Woman Searches the Globe to Find Dog’s Favorite Toy

Written by Daniela Torgerson

Mr. D, who is our largest four-legged child, is totally obsessed with a dolphin-shaped squeaky toy that we found at a local Walmart. My Lord, Mr. D played for hours every day with Dolphin, throwing it into the air and catching it and squeaking it to pieces. Unfortunately, poor Dolphin could only take so much abuse and fun before it began to fall apart, only held together by dog spit and air. Poor, poor Dolphin! Never again will he squeak.

Mr. D met us in the morning with this mangled corpse of a toy, and I felt horrible. We debated over coffee whether we should give the Dolphin a funeral or just throw it in the trash. That is when I got an idea to launch an international mission to find, if possible, the existence of another “Dolphin” of the same make and model. Little did I know, what a challenge I had taken on.

The Hunt Grew Long….

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months. Deeper and deeper became Mr. D’s depression. The problem was becoming more complex. This toy issue needed to be fixed soon. One day about 2 months into the “Dolphin” hunt, we went to a Ross store and I found on a clearance rack a very well built squeaky toy, shaped like a football; one that he couldn’t pop and destroy in less than a second. Much to my surprise, when we showed Mr. D, he was super excited and he has since become quite a wide receiver; he can catch that football like a pro!!! And he rarely if ever will miss a catch. While the football has been a great spirit lifter, it could never replace the joy that Mr. D experienced with Dolphin.

Then one morning while still trying to wake myself (even though I was on my second cup of coffee), I happened to check eBay again and then Amazon to continue the search. There it was! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Dolphins, the same ones I had searched and searched for. Made in China and shipped from China, I didn’t care. I would have drove to China if I could have. Quickly I ordered three as fast as I could get my credit card out of my wallet. OMG, I celebrated for the day. Weeks later, we had “Dolphins” at my house.

He Couldnt Believe His Ears!

What happened next is for the record, one of the greatest moments in pet ownership history; I wish this was on videotape.

The following morning was just like the previous mornings. We were greeted with loving faces and wagging butts and the mutilated corpse of what now was unidentifiable to any other but us, as being a Dolphin. Mr. D gently laid the pillaged remains of his precious toy in the living room floor next to my ottoman, and head down slowly walked to his room. I slowly got up from the couch and very carefully, without being seen or heard retrieved the new Dolphin. I then returned to my coffee and put my feet on the ottoman. With the new Dolphin behind my back, I squeaked him. Down the hallway Mr. D. bounded, sliding sideways into the living room, coming to a dead stop in front of the lifeless form of the old Dolphin. And he looked at it for what seemed a full minute, then he looked at me as if to say, “How the hell did that happen, he has been dead for months.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore, laughing so hard till I cried, I gave Mr. D his new Dolphin and he hasn’t come out of his room except to eat (he always brings Dolphin with) or to play football. What a love: a dog and his toy.

Mr. D was once badly burned by an abuser. The appearance of his facial fur is simply a reflection of the healing from that injury


Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

Christine Jones
Christine J2 years ago

Such a lovely story and glad Mr D ended up with such a loving parent after his earlier ordeal.

Marie Gilman
Marie Gilman3 years ago

I've sent stars to 3 of you, as my thoughts are the same! xxx

Alexandra G.
Alexandra G3 years ago

nice story, thank you

Anteater Ants
Anteater Ants3 years ago


Jennifer H.
Jennifer H3 years ago

My mother has the same problem with her dog. Except for the fact that I am the one who has to do the fast runs and internet shopping to find just the perfect hedgehog for her dog and the stick them in the mail to her! Boy, humans can be trained if a dog has enough patience!

Jennifer Mundy
Jennifer Mundy3 years ago

Ahhh I love this story!

Else G.
Else G3 years ago

What a lovely story.

Ekaterina Popova
Karine Mkrtchian3 years ago

Unfortunately a lot of things people did, but never learned how to live simply! like animals! we must learn from them how to live. Their life is simple. Slept, ate, played, pokakal. And why is it bad??? It is excellent. We once lived. Man do not need much in life. We all forgot about it.

Be Happy Dog! thank you

Kira Leeon
Kira Leeon3 years ago

Wonderful story!