Woman Left Tied Up For 5 Hours After Police Show Up


The Russell Williams case shocked and horrified Canadians, both in the grisly nature of the crimes — rape, humiliation and murder — as well as the identity of the perpetrator: a well-respected Colonel in the Canadian military, who at the time of the offenses was in charge of thousands at a military base and who had piloted planes carrying such dignitaries as the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence.

It turns out, however, that it was shocking in other ways: namely, the actions of the very police officers called to help Williams’ victims. Williams attacked Laurie Massicotte when he invaded her home in the early hours of September 30, 2009 — by no means his first victim, but one of the last he left alive.  He smothered her with a blanket, punched her repeatedly, tied her to a chair and photographed her, then left her alone in her house, still tied up. Once Massicotte was able to loosen herself enough to dial 911, police officers rapidly arrived on scene — and this, Massicotte says, is when her hell “really began.” The police allegedly told her that they had to leave her as she was, naked, tied up and under the blanket Williams had thrown over her before he left, until a police photographer showed up.  Confused, traumatized and frightened, Massicotte remained under the blanket for another 5 hours as the police awaited the apparently much-in-demand photographer.

Massicotte plans to file suit against the Ontario Provincial Police over her treatment, as well as against Williams and his ex-wife. She stated that the police did not believe she was actually a victim and that, in fact, she was “faking” the whole incident. Massicotte stated the police told a neighbor that she was trying to “copycat” an assault that had taken place previously.  This despite the fact that the police had not released information about the previous assault, which Massicotte is using as part of her suit against the OPP as well, stating that they failed in their “duty of care” to warn local residents that a sexual predator was on the loose.

Indeed, despite the fact that most residents would like to forget Russell Williams ever existed, there are those for whom he will never fully be gone.

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Rin S.
Rin S6 years ago

These police officers are despicable. No difference to the criminals they lock away.

Jeannie N.
Jeannie N6 years ago

This story left me speechless

Vera Taylor
Vera Taylor6 years ago


Catherine MEARNS
Catherine Mearns6 years ago

I wonder how they would feel if they had been raped and humiliated, but then they dont have the sense to put themselves in that position, pity they could not have imagined their mothers, sisters, daughters or wives in that situation. How unfeeling this world has become when police officers think this is just work, I am disgusted.

Bruce S.
Bruce S6 years ago

Cops are usually stupid or corrupt. I'm not sure what they were in this case. One way or another and no matter WHAT they thought, this is an outrage.

Lauren Phillips
Lauren Phillips6 years ago

These police officers commited a crime against this woman. They detained her, kept her tied up and naked all because they thought she was faking a crime. Since when did the police become juror and judge. So disgusting.
They should have more training , treating a victim like this can cause a host of medical problems for instance post traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore who are they to advertise their misgivings to her neighbors isn't that libel? I would sue the whole police force, maybe then they'll insist these officers get some sensitivity training before they victimize another woman.

Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

that is unacceptable. they don't deserve to be officers.

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

Insane actions of the police....when were they given the authority to judge...and of course she hit herself and then tied herself to the chair, and then throw the blanket over herself. WOW of course her did it to herself. again...insane...fire the police and get someone who is somewhat intelligent.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson6 years ago

omg. that is all i can say

Sally E.
Sally Eastland6 years ago

The ordeal these police officers put this woman through sounds as bad as the original abusive ordeal itself! The officers should be held accountable for their actions (or lack of action). At a time when this woman should have been made to feel safe, she was further traumatised and her trust in goodness/being rescued totally betrayed. Like many others have commented, it was not for the police to decide whether she was a genuine victim!