Why Even Liberals Oppose Susan Rice as Secretary of State

At this point, Barack Obama hasnít even nominated a Secretary of State replacement for Hillary Clinton, yet Susan Rice has already faced a load of criticism as the Presidentís presumed selection. Although the initial denunciations came largely from Republicans, progressives are now vocally opposing the potential appointment as well.

Is it because Rice was involved in some massive Benghazi cover-up? No. Although she initially stated that the attack did not appear to be premeditated, David Petraeus said she was going off of the intelligence provided to her.

Is it because, as Senator Kelly Ayotte claims, Rice did in fact have some knowledge of Al-Qaeda involvement in the Benghazi attack? No. That part of her briefing was evidently classified, so she was not at liberty to share it publicly at the time.

Is it because John McCain has made it his personal mission to block a Rice appointment? No, even many of McCainís Republican colleagues say that they have not yet formed opinions on Riceís aptness for the job.

The criticism emerging from liberals is that Rice has many reasons to see the Keystone XL Pipeline get approved. Millions, in fact. As the Natural Resources Defense Council uncovered, Rice has millions of her personal assets invested in Canadian banks and oil companies that stand to benefit greatly from the proposed Keystone Pipeline.

Obviously, that would be a horrible conflict of interest if Susan Rice had any sway on the decision. Oh, whatís that, Mother Jones? ďAs head of the State Department, Rice would have ultimate authority in determining the fate of the pipeline.Ē Great.

Rice, whose net worth is speculated to lie somewhere between $20 and $40 million, has approximately one-third of her money tied up in these Canadian oil businesses. On top of that, she has an additional approximately $500,000 directly invested in TransCanada, the company that stands to make lofty profits for constructing the pipeline.

The news is not something to be taken lightly. Environmental activists firmly oppose the construction of the pipeline for a host of reasons. Check out a few of the Care2 stories written about Keystone over the past year:

Despite being a hotly contested topic, the Obama administration did not have to make a call on the Keystone Pipeline this past year while a potential re-routing issue was investigated. However, it is likely that the new Secretary of State would need to make a definitive decision on the pipeline in the upcoming months.

This isnít some Benghazi B.S.; it is a major conflict of interest that could result in an ecological disaster. Just because former Vice President Dick Cheney got away with similar nonsense by having his cronies at Halliburton make billions by perpetuating war doesnít make the Rice situation any more appropriate. Forget partisanship, potential corruption should be addressed and avoided on all sides. For that reason, having a Secretary of State who has a financial incentive to play fast and loose with the environment is not a good decision for this country.

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Photo Credit: US Department of Labor


Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra5 years ago

Thank you Kevin, for Sharing this!

J.L. A.
JL A5 years ago

well it looks like she's out of the running for now

Chad A.
Chad Anderson5 years ago

Considering those who dog Susan Rice regarding her dutifully repeating national security talking points on Sunday shows, we can ask whether this is real or political BS. The easy test is to compare reactions to similar or worse reactions from Republican politicians on Sunday shows. I do recall a lot of scare talk about mushroom clouds at a time when the Bush Administration knew (or was criminally negligent in not knowing) that Iraq had no WMDs. These statements were not repetitions of talking points cautioning Americans to wait until all the facts were in (a la Susan Rice regarding the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi). These statements were actively demanding action that would ultimately lead to thousands of American casualties in Iraq, tens of thousands of Iraqi combat deaths, tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths, an estimated three trillion dollars in war costs, and declining US influence in the region and around the world. I do not recall McCain or Graham dogging Bush officials and demanding that we get a full accounting. It is pretty clear that this is political and not about any real issue. If it were about a real issue, then McCain would have been taking advantage of every opportunity to get information frrom the Obama Administration instead of selectively attending briefings when information was being handed out and questions answered.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown5 years ago

Paul B.- Once again thanks for the update from the right wing fantasy bubble. Hey did you see Bigfoot while you were there?

Paul B.
Paul B5 years ago

Cletus... Are you really that gullible or foolish???? Or do you profess this garbage because you are a loyal party supporter and will blindly disseminate talking points verbatim without regard for any rational thought on your part.

She said 5 times on Sunday shows it was a protest, over a video (not unlike many others) that turned violent... no mention of terrorism for two weeks... But there was no protest prior to the attack, per the video footage available.

