Update: Will The New Mystery Tea Party Donor Please Stand Up?

It wasn’t a huge surprise last month when the New Yorker revealed that a majority chunk of the Tea Party’s “Grassroots” movement was being fueled by money from Koch Industries.  The anti-government regulation tendencies of a company that grows fat off of taking advantage of loose labor, environmental and health care mandates is a perfect match for a group of citizens concerned that government it trying to create a “socialist country.”

But according to USA Today, a new benefactor is going to be infusing the rightwing group with a whole lot of cash.  Who?  Apparently they don’t want anyone to know yet.

Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler, national coordinators of the Tea Party Patriots, will be announcing a big infusion of cash for their movement at a press conference tomorrow in Washington, D.C.

An as-yet anonymous benefactor is making “a very significant donation” to help grow the Tea Party Patriots’ 2,800 local chapters, Randy Lewis, a spokesman for the group, just told us. Martin and Meckler will hold a press conference at the National Press Club to discuss the grant.

We’ll have more on this new major funder after today’s press conference.

UPDATE: Turns out that the new donor prefers to remain annonymous.  But it is a “he.”  So, maybe it’s another Koch after all.

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jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

Transparency in government is a good thing

Mary B.
Mary B7 years ago

Some one said they wished the Tea Party people would win, so then maybe the rightwing people would learn what a big mess their beliefs would make of things. Trouble is, once they got voted out again and the Dems had to clean up the mess and try to get some decent behavior back into banks, wall street, insurence companys, health care, ect, not to mention increasing distress from ever widening poverty due to loss of jobs and a social safety net , they would wait about 2 years, them start screaming again that this mess was the current administrations fault. They learn nothing so give up trying to teach them 'a lesson'. They are being manipulated by not only wealthy players, but by their own inability to examine the faulty premises their ideas are based on. Let's go after the puppet masters and hold them accountable for the damage they are fousting on our country.

Virginia B.
Virginia B7 years ago

"Amen!" to What Alexandra wrote. Although she didn't reveal from which country she writes -- her English is so-o-o much better than that of most of the contributors to these forums!

Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda7 years ago

Not being an American perhaps I should just observe and not contribute to American political discourse.
However, they say that when America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold, so I too am a stakeholder in what happens in the USA.
First of all, let's think about big or small government. The population of the USA is now 308 million and it is growing.
In 1790, it was only 4 million. It is so much easier to be an anarchist or a libertarian in a sparsely populated country than it is in today's crowded cities. If one were to really minimize the government now, it would be disastrous.
The present world poses challenges that are greater than any that humanity has had to face in its long history. We've got the population explosion, we've had the industrial and the information revolutions. We've both benefited and suffered from these trends. The forces that operate in society today can make a person's good and creative qualities irrelevant to survival. The selective survival of the brutal and hebephrenic can produce a nation of rednecks raised to the power 3 (Cubed).
To counter these forces we need education, the liberal arts, easy access to healthcare, a social safety net, a sound justice system and good infrastructure. We need to ensure a sustainable ecosystem in a sustainable world.
I'm sure that the tea party people and their mystery donors are good people, but have they really thought through the implications of their philosophy and the suffering they will unleash?

Frank Svatek
Frank Svatek7 years ago

Yes Mary, you are absolutely right! Lets all remember that the Tea Party is NOT interested at all in being a third party. They have expressly announced their intention to take over the Republican party. Its a lot of fun watching the unfolding struggle for control. Which tail will get to wag the dog?

Mary L.
Mary L7 years ago

""Apres moi le deluge" How sad, delusion persists. They aren't supporting the Tea Party, the big billionaires are manipulating them for their own ends. They have no one's best interests' in mind but their own.

Eric Threewolves
Eric Threewolves7 years ago

KUDOS Tom Y. I think those DIM-RATS are SO far out of touch with what the majority of American CITIZENS want and SO caught up in CODDLING the minor THINGS they have forgotten that WE CONTROL the voting machines! The ONLY thing I can think of they have even a clue on is GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL policies. "WHAT WE DO TO THE EARTH WE DO TO OURSELVES." Our children and our children's children and the next seven generations DESERVES a MUCH CLEANER Earth than we got.

Sandra Johnson
Sandra Johnson7 years ago

I agree with Patricia..........I was so happy to hear about that donation also......Time to support true Americans...........And a big "yeah" for Tom Y. comments too....You are a smart guy............

Patricia S.
Pat S7 years ago

I was so happy to hear about that donation!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

Sharon H, if I may, perhaps Carole is stating she "read" past tense. So what's any more annoying with that than, "thank you", thanks, thanks for the article, or noted. Perhpas she will comment when the mood moves her. In the meantime she is collecting butterflies to help others.

Sorry, just thought I had to comment on that. As far as the Tea Party, they have a lot of wealthy nut cases out there to contribute to "their cause".

Let's get something done, vote for the Dems, Nov 2010.