has garnered nationwide attention,” Newsweek reports.

Warren, on the other hand, much like Kaine, says she isn’t interested right now and claims that her Senate job is far more important at the moment. Meanwhile, Gillibrand also claims she has “ruled it out” and that she committed only to her 2018 reelection campaign.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar also remains committed to her 2018 reelection campaign, but she left a bit more wiggle room on whether 2020 was in her future. When I spent a day at the Minnesota State Fair with the senator, she told each constituent who urged her to run for the nomination the same thing that she told me, “Currently, I am happily focused on Minnesota.”

The list will continue to shift as time passes, with more lesser known Democrats like Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti looking to outshine big name progressives with national platforms. After all, we still have over three years to go before Election Day 2020.

Photo credit: Mobilus In Mobili via wikimedia Commons


Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill3 months ago

I am glad to read that Tim Kaine is not planning on running for president! As a Virginian, I can tell you he was a terrible governor and has been a mediocre Senator.

Philippa P
Philippa Powers5 months ago


Brian F
Brian F5 months ago

Mike K Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar, and charlatan, and needs to go away. Bernie Sanders is the leader of the Democratic party, and most popular politician in America, and you need to stop defending and supporting corporate establishment crooks like Hillary, and support honest progressives like Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, Alan Grayson, Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. Otherwise you need to go join your buddy David F and support the corporate owned Republican party because you aren’t a Democrat.

Brian F
Brian F5 months ago

Mike k You and your buddy David F need to look at your queen of corruption Hillary, who went to a wedding with your billionaire Crook Trump. Your corporatist and war monger, Hillary was on the Walmart board, and refused to support single payer universal healthcare, after taking 13 million dollars as a bribe, from our criminal healthcare industry. Now your crook and liar Hillary writes a book, and blames Bernie Sanders for her loss, when we all know that she lost because she is a crook and a liar, who most people can’t stand. Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in America, and your just jealous because your crook and liar Hillary lost to the worst candidate in history, Trump, because she was so corrupt, and hated by most people. Bernie Sanders would be our president, if your criminal Democratic party hadn’t cheated Bernie Sanders out of his primary, and lied about the Nevada convention by falsely claiming Bernie Sanders supporters threw chairs. The more your criminal liar Hillary opens her mouth, the more people hate her. Bernie Sanders is the leader of the Democratic party, and it’s time for you to support him, or get lost.

Mike K
Mike Kelly5 months ago

Hey Brianskilov F,

What will Vladimir Putin and Jill Stein be discussing at the pre campaign planning session of 2020? It's very hard to imagine that there'd be some topic other than splitting the Democratic vote again like they did in 2016.

Here's the photo of the 2016 dinner that Vladimir Putting invited Jill Stein and General Michael Flynn to attend.

Briamslov F, what topics are you trying to tell us that Jill Stein brought to the table? Maybe Putin invited her so she could convince Vladimir that the half trillion dollar deal he'd signed with Rex Tillerson was bad for the Planet. Yes, surely that's it. Vlad said to himself "Y'know, Vlad, money isn't everything and half a trillion dollars is not enough reason to continue to murder journalists and lawyers in Russia."

Here is the photo of Comrade Brianskilov's candidate at the dinner table in Moscow during the election. Brianskilov F. and the rest of the children were at the folding card table in the back of the room, out of sight out of mind.


Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly5 months ago

Brianskilov F. is here to pretend that he lives in the United states and is a progressive Bernie Bro, when he's actually sitting in a cubical on a troll farm in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Brianski F, what exactly is the reason that your boss, Vladimir Putin, invited foreign agent and Trump campaigner, General Michael Flynn, to dinner during the campaign? Maybe next payday in St. Petersburg you can ask Vlad what Jill Stein was doing at the same dinner table with Vlad and Flynn.

Comrade Brianskilov would have us all believe that in the midst of a campaign for president of the United States, self avowed progressive Jill Stein felt that campaigning was not as important as meeting with Vladimir Putin and General Flynn.


Cruel Justice
Cruel J5 months ago


Julie D
Julie D5 months ago

I have been watching Joe Kennedy III. I like him, he has the passion of John and Bobby, and sincere concern about the people of this country. I hope to see him get much more exposure and become more familiar with the populace at large. I think he could be a very strong and great candidate.

Kathryn I
Kathryn I5 months ago

Elizabeth Warren would be a good choice for 2020; she's a more seasoned politician. Thanks!

Deborah W
Deborah W5 months ago

Still looking for THE ONE that will hold up, satisfy fractured factions within their party while peeling off some from the other side. The way it's going, will take the full 3 years -- plus. Doubtrul at best ....