Why Put Stones in Your Bird Bath?

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite, back by popular demand! It was originally posted on June 19, 2014. Enjoy!

Turns out that stones in the bird bath are more than just an aesthetic element. In fact, they may even save a life.

“This morning a little bird was flapping his wings frantically in the bird bath,” said Crystal Carvotta-Brown, a cat rescue volunteer in Massachusetts. “At first I thought he was just cleaning his feathers but then I realized that he was in distress.”

Crystal, an avid community organizer who has helped place hundreds of†throw-away cats, was quick to take action when she sensed danger.

Putting stones in your bird bath could help prevent a bird from drowning.

“I walked over to him and he didnít even try to fly away so then I thought he was injured,” Crystal said. “I used a large stick for him to hop on to which he did but then proceeded to try to fly and fell to the ground. He started running away from me. I was able to get him and get him safely into a cat carrier and contacted a wildlife rehabber. Turns out he was just a baby sparrow and got himself pooped out trying to get out of the bird bath because his feathers were all wet and he couldnít fly.”

A clean, well-maintained bird bath helps prevent dehyrdration

A clean, well-maintained bird bath helps prevent dehyrdration

“Once he dried off he started flying around inside the cat carrier so I brought him back outdoors and opened the carrier door and off he flew. Iím thrilled that he is okay but canít help but feel stupid for never thinking that the little bit of water in there might be too deep for a baby bird! The rehabber recommended that I put a couple of large stones in the bird bath so that smaller birds can get themselves up on top of them to dry off and get their bearings again.

Perhaps other people know this but I figured it was worth sharing for those of you that do have bird baths so that if you havenít you can also consider making them safer for the smaller babies. ”

Crystal hopes that her experience will help others†protect fledgling birds in their yards.

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Good info for deep birdbaths. Mine is shallow. However, I have to melt the ice in cold winter and fill it twice per day in the hot summer. I'm sure the little birds appreciate that.

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