Wills and Kate Are Officially Hitched

Or perhaps Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Her Royal Highness, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge would be more appropriate!

The fog lay heavy on London this morning, but this didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of thousands of Royal watchers as Prince William and Kate Middleton made their way to Westminster Abbey for their long-awaited wedding. The Prince, second in line to the throne, and his bride, both 29, beamed as they greeted their guests and each other inside Westminster Abbey just after 11 am BST. 

Kate, resplendent in an Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton wedding dress and a Cartier tiara — a gift from her new Grandmother-in-law — glided effortlessly up the aisle on the arm of her father, trailed by Maiden of Honour and sister Pippa in a fabulous white sheath dress and their assortment of tiny attendants.

William stood at the altar of the abbey in his Irish Guard uniform, not sneaking a peek at Kate until she was at his side — unlike his best man, Prince Harry, who stole a glance, then whispered words of encouragement to his older brother. As Kate arrived at the altar, William — whose shy smile when he looks at his bride in love is so like his mother’s — told her she looked beautiful before joking with his soon-to-be-father-in-law about the “small family affair” the wedding turned out to be.

The ceremony featured the exchange of vows to love, comfort, honour and keep (but not obey!) each other; the giving of a ring to Kate (William has chosen not to wear a wedding ring), a prayer William and Kate wrote themselves, and many beautiful hymns of blessing. The ceremony ended just after 12, when husband and wife entered their open top carriage — luckily the rain held off — for the brief but joyful ride to Buckingham Palace. Soon thereafter, the new family stepped onto the balcony for the moment the crowd on the mall had been waiting for: the first kiss.

While it is true that Britain is in the midst of a deep economic crisis, this day is certain to be a festival across the nation and carry on well into the night — especially if Prince Harry has anything to do with it.

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Photo credit: aurélien on flickr


Lindsey Williams
Lindsey Williams6 years ago


Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson6 years ago


Sarah Zemke
Sarah Z6 years ago

Thank you

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

Congrats !! Now can we move on and leave them alone to live in peace.

christopher murray

Who cares. Sorry, we rebelled against Britian 235 years ago mainly because we didn't want to live their way of life. Now we are actually wasting valueable TV news time to report on this dribble?

Susan T.
SUSAN T6 years ago

We're talking about a wedding, between two people who seem to be very much in love and, I might ad, an upgrade for the folks who are against the monarchy, and the traditions that they represent, a "commoner" was part of the marriage. Not an arranged marriage to a relative that was sanctioned not too long ago. Just a real attempt to bring the existing reign into the 21st century.

May the couple Kate and William have a long, healthy and useful life together.

annamaria s.

I followed 'live' on BBC World: lovely & well done programme! Sadly, I learnt the Duke & the Duchesse like hunting birds !!! ( William's Father too).
The unforgetable Diana would certainly not share they 'passion' .

Deborah W.
deborah w6 years ago

thank goodness for Youtube! I can watch the highlights again and the two kisses!

Deb R.
Past Member 6 years ago

I LOVED it all. Thought her dress was lovely...glad it will be copied by brides in the future.
Neil...cruelty?... really?... There are millions of starving children that would trade such cruelty for the lives they are leading. Puleeeze.
A good news story for a change.
And it was great for the economy...millions of tourist $'s spent.

Monica Douglass
Monica Douglass6 years ago

The whole wedding ceremony was beautiful. I thought that Catherine's dress was in good taste. They could have had a big elebrate wedding, but they were looking out for the British people. Also, Diana was there in spirit & always will be there watching her two sons & now a daughter-in-law :).