Woman Saves Baby Coyote On Highway

Today, The Great Animal Rescue Chase is proud to share a story from an everyday hero in Washington who came across what she thought was a puppy in the road.  When it turned out to be a coyote, she began a determined crusade to get professional help.  She was turned away by police who advised her to let it die.   Fear not, there is a happy ending to this story, but it reminds us of how far we have yet to go in making compassion toward wildlife a bedrock component of our culture.

By Karen Langlois

While traveling from Port Angeles, Wa. on Hwy 101, I noticed traffic driving erratically and slowing in the opposite lanes. All of a sudden, I realized a small puppy, probably thrown from a car, was struggling right in the lane of traffic!!

I quickly made a U-turn, pulled the car over and turned on the flashers. I put my hand up and walked into the traffic, the man in a white pick-up looking at me curiously. As I put one hand under its hips, the under under its head to support it, I realized it was a baby coyote! I carried it to the grassy meridian and laid it on the grass, talking to it quietly, stroking its soft left ear: the only part of it not full of burrs and bugs.

Hypnotic Smokey Blue Eyes

It watched me with the most hypnotic smokey, blue eyes I had ever seen. I called 911 to have someone come to take it to a rehab center, but the only response, other than transferring me three times, was to tell me it was a wild animal and I should not be touching it. I finally asked if they would have left it in the road to be killed, or would they have rescued it? I was informed nobody would come. A young man had witnessed what had happened and came over, asking about i. When I informed him that it was a coyote, he too was a little concerned. About 15 minutes later, he suggested we give it a bit of water, which I had in my car. As I quit petting it and got up, the baby jumped up and ran across two lanes of traffic to get down the hill to the valley where he lived.

We both ran across the road, ready to rescue it again if needed. Happily, the stunned little fellow had recovered. I had never felt such exhilaration, realizing I had rescued one of God’s special critters in need, one rarely seen at this stage. I just wish I’d had a photo of it looking up at me, its eyes seeming to thank and trust me. (The photo above is from a separate coyote rescue).

Want To Save a Life?

It doesn’t take years of training or arms of steel to save a life.  All you need is love.  Please go out and do something wonderful for a needy animal in your community.  Then log on to The Great Animal Rescue Chase and share your story and photos.  You never know who you might inspire!

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Patsi Hoffstaetter
Patricia rommers6 years ago

I am very glad to read the story about the Lady saving the coyote pup, although I find it very strange that not one department be it government or wildlife rescue organization has even tried to build tunnels under the roads or highways. Is there any reasons for this?

jackie r.
Jackie R6 years ago

Wonderful story. I wish the interstates had tunnels underneath and screens or fences to protect wildlife. So many dead creatures. Unbearable.

Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago

aww, so great!

Alicia N.
Alicia N6 years ago

gladly noted with thanks. A big Thank you to the baby coyote's hero.


Thank you for doing such a noble act of saving the poor puppy!!!!!!!!

Debbie L.
Debbie Lim6 years ago

Thanks for the sweet story :)

Carolanne Powell
Carolanne Powell6 years ago

What a lovely heart warming account to read. Thankyou on behalf of the coyote & for restoring my faith in Human beings.

Monique D.
Mon D6 years ago

How wonderful, god bless. There has been a stray beagle around my office for the last 6 mths that I have tried to catch (along with many others) but the poor thing always gets away, he is so scared of people. I've called shelters/animal control and they never find him. I pray the beagle is ok

Diane L.
Diane L6 years ago

Past Member, good point. I agree to some extent, and yeah, you're going to be "in for it". As for others not stopping, Hwy 101 is not exactly a lonely little country back road. People have stopped on freeways before to try to rescue a loose animal and ended up causing horrible accidents, resulting in fatalities. Anyone thought about that possibility?

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Some people take that extra step that demonstrates the better side of our humanity.