Woman Kills Family Cat To Create Lady Gaga Costume

When people are unstable, something as simple as the wish to emulate a celebrity can quickly disintegrate into tragedy.

On Wednesday, local news channel KFOR reported that a 20-year-old Oklahoma native had been charged with animal cruelty after allegedly killing and mutilating her family’s 15-year-old tabby cat while preparing to attend a Lady Gaga concert.

Authorities say Angelina Barnes killed and dismembered her family’s cat for its blood, which she smeared onto her face before being discovered by an unidentified relative. Investigators found purple hair dye and blood all over the bathroom (ecouterre.com).

Records show Barnes then asked for help and was taken to the hospital where she threatened a male nurse with a piece of glass.

Back at home, investigators discovered that the cat had been drowned; sliced down the belly, eyes mutilated, and the cat’s liver was found in a makeup case on counter.

Barnes had been previously diagnosed with depression but those around her say this violent behavior was completely out of character.

Source: KFOR

Image Credit: Flickr - Peter Cruise


kathleen t.
kathleen t4 years ago

Always a excuse depression THEN CHECH THESE CASES AND BAN ANY PETS FROM THESE DANEROUS MISFITS IN OUR SOCITEY.S he was so depressed she went to another freaks concert?Does that sound like depression to any one out there?

Euterpe J.
Euterpe J6 years ago

I realize I am commenting on this rather late, but it does seem to me that Lady Gaga would be a brilliant beacon attracting the mentally ill. Her entire image is an exercise in exaggerated grotesquerie. I don't doubt for a minute that many of her fans are quite literally little monsters. I presume the "Lady" herself did not condescend to comment on this... silent collusion. Anyone who deliberately harms an innocent animal should be tossed in a locked ward and kept there. We all know what they progress to. It always escalates. They are a proven danger to the community.

Sharon Balloch
Sharon Balloch6 years ago

tsk tsk tsk.... some one is in need of a trip to the mental institution...on a locked ward!

Lauren P.
Lauren Phillips6 years ago

Now I have heard it all, this woman does need to be on a locked ward. Because as an animal lover I would beat this crazy if I saw her on the street. I can't imagine what that poor cat went through that night. To live to be an old kitty and have to die such a violent death is just so sad. May God forgive her soul, I know I can't. Oh and she is suffering from more than depression sounds like she had a break with reality. I do have pity for her poor family.

Michaela Guenter
Michaela G6 years ago

Just how sick can someone get? This behavior is definitely NOT typical for a depression! But then - more and more people claim to be sick when all they are is downright evil.
Anyway, somebody so mentally disturbed must be locked away - the cat lover in me says: in jail where shehopefully gets raped and tortured on a daily basis. Or, at least in a closed mental facility - where she will be drugged until she dies - and I hope there are a lot of violent inmates that - rape and torture her on a daily basis, too. May her life be hell from now on - and may it be long.
On the other hand - is it so surprising that so called "stars" that wear dresses made of animal flesh have "fans" that are equally twisted? Boycott that Gaga bitch!

Patricia W.
Patricia W6 years ago

Well said, Anna B. Living my early years like that taught me how NOT to treat others. I also have to deal with CD as a result of similar childhood horrors. And I never wanted to kill or harm any other creature either. Or do any other things people use CD as an excuse.

Patricia A.
Patricia A6 years ago

After 15 years possibly living with this monster, there's no telling what kind of cruelty this poor kitty endured! Even at my age living on this planet for so long, I can still be shocked by what we call "humans"! This sicko will end up in hell forever being haunted by her kitty - I hope!

Holly W.
Holly W.6 years ago

That woman can rot in prison and burn in hell. Bless the poor cat's soul and may it live peacefully in heaven.

Lynn Mitchell
Lynn Mitchell6 years ago

The girl has a very disturbed mental illness. May she get the proper care for herself, and support from her family.

janet w.
janet w6 years ago

Hilary,I agree with Suzanne R.If she had killed the baby,I think you would be "blaming" someone.We all have choices and must answer for our actions.If meds help a person to live a somewhat normal life,OPEN UP THE PHARMACY!!