William Daley To Be the Next White House Chief of Staff

William Daley, who was the secretary of commerce in the Clinton administration and a scion of a storied Chicago political dynasty, will be the next White House chief of staff. President Obama is to announce the choice of Daley this afternoon.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Daley not to cave to Wall Street interests.

  • [Daley] offers criteria Obama wants: an outsider’s perspective, credibility with the business community and experience in navigating divided government. Daley also wants the job. At 62, the move will thrust him into the heart of national politics just as Obama adapts to a new reality in Washington, with Republicans controlling the House, working to gut his signature health care law and pushing for major cuts in spending.    —from MSNBC.com

The choice of Daley suggests that the Obama administration is seeking to improve its relationship with Wall Street and the business community as a whole:

  • That he will now move from the top echelons of the banking industry to such a senior position is a measure of how the White House has abandoned a strategy of publicly pillorying the financial industry in favor of a more conciliatory, business-friendly tone. And it may be an important clue into the president’s thinking about how he will govern in the next two years. -– from Politico.com

As President Bill Clinton’s secretary of commerce, Daley led efforts to enact the historic NAFTA treaty. He also served as chairman of Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 2000. And, as the son of legendary Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley and brother of the city’s current mayor, Richard M. Daley, he is a member of a powerful political dynasty in Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

However, the choice of Daley could cause the Obama administration some ‘awkward moments’ as officials account for Daley’s nomination despite ‘some of their rhetoric about bank executives’: Back in December 2009 on ’60 Minutes,’ Obama spoke about “a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street.” Daley was also opposed to the creation of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which is part of the President’s plan for financial regulatory reform.  Others are claiming that the ‘Chicago Machine’ is taking over Washington. (Christian Science Monitor)

The position of Chief of Staff is considered the ‘most consuming’ job in the White House; the Chief of Staff will ‘[shape] nearly everything that Obama deals with. (MSNBC.com) Daley has been a senior executive for the past seven years at the US’s largest bank, JPMorgan Chase. He replaces Rahm Emanuel, a former Illinois congressman who is now in Chicago preparing to run for mayor. Interim chief of staff Pete Rouse, a longtime friend of President Obama, will become a counselor to the President, the New York Times Caucus blog reports. 

Sign the petition telling Daley not to cave to Wall Street interests.

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Photo of William Daley and David Boise by Village Square.


Judith S.
Judith S7 years ago

When is he going to stop catering to the enemy already? Obama just lost my vote.

Jarrod Page
Jarrod Page7 years ago

Go Vegan!

Cindy Symington
Cindy s7 years ago

Daley sits on (or has recently left) governing boards of the telecom (SBC), pharmaceutical (Merck), and the banking industries (JP Morgan) as well as a member of the CFR (which of course is no big news). You can't tell me this is a good choice for anyone who is sick and tired of the corporatocracy. More of the same; Obie sold out the folks who got him elected faster than anyone thought possible. These arguments that Daley is 'likable" are laughable. Of course he's likable to those he serves!! For those he doesn't, well, not so much....

Sjoran Fitzpatrick

Another weasel in the White House.....

Dan O.
Dan O7 years ago

chicago-politics - it's a futures trade- obama wants to take some heat off rahm in mayor's run- why not make nice with the Daley clan?

Edward Craig
Edward Craig7 years ago

A replacement for Rahm who knocked the Public Option off the table.

Anne J.
Mildred J7 years ago

Another Chicago thug and cronie of Obama-hmmm! Time will tell.

Ellen W.
Ellen W7 years ago

From bad to worse. Daly wrote an op-ed about Obama being too far to the left. In my dreams. If Obama moves more to the center he'll be riding an elephant.
The US is an oligarchy, this presidency has proved it. Now with the repugnicons running the house, the nails will be driven in the coffin.
I disagree with Lee S. Obama was for the middle class before he got elected.

As for "The world has learned from history that it does not work for the GOVERNMENT to control lives." Socialism is about a system that works for the people and business. The Govt. doesn't "control" lives, it's to support life. What we see happening in the US is the Multinationals have already taken over. There is no safety net for the middle class and poor.

Europe is having a hard time now, but they still have public health care that works better than private care in the US, more public transportation and stricter standards against chemicals in foods, personal health care and pesticides......Monsanto, Boeing and Haliburton haven't taken over yet.

Paul B.
7 years ago

Great, another Chicago thug in the White House. Watch your back pocket... the mafia will be looking for their insurance payments soon. Plus, this guy is a Wall Street crony. So who is in Wall street's back pocket. Looking at the Obama adminstration and the number of ex-Wall streeters there, I would venture to guess that all those proclaiming that Wall street is republican would be wrong. They contributed heavily to the Obama campaign. the only reason most of you feel that way is because the Liberal spin pundits say it is so. Look at the records and you will see different.

Bree Jonston
Bree Jonston7 years ago

Does anyone use the word "mafia" anymore??