Why Are Democrats Pushing for US Intervention in Venezuela?

So far this year, Democrat and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is enjoying a major popularity revival. This is due in no small part to Congressional Democrats besting President Trump in his attempt to strong arm the Hill into funding his costly border wall.

Though the speaker and her peers certainly deserve credit for digging in their heels during the government shutdown, it doesn’t mean they should expect carte blanche from the American public.

As politicians and talking heads eagerly ratchet up rhetoric surrounding the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, it has become difficult to see this as anything other than a tactic to prime the American public for some form of military intervention in the troubled country.

While this push has, so far, primarily come from President Trump and his administration, more recently Democrats — most notably Speaker Pelosi — have begun to openly demonstrate support for the forceful ouster of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

In a brief public statement, Pelosi explained her position, stating that the United States “must respect legitimate democratic processes” by supporting Maduro opposition leader Juan Guaido. She added that the U.S. “must support the people of Venezuela.”

Unfortunately, these claims are patently disingenuous. Pelosi and Trump, as well as a bevy of other Western leaders, have come to officially recognize Guaido as the Venezuelan president. However, it was Guaido who swore himself in as the Venezuelan president, without having been elected — not exactly the product of a “legitimate democratic process.”

Predictably, Maduro isn’t overwhelmingly popular among Venezuelans. However, a credible opinion poll shows that only 35 percent of Venezuelans say they would support foreign military intervention, with 54 percent roundly rejecting the idea. This shouldn’t be difficult to grasp for someone like Pelosi, whose party has been up in arms over political interference from the Russian government during 2016.

Pelosi’s stance should not come as a surprise, though. The Democratic Party hasn’t been the party of peace for a very long time, if it ever was. A look at the Democrats’ choice for president in 2016 — a former senator who voted in favor of invading Iraq based on flimsy pretenses — should demonstrate how just deep these attitudes are.

Like in 2016, establishment Democrats insist on framing themselves as “not Trump.” While that appeared to buoy them in the recent midterms, it would be foolhardy to believe the same strategy will be effective in 2020. The effective campaigns from progressive Democrats last fall should only underscore this reality.

To suggest that the backing of a coup in Venezuela or direct military intervention is motivated by humanitarian compassion would be almost laughable if so many lives weren’t on the line.

Where was the push to take action in Myanmar when it became clear the government was carrying out a program of genocide against its Rohingya population? Where was this drive when mass anti-government protests in Bangladesh were met with severe, violent repression? What was the U.S. response when it became clear that the Saudi Arabian coalition’s indiscriminate military actions in Yemen could precipitate 14 million civilian starvation deaths?

It may sound cynical, but it is not difficult to recognize what separates these countries from those like Iraq and Venezuela. Myanmar and Bangladesh are both important U.S. trade partners; Saudi Arabia buys millions in weapons from the U.S. and even sees its non-democratic leaders’ bank accounts padded by U.S. taxpayer dollars every year.

The same cannot be said for Venezuela, which remains one of the few Latin American nations that doesn’t actively participate in economic activity aligning with U.S. free trade interests.

Take Action!

The crisis in Venezuela should not be ignored — and neither should the oppressive actions being taken by the Maduro government. But the solution right now is not for the United States to enter into yet another costly military conflict. Have we learned nothing from the failures of the past half century?

Add your name to this Care2 petition and tell our leaders that Americans will not foot the bill for another war that will undoubtedly lead to countless deaths and untold years of regional destabilization!

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Marija M
Marija M22 hours ago

Alea C. - you are right.

Carole R
Carole Ryesterday

Thanks for posting.

Colin C
Colin Cyesterday

End US sanctions on Venezuela they are starving people

Rita Delfing
Rita Delfing1 days ago

I understand and have seen how bad things are there I feel bad for the people who suffer governments that ruin a nation, but interfering, I don’t know, it comes at a cost on our own end and the help isn’t always appreciated.

john casablanca
john casablanca1 days ago

John C./Houston, Tx.

Shirley S
Shirley S2 days ago

I hope I did the right thing by signing the petition.

David F
David F2 days ago

Belinda, There was a national election where the folks of Venezuela overwhelming elected in Hugo Chavez twice because he promised free Medicare for all, free housing, government jobs for all, equalized income, nationalized industry, nationalized property and forced price controls.

North and South Korea show what is at stake for Venezuela. After 50 years, North Korea's per capita income is only 5 percent of South Korea's trickle down free market.
Basic necessities are missing and rationed, population is 3" shorter, Life expectancy is 10 years shorter and infant mortality is six times higher.
The elites flourish.
This example of ruinous Democrat Socialism repeats itself across the planet and the Fake News victims there, just like here, will never learn.

Peggy B
Peggy B2 days ago

Petition signed

Peggy B
Peggy B2 days ago


Brian F
Brian F2 days ago

Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace. Pelosi refuses to support Medicare for all, refuses to support the Green New Deal, and agrees with the Republicans that the USA has the right to practice regime change in Venezuela and install an unelected leader who the USA likes. Nancy Pelosi needs to step down because she is extremely corrupt like this crook Trump and the Republicans.