With Latest Pardon, Trump Endorses Lawless Murder of Muslims

President Donald Trump has showed no qualms about exercising his pardon power so often and early into his presidency, let alone for some pretty controversial choices. His latest pick, Michael Behenna, a former Army lieutenant who murdered an unarmed Iraqi man, is one of the more controversial picks yet.

Here’s the situation: In 2008, the military apprehended Ali Mansur Mohamed under the suspicion of setting off an explosive device against American troops. Following days of interrogation, commanders turned up no proof to connect Mansur to the attack so they instructed Behenna to release him.

Behenna disobeyed his superiors and instead brought Mansur to a deserted location to question him some more. For whatever reason, he stripped Mansur of his clothes and threatened to kill him if he didn’t talk. Behenna claims that at some point the naked Mansur reached for Behenna’s gun, at which point Behenna shot him twice to protect himself, then encouraging a fellow officer to disfigure his body with a grenade.

Afterwards, other soldiers said Behenna confessed “he would do it again” because he was mad about the deaths of American soldiers. The following year, a military court found Behenna guilty of unpremeditated murder and sentenced him to 25 years; however, Behenna was released on parole after just five years in prison.

Critics of this pardon can’t believe Trump would use a pardon on an already free man for what amounts to a war crime. The head of ACLU National Security division said, “This pardon is a presidential endorsement of a murder that violated the military’s own code of justice. The military appeals court found Behenna disobeyed orders, became the aggressor against his prisoner and had no justification for killing a naked, unarmed Iraqi man in the desert away from an actual battlefield.”

The Trump administration cited Behenna’s debatable self-defense argument as a reason for utilizing the pardon. Although the military court didn’t agree, Behenna may even be telling the truth on the matter of self-defense – but it’s still relevant to ask why Trump chose to pardon this man over thousands of others who have unsuccessfully tried a self-defense defense, especially when this one was already out of prison.

It sure seems like Trump was drawn to this particular incident because he doesn’t see much wrong with murdering a Muslim man. The victim was potentially a terrorist, but even if he wasn’t, so what? That’s not the kind of crime Trump wants to see white Americans punished for. Trump is also sending the unfortunate message to soldiers that the president is fine with those who go rogue and play vigilante.

Then again, a large part of this pardon can probably be traced back to his parents’ political clout. Behanna’s mother was a federal prosecutor and his father worked for the FBI, therefore they had the means to communicate with D.C. bigwigs in a way that most parents of convicts cannot.

Once again, the self-described “law and order” president is showing disdain for actual law and order – and this time he’s offering some major racist implications along with it. He’s using pardons like this one to signal to his base exactly where he stands.


Ganaisha Calvin
Ganaisha Calvin2 days ago

guess all lives do not matter

Chad Anderson
Chad Anderson8 days ago

Thank you.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E9 days ago

@ katrina coupe
Hi luna, sierra , jacey
I know you whine about punctuation but for you , I really don't think you ever learned any (along with spelling )
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Susanne R
Susanne R9 days ago

Define "positive," Katrina.

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Katrina C
Katrina Coupe9 days ago

heather g theres a ton of positive things he has done he backed out of the paris climate accord he backed out of DACA he lessened the taxes on middle and lower class people like u and i he has done alot in the past four years he heightened boarder security so invaders wont come in

Katrina C
Katrina Coupe9 days ago

Joan E theres been way worse presidents than trump for instance the former muslim in chief obama then ther was CLITon

heather g
heather g9 days ago

Is there anything positive to say about Trump? I'd like to hear it - without showing us a picture, please.

Richard E Cooley
Richard E Cooley10 days ago

Thank you. Impeach tRump NOW!


The man is soulless. That simple. Thanks for sharing.