Who Says Gay Couples Can’t Be Great Grandparents? [VIDEO]

One of the biggest reasons that social conservatives give against gay couples getting married or having children is that it is always better for a child to be raised by two opposite sex parents (or, oddly enough, just one parent, as long as he or she is straight) — as if homosexual couples weren’t capable of the same sort of nurturing relationships.

For those who believe that, watch this video of two gay men finding out they are about to be grandpas.  If only my own parents had been this excited when they learned that my husband and I were having our first baby.

Photo credit: wikimedia commons


Akmal Pasha
Akmal Pasha6 years ago

SAME SEX RELATIONSHIP IS NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOUR. I am shocked and surprised and I am wondering why not a single person said it on this thread. Do we need an argument to prove this? Don't you think, if encouraged, races and populations will be wiped out in a few years time?

We in Asia generally consider it highly abnormal, 'moral degradation'. Abrahamic religions prohibit this for good reasons. You people stopped believing all this, and nothing matters to you any more. I am totally surprised. Be logical at least.

Winn Adams
Winn A6 years ago

Love and caring for a child can come from 2 Moms or 2 Dads. It's all about parenting skills, consistency and commitment to the family. One Mom and One Dad can do it as well too.

Catrina Hamilton
Catrina Hamilton6 years ago

I'm a little jealous now. When I told my (straight) family that I was going to have my first kid, the reactions were thusly: one brother didn't care one way or the other, the other, and his wife, stated the entire family hated that I was having a kid, and my father wasn't all that enthused due to the fact this will be his fifth grandchild.

What I wouldn't have given to have had a tenth of the love shown above shown to me. Hell, I would have taken a hundredth of that reaction.

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Wonderful. Gay people can be just as loving and nurturing as anybody else since love, compassion and understanding are not the exclusive domain of heterosexual people, although the intolerant, homophobic bigots (most of them in the GOP) would like us to believe otherwise. Thanks Robin.

Ruby W.
Ruby W6 years ago

That was too adorable. Personally, I only have one problem with gay people: I don't think there are enough of them. :)

Rebecca W.
Rebecca W6 years ago

Soooooo cute! I'm so happy for them all I wanted to join in on their "hug-fest" and rejoicing! I know from experience that (gay) men can be very nurturing and make excellent (grand)parents. I wish them all the best and many more bundles of joy.

Caribbean L.
Caribbean L.6 years ago

Wow! How lovely!! This was not the reaction my mother displayed when my brother shared the news of his first pregnancy with his girlfriend, who he eventually married! Seventeen years later they still have only one child!!!

Courtney Shepard
Courtney S6 years ago

It is great to see such good news and such a wonderfully happy family. It is heart warming! Congrats to the parents and the grand parents. A child brings so much joy to any family!

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

What a smile on my face!! My gay son had two children with a lesbian couple (same mom and dad both times). The children--a boy and a girl are now 20 and 16 respectively and both are "straight". I'm sure my son and his partner will have the same reaction when they hear the news of a grandchild!!

Sharon H.
Sharon H6 years ago

That kid is going to spoiled rotten!! What great people these men are!