Who Needs Facts When You’ve Got Dick Armey?

Like all good spin doctors, Dick Armey never lets the facts get in the way of his message.  His most recent foray into revisionism came at The New Yorker Festival’s Tea Party panel where Armey spun the history of the tea party movement not as the well-financed astro-turf campaign that it is, but as an authentic popular uprising that coincided with the end of the Bush administration.

According to Armey’s version of history, the tea party movement was not a reaction against the Obama administration, but one that was born around October 2008 when the Bush administration passed TARP- the bank bailout otherwise known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

Armey’s narrative failed to reconcile with the actual chronology of the movement, including the first organized tea party protests that were inspired by the now-infamous rant by CNBC’s Rick Santelli over the idea of bailing homeowners out of bad mortgages, not Wall Street out of shoddy investments.  That on-air rant came just two days after President Obama signed into law the first stimulus bill, another fact noticeably absent from Armey’s narrative.

The origins of the tea party movement weren’t the only areas where Armey’s spin was in full-effect.  For a great recap of his efforts check here.

Armey’s efforts, while not surprising, illustrate the deeply troubling nature of the tea party movement itself.  It’s a movement that preys on the vulnerabilities and insecurities of white Americans all the while actively lobbying for legislation that run completely counter to those interests.  It’s a movement funded and founded in cynicism and is not authentic and hardly American.

But Dick Armey will still sell it to you anyways.

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Michael Cunningham

"I am not saying the Demos are squeaky clean, because they certainly are not! But, at least they don't use use the name of God in vain in order to accomplish their political goals."

Not so much because that is their choice. More because there is such rabid opposition to the slightest thing that even smells of being the slightest bit related to anything moral or religious. I beleve some would say that is pandering.

April L.
April L7 years ago

Ummm...Michael, I think you've scared everyone away. You appear to be the only one still posting here. It's funny how when logic speaks on care2, the the whiners tend to disappear. You have taken a lot of time in all of your posts, and they are all informative. Good for you. Consider all of them 'green starred', however, I can really send only one...

Frank S.
7 years ago

This is what every Christian who follows the Republican and the Republican Tea party, should read, before passing judgment on progressives. What I, and other progressives hate about this type of behavior is the blatant lies, and the fact that these people are always ready to use the Lords name in vain at the drop of a hat, as well as the sheepskin facade just to advance their political agenda.

Now with this said, I am not saying the Demos are squeaky clean, because they certainly are not! But, at least they don't use use the name of God in vain in order to accomplish their political goals. Which is exactly what it seems, that too many republican and tea party right-wing conservative politicians seem to do!

You may just be surprised to discover that some of the conservative politicians in the family values movement do not exactly represent, genuine Christian family values!

Judge for yourself, is this the correct behavior for Christian family values oriented politicians? According to liberalslike Christ.org, this is not Christ like behavior!


Michael Cunningham

"overzealous supporters wanting any excuse to not say what they really want to say, and that is they don't want a black man in the white house."

There are two things to say. First and foremost I don't think anyone gives a damn about the color of the President. To say so is to deflect criticism of policies to something that does not matter in the least, but is also designed to engender an emotional response. That aside, he is not really "Black".

As for not wsaying what they really want. I don't care how good your political election compass is you will never be able to find it pointing solidly at the truth no matter who is speaking.
Politicians have come to believe that for them to do "good" THEY must get elected. Therefore they need to convince at least 51% of the voters that THEY are the solution. However they are not confident enough in their solutions to present them to the people. They feel that in order for them to do "good" they have to "tell the people what they want to hear". That makes them a liar walking in the door with a lot of voters destined to become dissatisfied customers.

Michael Cunningham

"I'm starting to think that all the hate and frustration within the republican and republican tea party followers, may provide the perfect vehicle for the right-wing politicians to destroy our country completely in the future."

What about all the "hate and frustration within the Democrat Party"?

Eight years of Bush/Cheney? They were there for 8 sure, but Congress went Democrat in '06. Essentially making the last two a lame duck. That also make everything that came out of Congress in those two years Democrat as well!

Michael Cunningham

"I see that there is a petition to stop the Republicans from lowering the minimum wage."

HAH! Like that's ever gonna happen!

Michael Cunningham

I was inclined to respond but a second reading made it clear a brick wall would consider my comments better than Kay.
Hard to understand why anyone with such awful consideration for the people here would want to remain?

"Actually the Tea Party movement is *very* American. Ever since I was a baby, I've noticed that the American tradition is to follow church leaders blindly when it comes to politics, vote for anyone who prays publicly regardless of their record actually shows them doing, and scream for more government services for themselves while reducing their taxes and services for everyone else. It was that way in the 50's and 60's, and it's still that way for the so-called "Heartland"... all heart, and no brains...."

Michael Cunningham

"but all I ever seem to hear from conservative outlets is that they should be more like "us""

You may hear that but, I believe

Michael Cunningham

"Big businesses are all about maintaining a profit at the expense of the worker and consumer."

You got that wrong as well. It is interesting that the complaint is about the companies profit. But couched in terms to tug on the emotion of the recipient of the dig.
If a company does not make a profit it does not stay in business! If a company mistreats its customers it will soon have no customers and no company! If a company mistreats its employees they will, at the very least, not work effectively. At worst they will leave. A large turnover raises costs. If that cost impacts profit one solution is to raise prices. But if your competition does not you lose customers, lose enough and you also lose your company.

So you can see that while the incentive is to make a profit, the very reason the business exists, mistreating customers and employees is not conducive to making that profit.

Michael Cunningham


Perhaps you need to review some time lines. It may have been late in Bushes watch, but it was a Democrat Congress that crafted and passed the TARP, not the President.
As for regulations. If business had been as deregulated as the Dems like to claim they would never have left the country. If you want to know what Government regulation does to business look to CA. Businesses are fleeing the state wholesale!
As for the admonition to stop complaining. According to Democrats during the last administration complaining is patriotic. As is, although I make a concerted effort not to, belittling the President. I do believe, however, that I have every right to complain!