Will Trump Fire Robert Mueller?

Robert Mueller is getting ever closer to the center of the Russian collusion investigation — maybe a little too close. Now that more evidence is coming to the forefront — especially indications that the administration may have a tendency to lie under oath — the White House may be taking some drastic measures to stop the probe from moving forward.

According to multiple news sources, Mueller is expected to be removed from his job on Friday, December 22. Yes, they just may fire Mueller.

“The rumor on the Hill when I left yesterday was that the president was going to make a significant speech at the end of next week. And on Dec. 22, when we are out of D.C., he was going to fire Robert Mueller,” Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier told California’s KQED News according to The Hill. “Speier, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said that Trump was trying to shut down the committee’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, pointing to the lack of interviews scheduled for the new year.”

The Trump administration has mostly denied the reports, still noting that the president wouldn’t be out of line if he chose to remove Mueller, much as he did James Comey earlier this year. “I don’t have any reason to think that the president is going to do that, but that’s obviously up to him,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin told CNN’s “State of the Union.

Meanwhile, GOP defenders are rallying around a claim by the administration that Mueller allegedly broke the law by obtaining private emails from the Trump administration team that should have been protected by attorney-client privilege.

“Kory Langhofer, an Arizona-based attorney representing Trump for America, spelled out the complaint in a seven-page letter sent Saturday to the main House and Senate oversight committees where he raises potential violations of attorney-client privilege and the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unlawful search and seizure,” Politico reports. “Mueller’s office got the records earlier this summer from the General Services Administration, the government agency charged with holding all transition materials, even while it was ‘aware that the GSA did not own or control the records in question,’ Langhofer wrote.”

The Mueller team dismisses the accusations, stating all emails were obtained with proper and necessary consent.

Worried conservatives have decided to depict the entire investigation as a “coup” to remove President Trump and his cronies from office. According to the Washington Post:

Fox News host Jesse Watters told viewers the investigation into Trump’s campaign “has been crooked from the jump.” “But the scary part is we may now have proof the investigation was weaponized to destroy his presidency for partisan political purposes and to disenfranchise millions of American voters,” Watters said. “Now, if that’s true, we have a coup on our hands in America.”

But while the right may be claiming that their government is under attack from outsiders, the real issue is that by undermining the investigation — and possibly even firing the man in charge of it — the White House could potentially throw us into a constitutional crisis.

“If this president allows this investigation to come to its conclusion and either bring charges or not, then I think the system will have worked as our founders intended,” Democratic Sen. Mark Warner told CNBC. “If they pull on one of these threads as a reason to fire Mueller, I think it will be a political disaster for the president, and I believe it will be a constitutional crisis.”

Of course, the White House may not go all the way into Nixon-land. The Trump administration may just be trying to set the stage for enough doubt to justify full pardons for anyone caught up in the probe. The president has already offered a non-committal “let’s see” when asked whether he will pardon Flynn – an answer that could signal to the former colleague that he should protect the administration and take a fall, knowing he’ll be pardoned once it is all over.

Still, if we’ve learned nothing else about Donald Trump, it’s that he is a man who really enjoys firing people he dislikes. If that holds true, expect Mueller to be out of a job before Santa arrives on his sleigh.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons


Winn A
Winn A24 days ago

tRUMPie the moron deserves to be jailed.

Winn A
Winn A24 days ago


Anne M
Anne Moran25 days ago

I'll give this one a 'yes'... - Mueller knows/learning a lot of stuff,, that's making chump nnnnervous...

Just Human
Just Human25 days ago

Probably. Trump realizes Muller is no idiot. It's just a matter of time before he can prove Trump is working for the Kremlin.

Gary Stewart
Gary Stewart25 days ago

Oh yes, please fire Mueller so we can throw your ass in prison for obstruction of justice!

Cruel J
Cruel Justice25 days ago

Nazi Germany is the DICKtator's dream country, and he's doing his best to make the USA that way.

DIane L
DIane L25 days ago

I certainly hope this does not happen!

Julie D
Julie D25 days ago

Trump is already guilty of obstruction of justice which he did publicly when he fired Mr. Comey, then bragged about it to the Russians in the Oval Office immediately afterward. Any attempt to remove Mr. Mueller would be more obstruction of justice, and would spark outrage in this country the likes of which has not been seen before. It would most certainly make it clear that there are things becoming exposed in the investigations that Trump and his cohorts do not want to be made public and they are willing to do almost anything to keep that from happening. It would be a very clear admission of guilt to most of us. The oldest trick in the book when you are guilty and have no defense is to try to assassinate the character of your accuser as they are trying to do to Mr. Mueller. We all see through it and it won't work.

Robert Fitzgerald

The 2018 midterm elections will be a time for deep reflection for all of us. That is if Traitor Trump allows elections to continue. The honorable conservatism of the old Republican Party no longer exists. They still talk a great game, but all that remains is false talk and fake alt-right news. Natural forces far beyond our control have taken over the fear-filled amygdala driven brains of conservatives and turned these people dark, and fear-driven evil in their need for safety and dictatorial control AT ALL COSTS.

Robert Fitzgerald

If Traitor Trump does fire Mueller, that will be proof incontrovertible that he is indeed GUILTY AS HELL collaborating with Russia. He is then a traitor without further need of investigation! He is a traitor to this country and to the American people! And because of his highly partisan support, the Republican Party is also engaging in treason at the deepest level. The Republican Party is NO LONGER the conservative party. It is the party of treason.