Why Did Nikki Haley Resign?

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was one of the few initial Trump administration appointments not to be fired, to resign or to end up indicted. Or at least she was until Tuesday, when Haley shocked the nation by announcing that she would be leaving her position.

“‘I think that it’s just very important for government officials to understand when it’s time to step aside. And I have given everything I’ve got these last eight years,’ she said, referring to time spent both as the UN envoy and as South Carolina governor,” reports CNN. “‘And I do think that sometimes it’s good to — to rotate in other people who can put that same energy and power into it.’”

Bringing in individuals with new perspectives to the White House may be a good idea, but it is impossible to ignore the timing of this decision — just weeks before a pivotal midterm election that could change the balance of power in Congress. And it’s one that has many conservatives filled with worry.

According to The Week:

For conservatives who never fully got on board with the Trump presidency, Haley was seen as a crucial voice of reason inside the administration, and even many Republicans who backed President Trump with no reservations had great respect for her. Members of these camps were devastated by Haley’s departure, with conservative columnist Noah Rothman tweeting one word: “Crushing.” The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro reacted to the news by writing a long, protracted “Noooooooooooooooo,” while his colleague Kassy Dillon posted, “This better not be real” and then ”NIKKI NOOO.” Conservative columnist Seth Mandel wrote, “I don’t accept Nikki Haley’s resignation.”

And former White House advisor and Trump-whisperer Steve Bannon went even further, criticizing her timing and implications for the GOP.

The Hill reports:

Everything she said yesterday and everything she said about stepping down could have been done on the evening of Nov. 6. The timing could not have been worse,’ Bannon said at an event in London. Bannon, who left the White House in August 2017 and was later publicly excoriated by President Trump, told Micklethwait that Haley’s announcement threatens to undermine the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the strong economy that Republicans are hoping to tout heading into the midterms.

Was Haley trying to distance herself from the Trump administration, especially before the GOP potentially loses one or both chambers in November? That could well be — especially if the rumors are true that she’s looking at a potential presidential run down the road.

Leaving now, while she is still mostly undamaged by the specter of President Trump and while the party appears to be on a major — but, hopefully, short — winning streak is the best move to inoculate Haley from future losses and keep her image untarnished.

Then again, maybe her image was about to be damaged in a different way. According to reports, Citizen’s Responsible for Ethics in Washington had just requested an ethics investigation into the UN ambassador, who they believed may have been violating federal gift bans by accepting seven private jet flights worth tens of thousands of dollars.

“By accepting gifts of luxury private flights, Ambassador Haley seems to be falling in line with other Trump administration officials who are reaping personal benefits from their public positions,” CREW’s executive director, Noah Bookbinder, said in a Monday statement, according to Business Insider.

Whatever the reason that Haley walked away — to avoid an ethics probe, to escape the toxicity of Trump or just to relieve burnout — this isn’t going to be the end of her political career by any means. There’s little doubt that she has her eye on other future campaigns, and heavy speculation is that when President Trump fires Attorney General Jeff Sessions after the midterms, he will appoint current South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham to replace him.

That would leave a new South Carolina Senate seat tantalizingly open — and make the perfect launching pad for a 2024 presidential run.

Goodbye, Nikki Haley. I have a feeling we will be seeing you again really soon.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons


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Ah yes, the B.S. degree is now at the Ph.D. level. "Piled Higher & Deeper." Nikki Haley's escape from Alcatraz was a wise move. My instincts detect an upset digestive system. (!) Hope she makes a speedy recovery. Oh, btw, - we are not privileged such information private details of such matters. So, I don't believe we'll ever truly get the authentic details,..... . .. . {Kavanaugh reflux disease, I presume}

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