Wisconsin Would Rather Let You Get Breast Cancer Than Go To Planned Parenthood

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who was elected with the help of extreme anti-choice groups who not only advocate against abortion, but also against contraceptive use, has made it a key priority to roll back initiatives in the state that assist with providing more accesses, resources and education when it comes to reproductive health in the state.  He’s limited teen access to the birth control pill, attempted to clamp down on age appropriate fact based sex ed, and even removed low income men from being to able to access STI screenings through BadgerCare.

Now, he’s continuing his mission to elminiate as much funding as possible from the state’s Planned Parenthood facilities, in this case by denying the group $130,000 in federal funding usually used to provide cancer screenings through the state’s “Well Woman” program. Walker has deemed that money should instead go to “less controversial” entities.

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin states, “In what appears to be yet another politically motivated effort to end health care services coordinated by Planned Parenthood, Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis Smith, a Governor Walker appointee, indicated that he is ending the state’s 16 year partnership with Planned Parenthood to facilitate breast and cervical cancer screenings as a part of the Wisconsin Well-Women program in Winnebago, Outagamie, Sheboygan and Fond du Lac counties. This sudden and unexpected decision was communicated in a phone call to staff earlier this month with no further explanation or written notice to help direct existing patients. Because no replacement staffing or health services plan has been communicated to Planned Parenthood or any of the public health providers in the four affected counties, up to 1,000 women in the Fox Valley are likely to lose access to lifesaving cervical and breast cancer screenings, referrals and treatment starting January 1, 2012.”

Anti-choice activists both in the state and nationally are applauding Walker for his decision.  “On behalf of the members and supporters of Wisconsin Right to Life, I want to extend our thanks to Governor Walker and Secretary Smith for making sure that this vital health care will be provided by local entities that are not engaged in the destruction of unborn human life and the endangerment of women,” said Susan Armacost, Wisconsin Right to Life Legislative Director.  “These important services will continue to be provided to low income women by other providers throughout Wisconsin.”

It’s repeated by everyone — “other providers” will be taking over the service instead.  But who are these “other providers” that they refer to?  The state’s DHS Secretary doesn’t really have any idea yet.  “We are committed to making sure these vital prevention services are provided to women in these counties and will work with local community providers to ensure continued access,” Smith has said in response to the accusations that women are being cut off with no alternative sources.

No list of alternative providers can be seen in the state’s Well Woman site, and Planned Parenthood is still listed as the contact for coordianting a screening in a variety of counties.

Maybe they haven’t updated their info yet?  Oh, well, no rush. After all, it’s just cancer.


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Thank you for the article.

Debra K.
Debra K6 years ago

Where are you getting this information? And by the way just how many people do you think our planet can support with the current problems many parts of the world currently has with drought and famine? I would be interested to know what publications or news programming you are getting your "facts" from. I do agree that western medicine has turned into a turkey shoot run by big Pharma. But that is the only thing in your comment I didn't find odd. I would like to take a look at your sources so I can get a better handle on your comments.

Debra K.
Debra K6 years ago

I'm advocating that all these anti abortion anti birth control extremists be enrolled by state and federal mandated programs to adopt and raise the children of women who for any reason do not wish to conceive or give birth to a child they most likely will not be able to raise properly. As the world population is now at a staggering 7 BILLION people I am at a complete loss as to why anyone would want to take up even more space on the planet with more. Where do these crazies think all the new people will live, work and grow food? Mars? If you insist on taking away our rights to our own bodies then you should be responsible for raising the child we didn't plan on or want. When your whole life is impacted by a child or children you weren't expecting to raise to adulthood you may change your mind about birth control and abortions.

Deepali B.
Deepali Barthwal6 years ago

This is so funny. I never understand who gave these people right to decide our personal choices. It should be the decision of mother and father whether they want the child or they want to abort it. Who are these people to speak? and buy the way how many children does Scott Walker has? Let me guess hundred.

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Thanks for posting.

Nina Anghel
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Welcome to third world America folks.

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Jeffery T.6 years ago

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joe MARTINEZ6 years ago

Kathy W: We have the power of the vote to reverse course from these idiots that are using religion to scare the massas into submisson to their believes. If only our citizens get involved and bother to vote against those elements seeking to take us back into the dark ages. You do not want religion to control our destiny. Take note of the muslin world what happens when religion controls. No one has rights unless those in control agree. What is happening here in America is purely religious orientated. Unfortunately we have extensive numbers of comformists that can not quite intrepret what they read and attach themselves to false prophets that brainwash them to follow like sheep. These false prophets have been exposed on numberious times as professional scam artist in the name of God. From thieves, seeking sex from prostitutes, male and female, right out stealing from the their parish. Yet they are thriving building empires larger then government, even their own Institutions. I guess the British expression holds true here," the bigger the whore the better the luck'.