Why I’m Taking My Two Kids & Ailing Body Across the Country

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There comes a time when you have to stand up for what you believe…even if that means sitting down.

Let me explain.

I’m arranging to home school my children after Labor Day so we can travel across the country to stay with family. I’ll be using my wheelchair, on doctor’s orders, sitting because the recent and triumphant trip to New York did flare my Lupus a bit. But not enough to keep me down.

We plan on arriving in North Carolina just after Labor Day, resting with family and spending time at our first visit to a military base.

I will then charge up my body as best I can and charge up their minds as best I can so we can head to Charlotte on Thursday, September 6th to attend President Obama’s nomination speech at the Democratic National Convention.

The kids understand the Affordable Health Care Act is something President Obama did that helps their Mom with her Lupus. They don’t understand HAMP 2.0 and ACA also have saved us from foreclosure, but that’s not something we want to worry them with.

The kids understand President Obama wants everyone to be equal, including friends they love of Mom and Dad’s who have spent holidays in our home. They agree it’s wrong to keep those friends from marrying who they love. They also agree it’s wrong to keep women from being paid the same as men. Everyone should be equal. Always.

The look on my daughter’s face when I told her there has never been a women President said it all.

We’re coming to Charlotte. We’re going to witness history. With my doctor giving me all the medication and treatment I need to get across the country, rest, and then strict orders to give some media interviews and only attend the speech…followed by MORE rest before we are allowed to fly home, we’re COMING TO CHARLOTTE.

Because it is that important.

Because it is once-in-a-lifetime for my children to see the first African-American President speak to the American people as he seeks re-election.

Because they attend a public school charter that allows them the flexibility to learn outside the classroom. They will learn about government, media, social issues, activism, and how to form their own opinions on what they believe.

Because in this election, our family is literally the billboard for what this administration has accomplished for those who NEED help in this economy.

No one should lose their home because they get sick.

No one should be worried more about how much their treatment will cost, instead of which treatment their doctor prescribes in order for their survival.

No one should have to be forced to stay in a school that kills and drills, and only awards children based on standardized tests.

No one should be a pre-existing condition simply by being born a woman.

No one should have control over a woman’s body but the woman herself.

No one should tell anyone they can not marry the person they love.

No one should take a mother from her children too soon because she couldn’t afford her medication, her hospital bill, or that IV she gets every few weeks.

No one should be content to watch this November.

We’re getting on a plane, we’re showing the country there is nothing that will keep this family down and we will fight for those who fight for US.

We’re headed to Charlotte, North Carolina to support President Obama and Vice President Biden because it matters too much to our family NOT to.

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nancy D.
nancy B5 years ago

Elame A - Eddie (Ryan) Munster wants to replace medicare with the voucher system. So you will be able to take that voucher and pick your own healthcare. The problem is that voucher will not increase as fast as the cost of healthcare. That voucher is like going to McDonalds and ordering and paying for a hamburger and being handed a picture of a hamburger.
But your comments still make me laugh!!!!!! I never thought anyone could be so gullable!!!!! As P.T. Barnum said - a sucker is born every minute. And you prove him right!!! LOL!!!!

nancy D.
nancy B5 years ago

Elame A- See you used my snake oil salesmen line. So you agree with me that Mittens is a real tool!!!! And Eddie Munster (Ryan) is an out and out liar!!!!! Glad to see you agree with me!!!! I knew you would!!!!

nancy D.
nancy B5 years ago

Paul B - I think you have the parties mixed up. It has been the republicons who have made it their mission to make Obama a "one term" president. They have become the party of "no". They {republicons} have been the ones to stall anything that might make Obama look good.

Charli S.
Charlotte S5 years ago

Denise H. I found your statement to be a bit silly. We have Irish Americans, German Americans, etc and African Americans. All born in the USA and all Americans. I refer to myself as American as I'm a mutt but there are many who are proud of their roots.

Charli S.
Charlotte S5 years ago

I hope the trip brings you all that you hope and our thoughts are with you.

Martha Clunie
Past Member 5 years ago

Go Erin!

Maria D'Oporto
Past Member 5 years ago

Erin hope you and your family have a grea ttime and thank you for the nice article, and for the commenters, I luv the way Erin talks about her believes and the passion she uses to encourage her family in their family values, so the matter is not who is the person they are going to watch ( for me it is a BIG issue and historic by the way); the high price of this article is the love a mom shows when no matter healt issues she is giving her family what she believes is important, she is sharing her life with them and letting them to know what is important in this life, so the cruel comments here are out of point; the real issue is how great this world will be if more parents share time with their families teaching them what is right in a free loving country; no wich president are they watching, no their political beliefes, the chldren will have a choice later to create their own way to see life, but never will forget the time shared in family listening the first african - american president and the trip where they sahred their values for an equal fair way of life!!! Erin kudos for you and for the nice comments here; and for all the bad comments, this just shows you the liberty in action, you are free to say whatever you want and sometimes it is not nice, hope you think before to talk the next time, there are to many clueless people in this world, so try to use the brain once in a while, will be to sad if you die without using it once. Paul and Elaine you sure you ok? lol, just as

Linda B.
Linda B.5 years ago

Good for you Erin and good wishes for your health.

Julie D.
Julie D5 years ago

@ Andrea P: I wish I could send you a handful of stars for all the great comments you have made here on this topic. You are spot on, and stated them very eloquently. So glad you are part of the conversation here on Care2.

@Elaine: Your ignorance knows no bounds nor has any shame, as is evidenced by every post you have ever made.

Suze Q.
Suze Q5 years ago

Isn't it amazing how ugly and toxic some commenters get when they can willy nilly type into a box on the screen. Would you really say these vitriolic things straight to someone eye to eye? Adults sorely need here on Care 2!