Wolves will Become Prey in Michigan If the Governor Signs This Bill

Last December Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill that designated wolves as a game animal and turned wolf management over to the state’s Natural Resource Commission (NRC).

After 50 years of protection, the population is still estimated to be fewer than 700 and wolf advocates began the fight to keep them from being hunted and trapped with a new approach – bringing the issue to the voters.

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, a coalition of conservation groups, animal welfare organizations, wildlife professionals, veterinarians, hunters, ranchers, several American Indian tribes and other residents turned in 253,705 signatures in March to get the issue on the November 2014 ballot, surpassing the required number by a long shot.

Unfortunately, a Senate bill (S.B. 288) that would allow the NRC to independently designate animals as a game species and clear the way for hunting and trapping in the Upper Peninsula this fall was fast-tracked and has gone to the governor for a signature before the signatures collected by voters have even been certified. Because whatever the NRC does cannot be overturned by a referendum. If he signs it voters will have no say in what happens next.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Snyder intends on signing the bill, but wolf advocates are still calling for him to veto it.

“Every indication is that this bill was introduced for one reason and one reason only ― to circumvent the ballot referendum we’re pursuing,” said Jill Fritz, director of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected. “There is absolutely no reason to believe the NRC is not going to take advantage of that the first opportunity they get to declare wolves a game species on their own, to vote in that hunting and trapping season and start killing wolves as soon as they are able.”

The anti-wolf crowd is supporting the bill under the premise that they pose a threat to people, pets and livestock, but under current laws it’s already legal to kill wolves to protect livestock and pets.  Others are arguing that no one should be allowed to bring this issue to voters because voters gave the NRC sole authority to set wildlife management policies under Proposal G in 1996.

The NRC is expected to meet next week to approve the wolf hunting season proposed by the Department of Natural Resources.

“Now is the time for Governor Snyder to stand up for the voters of Michigan, to uphold our fundamental democratic principles, and veto SB 288. The legislature wants to silence the voice of Michigan voters, circumvent the democratic process, and nullify the more than 255,000 signatures submitted to the Secretary of State’s Office. We encourage everyone who values their right to vote, and those who want to protect wolves from needless hunting and trapping, to contact Governor Snyder and tell him to veto SB 288,” said Fritz in a statement.


Please sign and share the petition asking the governor to respect the democratic process and keep wolves protected.


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Alexandra B.
Alexandra B4 years ago

It's a shame that the destiny of an animal lies solely in the hands of one stupid man with no conscience.
If it just happens that Rick Snyder hates wolves or does not care about their protection, or he's been paid to cater to a group that has some interest in this matter, or what's worse.. he is a game hunter himself, he will happily sign the bill and there is nothing that can stop him. All of that would happen only because of one moron's authoritative position and his right to rule in favor of killing these animals.
Managing the population of wolves? Who do some people think they are to even consider themselves to have the right to make that kind of decision? They are stupid and delusional if they think they know anything about keeping the balance in the nature. They should leave the wildlife alone. I'm sure they have more important things to worry about. How about spending more time on human welfare, instead of destroying the wildlife?

Carrie-Anne Brown

signed, thanks for sharing

David T.
David T.4 years ago

Registered Michigan voters have been Snydered!

This weeks’ award for negating the voice of at least 250K Michigan registered voters goes to Gov. Rick Snyder whom single handedly, by signing a bill empowering a group of hunting special interest cronies, allowing them to set rules on what is hunted and when, regardless of what opinions Michigan voters have. The intentions of that petition gathering effort was to put on the ballot resolution to let registered Michigan voters decide what is right and humane for our Michigan Wolf population. Now, voters will not have a voice in protecting these majestic animals from being inhumanely leg-hold trapped, neck snared until suffocation, or, hunted by bait pile.
There already were in place provisions that, if your livestock or pets were endangered by a Wolf, you had every right to protect them by shooting that Wolf. Now, open season will take place just to result in these beautiful animals ending up in a trophy room as a head mount.
I never cared much for Rick Snyder, I care much less for him now. I cringe when I hear his overly used corporate “buzz” words such as “staying focused” and “let’s move forward” Well, this week we have not “moved forward” Rick, because you have displayed a blatant disregard of registered voter sentiment.
And for those folks in the UP that are made to feel unsafe because there are a small population of Wolves there, perhap

David V.
David V4 years ago

all wolves should be protected....

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright4 years ago

"TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) -- Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill Wednesday that clears the way to schedule Michigan's first gray wolf hunting season since the resurgent predator, reviled by some as a menace to farm animals and beloved by others as a symbol of untamed wildness, was driven to the brink of extinction in the lower 48 states a half-century ago.

Michigan would become the sixth state to authorize hunting wolves since federal protections were removed over the past two years in the western Great Lakes and the Northern Rockies, where the animals are thriving. Hunters and trappers have killed about 1,100 wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Officials estimate the remaining population at roughly 6,000.

The measure that Snyder approved lets the state Natural Resources Commission decide which types of animals can be hunted — authority that previously rested entirely with the Legislature. The seven-member commission is expected to vote Thursday on a proposal by state wildlife regulators for a season this fall in which up to 43 wolves could be killed — about 7 percent of the 658 believed to roam the remote Upper Peninsula.

"This action helps ensure sound scientific and biological principles guide decisions about management of game in Michigan," Snyder said. "Scientifically managed hunts are essential to successful wildlife management and bolstering abundant, healthy and thriving populations."

The bill undercuts a statewide referen

Lydia Weissmuller Price

Signed and shared, thank you. What a beautiful photo for the petition! Gorgeous creature with such intelligence showing in its eyes.

Ryan B.
Ryan B4 years ago

Don R L you are an idiot. If you are afraid of an animal don't let your kids and pets out of your sight (be a parent). If you don't want them killing your cattle, get a couple big dogs. I guarantee that the dogs will keep the wolves away. You are not using any common sense. Just more jump the gun, do what is the quickest and easiest thing to do. When in all reality, if you just use some common sense the quickest and easiest thing to do is what I have already pointed out. Two hundred years ago, what do you thing the ranchers did when they were asleep and wolves came around their cattle? Did they stay up 24 hours a day? No they had dogs to protect their cattle.

Ryan B.
Ryan B4 years ago

People of Michigan, get ready for your taxes to go up. As soon as all but one or two of the wolves are killed and some other politician you voted into office wants them back they will need your tax dollars to spend to get them back. So, if you are for higher taxes, by all means ask your governor to sign the bill. But, if you are not and are for sustaining wildlife and leaving wildlife alone and not making stupid decisions based on morons who want to shoot animals for no apparant reason, ask him to not sign it. And don't tell me the wolves hurt people or other animals like livestock. That is a copout. Get a couple big dogs and the wolves will stay away.

Nigel Archer
Nigel Archer4 years ago

Humans are very shameful, specially Governments and Corporations. All these things are happening because of Greed and Power issues, if its not about money, then its mostly politics! Evil thrives when good men do nothing.. I don't think there are plenty good men in politics and corporations. I don't want to generalize but reality bites!

Waltraud U.
Waltraud U4 years ago

all killers needing killers for themselves too