Why We Shouldn’t Always Get Our News From Twitter

For those of us who get news primarily from twitter, the Fox News twitter feed would like to apologize.

The president is not in fact dead, as they previously reported.

Via The Hill:

One tweet from the @foxnewspolitics feed stated: “BREAKING NEWS: @BarackObama assassinated, 2 gunshot wounds have proved too much.”

Another tweet congratulated Vice President Joe Biden on assuming the presidency: “We wish @joebiden the best of luck as our new President of the United States. In such a time of madness, there’s light at the end of tunnel”.

Fox News shortly thereafter announced that their twitter account had been hacked, and apologized for any “distress” the feed may have provided.

Photo credit: By Chuck Kennedy (Official White House photo) (The Official White House Photostream on Flickr) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Ann W.
Ann W6 years ago

Mary I - shame on you. For an American citizen to rejoice in the assassination of yet another American President is disgraceful and in another time would have been treason. Your country has the blood of too many of her Presidents on her hands. Why don't you lay off the hate campaign of this President and let him do his job without the continual ambushes.

Ray M.
Ray M6 years ago

A total waste of time.

kris y.
kris y6 years ago

I think we should all remember that at the end of the day news comes from humans... as such all sources of news are fallible, and need to be checked against other sources. Although twitter is prone to have certain failures such as this one, there are other situations such as political environments where news media are banned that it provides information that might not be available through standard sources.

As with so many other things, we need to remember that trust to distrust must be directed at humans, not technology.

Sharon H.
Sharon H6 years ago

To Mary I...
Read what I said to Billie...the same goes for you...

michele s.
michele s6 years ago

I second a "shame on you" to Mary. She is a prime example of someone who hasn't a clue.

Now, as for Twitter being a news source, I don't understand that statement.
Twitter is not or was it ever a source for news. It's a social network in which people pass info back and forth every nano-second of everyday. I don't know anyone who uses it as a news source. To me that is equal to using Facebook as a news source.....it just doesn't make any sense.

I don't believe this was a hacker. I believe it was staged by Fox. We all know Fox is not a news source nor is Twitter. So, I don't understand what all the hoopla is about.

Vicki W.
Vicki W6 years ago

To mary l.: What you said was hateful and disgusting. In the future, perhaps you should keep your hate mongering to yourself. Shame on you!!!

Linda E.
Linda E6 years ago

Not only should we avoid using Twitter for our news source, but Fox news itself hacked or not, is no reliable source of information.

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm6 years ago

Like it or not many young people are avid Tweeters. It has its uses of used correctly. But for the most part it is a gossip rag and a self promotion tool. Whoever did this should do some jail time.

Sound Mind
Ronald E6 years ago

I agree - shut down Fantasy Faux.

Marianne C.
Marianne C6 years ago

Gee, I wouldn't think they'd NEED hacker to get misinformation out to their eagerly waiting public...