Will Environmentalists Get Control of .eco Domain?

Move over, .com. You too, .org, .gov, and .net. There’s a new domain name poised to hit the internet: .eco. Like any good environmental issue, the .eco domain is already caught up in controversy, explains The Guardian.

The standard practice in awarding domain names is to auction off web addresses to the highest bidder. If things go as planned, companies with the deepest pockets will have the best shot at securing .eco addresses for themselves.

Obviously, environmental groups are not keen to see these precious domain names sold to the richest organizations. For that reason, more than 50 green organizations, including the United Nations and Greenpeace as well as smaller grassroots groups, have come together to petition for environmentalists themselves to have more control over assigning .eco domain names.

Three years ago, this coalition of green organizations, currently named Big Room, posted an article on Care2 explaining its case. Now it looks like ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is nearing a decision on whether Big Room should be able to oversee the .eco domain. Unfortunately, Big Room’s prospects are not strong. Although ICANN has permitted it to give some control to groups vested in a particular name, it has made this exception only once previously when possession of a domain is disputed, as .eco’s already is.

Allowing .eco domains to go to the highest bidder could be problematic. We’ve seen big oil corporations and other private interests spend millions on misinformation campaigns to help line their own pockets at the expense of the environment. What better way to present phony environmental science than to affix .eco to the name of the site?

Beyond blatantly nefarious organizations gobbling up the names, there is also concern that companies with a loose commitment to the environment at best taking the names in an effort to elicit some positive public relations. “Every dirty company that needs a bit of spit and polish is going to be first in line to sign up for .eco,” said Jacob Malthouse, one of Big Room’s founders. “It’s just going to be a mess.”

While environmental groups are unlikely to be shut out of .eco names altogether, activists acknowledge that having companies that lack environmental credentials squatting on .eco real estate will delegitimize the domain on the whole.

The hope is that, collectively, green activists can score a major victory on the internet, which could in turn help to achieve real environmental victories thanks to increased visibility. Heads of the World Wildlife Foundation, part of the Big Room alliance, believe that securing .eco sites amongst an alliance of various environmental groups could strengthen the movement overall. “The platform itself is an opportunity to create greater unity,” said a spokesperson.

Despite the current display of unity by existing Big Room members, experts expect that ICANN will consider environmentalism to be too wide of a spectrum for a single group to make decisions for an entire movement. While that may be true at its core, allowing money to determine control of .eco domains is hardly a preferable alternative.

Full disclosure: This website, Care2, has signed on as a partner with Big Room, in an effort to support environmentalist control of the .eco domain.


Michael M.
Michael M3 years ago

Since many above have added questions and comments , perhaps a little prematurely, meaning they did not actually take the time to explore what .eco is intended, perhaps I can fill in a little.
First, a renowned biological oceanographer/ecologist, Paul Dayton of UCSD Scripps has posted four short videos on the need for research and research funding. He describes some exciting possibilities for students, as well as pointing out the need to evade corporate control of the .eco domain.

Second, and very importantly, here: http://doteco.org/blog/eco-groups-win-domain/ is the good news. ICANN has understood that dotcoms and even .orgs cannot and should not be allowed to buy into the domain.

In ordeer for care2 to be of value to everyone, and more, to everything worthy of care, I hope that the members will return or retain their focus of care2 use for learning and action.

Let's not continue to be degraded and deteriorated by facile social and egotistical comments.

Thanks to those who care!

Troy Grant
Troy Grant3 years ago

If money decides, the eco.com domain could as well be named turd.com.

Miya Eniji
Miya Eniji3 years ago

Why create this new domain at all ? Are there not sufficient web addresses for everyone ? It is not like telephone numbers, limited by number of digits, ya ?
Whose idea is this and who is paying off their group to design it ? It really sounds like nothing more than a new greenwashing tool.
Thanks Care2 for disclosure, good luck to BigRoom.

Carole R.
Carole R3 years ago

It's always about money.

william Miller
william Miller3 years ago

thanks just dont sound right that some one or company that is not a true Eco would get a name there should be some hard standards. ones that must go through the entire corporate chain

M.N. J.
M.N. J3 years ago

Fi T. said, "Can this really help complete the mission?"

I agree with this comment.

Aren't there a million more urgent things that need environmental action, and a jillion places we can focus our energy more productively? Will this help save a single ocelot, bobcat, cougar, red wolf, gray wolf, wild mustang, bat, butterfly, honeybee, or owl?

I am not so worried about this name thing, as I feel like it is the sort of thing that only matters if we let it. Meanwhile, sticks and stones and bad policies and worse laws and no regulation are REALLY hurting the planet.

Alan Lambert
Alan Lambert3 years ago

It's the Golden Rule.

Him what has the Gold, makes the Rules...

John chapman
John chapman3 years ago

As Damon Runyon said "the race dosen't always go to the swift, nor the fight, to the strong. But that's the way to bet".

Don't bet against the money.

Kamia T.
Kamia T3 years ago

We all KNOW where this is going -- just follow the money. All the greenwashing corporations and website snatchers will grab up what they can, because they can.

Lona Goudswaard
Lona G3 years ago

If Big Room doesn't get enough control over who gets an .eco domain name the whole .eco group will become meaningless.The only thing left to do then is for all environmentalists to disassociate themselves from it and start with a new domain group name . I hope it doesn't come to this because a lot of money will have been wasted if this happens.

Kudos to Care2 for signing on as a partner with Big Room, in an effort to support environmentalist control of the .eco domain.