Woman Drives Hercules into Forest to Stop Hunters


Written by Diane Weisenberger of Hessen, Germany

Push-through hunt that is what Druckjagd means in German and the local paper said it was coming to my neck of the woods. Deer, boar and foxes would be surrounded in the forest, then pushed into the paths of guns, the veritable carpet bombing of precious wildlife.

I spent two days writing to animal protection groups, trying to drum-up some intervention — “A flashmob,” I suggested — but no one replied.

Time for direct action. The morning of the hunt, I rode my Hercules moped towards the hunters. Here’s your bravery test,” I whispered into my helmet, then plunged past the armed men and into the hunting corridor. Dulled warning whistles met me up and down the paths. Angry men in green and red waved me off frantically, but silently.

It Was Working!

Up and along the trails I rode, gunshots firing north and south. I wanted them to worry about me — to hesitate in shooting their prey. And it was working.

A huge buck thundered into my path, just feet ahead, running for his existence and in the right direction. I rode behind him until he was safe, past the furious hunters shouting with their hands, “Get out of here!”

Then a panicked young deer, then four more. It was too easy to see them. Bravery test again. I slipped the moped between them and the killers, and again pushed my hoofed cousins to safety. No more shots were heard from that direction.

All It Takes is a Spark

The forest was huge and the push-through hunt thorough. Many fellow Earthlings, beautiful deer, foxes and boar, were successfully murdered that day.  All were terrorised. But…five beautiful deer escaped, and many deadly shots were withheld because of my presence.

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Colin Wright
Past Member 4 years ago

Heroism is DEFINED as someone putting their own safety and well-being in danger to protect the safety and well-being of another.

A lot of talk like "that person is a hero" is bandied about, and usually about someone who really doesn't deserve it. Like people who do something that is really no threat to them, merely something they have to endure, when they put themselves into that situation to begin with. And nothing to do with saving another's life.

This is a case of a real, actual hero. This woman put her LIFE on the line to protect innocent animal's lives. Thank you Diane, you are one of the good ones.

As far as the flash mob idea is concerned, I think it's a great idea. So unfortunate that many people are not interested in doing things like that. I had a great idea to start a group with people who had lost pets, but everyone I contacted wanted me to find their pet and cared nothing about anyone else's pet. Sadly, most people are just selfish and self-centered.

Loretta P.
Loretta P5 years ago

Diane, thank you for your bravery.Hopefully what you did will be an inspiration to stop these push through hunts.

Rosa M.
Rosa McGreal5 years ago

You're such a brave and strong person. What you did was really inspiring. I hope this causes a ripple effect and more people decide to take action. (: Thank you for doing that.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe5 years ago

Diane, you are one brave lady!! I never have understood what men get out of hunting innocent animals.
I'm sure those deer would thank you if they could, so I will, for them. Thank you so much for saving these 5 beautiful deer!! Bless you!!

Sandra D.
Sandra D5 years ago

Count me in...I hate this sport???? this sport KILLING FOR PLEASURE,you can be sure
when some human comes along and tells me he went killing i give him my honest opinion.
I do not want to be close to a human that can shoot animals.BAD FEELING.

Pam W.
Pami W5 years ago

Go Diane! You certainly did put your bravery to a test to save what animal you could. Applause and loud cheers to you with big fat shiny green stars! :)

ann b.
Ann B5 years ago

5 saved is better than nothing, pity there are such killing idiots in abundance.

Spark Mob

Hi Again, Let me update the last message and direct you to:


This will be a good place to brainstorm how to Stop the Hunt!

Jackie Agusta
Jackie Agusta5 years ago

Fair play to ya girl, we need more like ya out there :-)

Diane Weisenberger

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful and heartfelt replies.

I doubted the hunters would shoot me with all those witnesses. Still,
it would have been safer, and more effective, to walk a big brass
band through the woods.

There is a need for some sort of network of people willing to flash-mob
hunts. The simplest thing would be a map with pins denoting where
supporters can be found in a given area.

If you have some ideas along these lines, the guidance would be greatly
appreciated. I opened a Facebook account as Spark Mob if you want to
get in touch.