Why We Should Leave Kate Middleton Alone: All Women Deserve a Choice

Last week, Star Magazine announced that Kate Middleton is pregnant.

Of course, as all tabloid news goes, this is just speculation. Nothing has been announced; nothing is certain. Apparently, they came to this conclusion because they got a shot of the back of a dress she was wearing and it was obvious that the seam had been let out a few inches. This is the foolproof, fact-checked evidence on which they are basing their claim. This isn’t the first time a magazine had announced that Kate was pregnant. In November, In Touch made a similar claim. Obviously, that one turned out to be false.

The race to be the first to catch the baby bump is not new in tabloid media — or any media, for that matter. As a society, we are obsessed with celebrities’ life events: weddings, divorces, babies, affairs. You name it, and the media assumes we want to hear all about it. The hurry to announce Kate Middleton’s pregnancy annoys me more than most, however, for a number of reasons.

First, it doesn’t seem fair that the media is crawling all over itself to get a picture of a nonexistent baby bump. The only person who knows if Kate is, in fact pregnant is her, and that means that the only person announcing it to the public — should she choose to — should be her. If she is expecting, she shouldn’t be denied the joy of announcing her news because someone else beat her to it. I understand that being a celebrity means you give up certain expectations of privacy. However, having your life constantly invaded and scrutinized seems excessive to me, no matter who you are. After all, look at what happened to Princess Diana.

Second — and these are in no particular order — is the fact that the media assumes that Kate will have a baby at all. For all we know, her and Will have been desperately trying to get pregnant since their wedding to no avail, and every new pregnancy rumor tears them up inside. Furthermore, for all we know, they don’t want kids at all, and they really wish they could be left alone about it. We all know that women without children are judged ruthlessly. Just the caption on the photo in Star Magazine smacks of judgment; according to the magazine, it has been 16 months since Kate and Prince William were wed, and since then whispers have been flying about “whether or not it will take the couple what seemed like another century” to have a baby. 16 months of marriage seems like a century? I think not.

Which leads me to my third and final reason why these pregnancy rumors need to stop. I got married just a few short months before Kate and Will, and a little over a year after my husband and I tied the knot, people started asking me when we were going to have kids. People also started flat-out asking me if I was pregnant for no apparent reason at all. My friends have had to deal with similar rumors; some of them will call me crying because people just won’t leave them alone about childbearing. It seems that, once we hit a certain age or once we’ve been married for a certain amount of time, we are expected to start producing offspring. Gossipers use the smallest signals to assume a newly married woman is pregnant, too. It could be that the woman in question has gained a few pounds — as it seems to be the case with Kate Middleton — or it could be that she looks particularly tired or that she decided to pass on a certain food or beverage. Whatever the case, the pregnancy rumors fly at the smallest shift in behavior.

This is all on a much smaller scale for us than it is for various celebrities, but the desire to be the first to notice that someone is pregnant remains the same, and the emotional toil it can take on women is the same, too. All women, including Kate Middleton, deserve to be left alone when it comes to our bodies, and we deserve to be treated as human beings, not baby-making machines.

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Sheri D.
Sheri D5 years ago

The paparazzi should leave Kate alone!

natalie n.
natalie n5 years ago

we should leave them alone and not cause more anguish by further feeding ourselves with such paparazzi news.

Lynn D.
Lynn D5 years ago

It's no ones business but the Royal couple and when and if they do have children I know they'll be happy with THEIR decision and share it with all of us loyal Royal watchers!

Anita Wisch
Anita Wisch5 years ago

People that don't have enough going on in their lives, have to live through someone else's....

Just saying......

irene fernandez
irene Fernandez5 years ago

People just need to buttt out of others life´s that is all that needs to be said, you can be happy for someone and wish them the best in the world but to think that you have the right to know and comment on someone elses life is just not true and it´s hurtful

Joanne D.
Mary Deforest5 years ago

Not having a baby or having a baby doesn't mean anything. Kate isn't a movie star that chose 2B a celebrity. She's a woman that married the man she loves. Give her a break.

Judith K.
Judith K5 years ago

Poor Kate. She is so pretty and stylish and she is married to Prince William. I think she will always have cameras and microphones stuck in her face. I hope she is able to not let it bother her too much.

Steve A.
Steve A5 years ago

Ashley, of course people would start "asking me when we were going to have kids."

You got married.

When people get married they have kids.

If they don't they might support gay marriage and the Kristian Right wouldn't want that would they?

Georgia A.
Georgia a5 years ago

I loved Princess Diana. Just could not read enough about her. Loved every single photo. Then she died in the tunnel in Paris attempting to flee the photographers. I happened to be awake early in the morning and saw it played out on tv. I sat there and thought: it was people like me who helped to kill that lovely woman. It was because of people like me the photographers were chasing her, causing her to die. Since that awful morning, I no longer read the magazines, pay no attention to any celebrity in the news. If it happens to be on tv, I may watch it; then again, I may not. I'm so out of touch these days I am not even aware of the names of the "hot" celebs. I just don't care any more. Let them live their lives and I'll live mine. Yes, they are celebrities but that doesn't mean they need to be spied upon every minute of their lives to satisfy the likes of people like I was. When or if Kate gets pregnant, I'll be happy for her....but I sure as heck will not purchase a magazine to read all about it or look at a single photo. Princess Diana is long in her grave. Isn't that enough?

Lloyd H5 years ago

Tough, Kate et alia have no problem using their Celeb to benefit their pet causes, well that Celeb is a double edged sword. If they are going to reap the perks, benefits and collect the roses they are going to have put up with the thorns.