IMO, her statements were politically motivated to deflect from the seriousness of the situation. And THREE MONTHS LATER, we still aren't getting any answers. Dodge and deflect...

If this had happened in any city in the US... four dead, with no answers, it would still be all over the press... but our Obama cheering section, AKA, MSM haven't touched this issue, further protection for the Immaculate One.

I thought you were smarter, more of a critical thinker than to fall for all the obvious cover-ups of this administration. Don't be a foolish lackey for these purveyors of deception. You can support the policies you believe in, but to constantly, blindly promote obvious lies diminishes any respect you might hope to garner from others.

Felicia S.
Phyllis S5 years ago

I just don't think she has the panache to be Secretary of State.

Cletus W.
Cletus W.5 years ago

Paul B.: First get ye to a dictionary and meditate on the word H-Y-P-O-C-R-S-Y. Your attempt to demonize me with your own school yard rhetoric, after leveling the same charge at me, was quite humorous. You remind me of the now infamous Teatard who was filmed at a rally with a sign that said "Get the gov't out of our lives Leave my medicare alone!"

If you think that *gloating* is not my best trait, then what do you think of YOUR own herd of idiots who spew their sour grapes over the election by denigrating the president and leveling baseless charges at him? Is that the best trait YOU can put forward?

Don't like my gloating over the election? Too freakin' bad for you, because I'm gloating ALL OVER you Teatards and every one of your vapid, sour-grape post-election posts which sound more like some peverted attempt primal scream therapy.

Now, the HAPPY part is YOU lost because the recent [R] campaign was all about vapid rightwing talking points....and you people, unable to discard your dogma and adjust to reality, are CLEARLY on the same path again for 2014. Your only hope for 2014 is that the American electorate somehow loses an average of 20 IQ points, to bring them down to the levels that were extant in 2000 and 2004.

Sylvia M.
Sylvia M5 years ago

Conflict or no, slurs from McCain or no, financial interest or not, the truth as I see it is that Rice is no Clinton. We have been blessed with Hilary as Sec. of State, and Madelyn Albright before her. These women are/were true international forces.

I think that the editorial comments from the peanut gallery-that is, newcomer Kelly Ayotte, are uncalled for, as is McCain's blustering. And I don't know what kind of "final authority" Rice would have over this horrible pipeline idea. But my objection is that she seems not as conversant on world affairs. Of course, I'm no expert on her positions, etc. But the pipeline is obviously a terrible idea from an environmental point of view, and if she would have weight with that then I cannot be in favor of that.

Toby S.
Past Member 5 years ago

Paul, I didn't bookmark it but there is a youtube video of a journalist who interviews an attacker as the attack is happening. He said they were demonstrating about the poke in the eye video. Later the same journalist found the organizing group, interviewed them and it was "planned" for about three hours and again the poke in the eye video was referenced?

What is your point? We know it was a terrorist attack. Perhaps someone will reference the video interview of attacker, but I know you have had it pointed out to you before. You repeat the same dis-proven issues, with the same old allegation and spin... and I would guess avoided that video as if the truth were a viral disease.

Rice has entirely different reasons not to have the job.

Paul B.
Paul B5 years ago

Dorothy, she admitted she had access to ALL the information made available from ALL the intelligence reports including the Petreaus report which clearly stated it was a terrorist attack, not due to some video.

Yes, someone gave her the talking points, but she refuses to tell us who and why.

Why lie about some video when they knew it wasn't true. If they couldn't tell the truth, then they shouldn't have said anything at all. Making something up only opens them up to all the criticisms they are getting now.

They created this mess, now lets watch them try to wiggle free from it.

Even the "Lord and Savior" Obama won't face up to what happened, hiding behind everyone while asking the press to seek him for answers he is unwilling to give. What a chickens**t. No surprise.. he hides behind, then throws under the bus those who cover for all of his and our real leader Ms Jarrett screw-ups.

I still can't understand how he fooled so many people last month... well I can given the media's lack of journalistic integrity. He has never been challenged on anything, Gitmo, F&F, Iran & N/ Korea, Egypt and the MB, Benghazi, NDAA, drilling moritoriums while funding drilling in Brazil, open borders without immigration reform, ObamaCare, auto bailouts, Frank/Dodd act, his constant campaigning, vacationing and parties, etc. At the same time he provides distractions while his minions behind the curtain craft legislation and executive orders that are crippling our eco