Will Snowe Help Brown In Massachusetts?

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has been leading Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren in all of the latest polling. Now, he’s received a major endorsement. But is that going to help his campaign, or hurt him?

Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine has announced her support for Brown’s reelection campaign, saying, “In an institution characterized by gridlock and partisanship, Scott Brown is a much-needed breath of fresh air. During the last two years, I have worked closely with Scott and have come to appreciate his independent spirit and bipartisan outlook.

That could give him a boost among the Democratic and Independent voters of the state, who aren’t usually that found of the right wing extreme. One place it’s less likely to help? His support among those who donated to his campaign in 2010, especially the Tea Partiers who backed him financially in his special election to fill Sen. Edward Kennedy’s seat. Among those Republicans, Snowe is about as popular as the Democrats themselves.

With both Brown and Warren pledging to try and keep special interest groups from running ads on their behalf, Brown could see the endorsement as a boon to his campaign, since conservative groups may want to cut him off anyway if he’s trying to position himself as the most progressive Republicans out there. The question now is if his voting record will match up with the “independent, bipartisan” image he’s trying to create before election day.

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Ira L.
Ellie L5 years ago

I find it unconscionable that ANYONE, repeat ANYONE could cast a vote for Scott Brown. He is in the pants of the tea party and will screw the people of Mass like never before IF he's reelected. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? Are they sitting on their brains? Elizabeth Warren is a person of the people, by the people, and FOR the people. Vote Elizabeth Warren for Senator of Mass. Let the tradition hold.

Janis M.
Janis M5 years ago

Snowe should withdraw her support of Brown!

Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

Interesting video Jeffrey, the best part was at the end when Warren stated the truth, "Nobody in this country got rich on their own".

Jeffrey W.
Jeffrey W5 years ago


Patrick F.
Patrick f5 years ago

Brown Snowe in 2012, yuck!

david white
david white5 years ago

liz warren is a radical mush head.her speak about companies owing more tax on the roads "we paid for is rediculous.what they didnt pay? they paid way more than any of us.
liz acts like shes barely getting by,shes a millionaire ,she cons any idiot that will listen to her.
how about o.w.s ? that wackjob started that pile of bs. did you listen to some of those cupcakes whining about having to pay back loans they signed for? o get them?wasnt me .
so im not paying more tax for them to go to school to get a useless degree in advanced
basket weaving...im definately not giving more so illeagal can eat ,drive ,live ,and go to school
on me.
if you clowns want all this then you pay. most of you liberal bone heads are probably on some kind of welfare of some kind . that has to be why you all love idiots like warren.

Kate Kenner
Kate K5 years ago

I sure hope not-I live in MA and do not want him for a second term. Id didn't want him for the first term

Mary K.
Mary K5 years ago

Sen. Snowe resigning was no surprise. She used the excuse that Congress was not 'working' as it should. I wonder if possibly the legal problems of her husband had more to do with her decision; she walks away with her war chest, some $3M. And the fact that the repub honchos couldn't trust that she would go along with their NO votes, which is a tactic she played numerous times, but always caving in to the moneyed interests. Snowe bent to the wishes of the repub/tparty rather than working for Americans. Scott Brown will do the same, now that he's committed to the Koch Bros. financial gift. Scott was video-ed accepting David Koch's promise for as much $ as needed for his campaign. That's Scott Brown for you - he's stuck as a repub/tparty minion, and that's how the wealthy funders like it. Elizabeth Brown is for all Americans - with Elizabeth, WE win. She's counting on us for support, no matter how small. Thanks for all you do. OBAMA 2012 and a strong Democratic Congress.

Steve Vincenti
Steve Vincenti5 years ago

Are you kidding me. Wake up Massachusetts, this ass hat voted FOR the blunt amendment!!! VOTE ELIZABETH WARREN!!

Tracy S.
Tracy S.5 years ago

How can ANYONE think he is better than Elizabeth Warren?