Woman Smashes Car Window to Save Dog from Heatstroke

Just days after Laura Simpson posted tips for recognizing an animal in danger of death by heat stroke, news comes out of Albuquerque that one little dog’s life was saved by a passerby.

According to KOB 4 News, Susanne Jones watched with growing concern as a frantic dog tried to claw his way out of a car. The vehicle was parked in the sun, with the window cracked open slightly.

Seeing the dog’s distress, Jones tried calling 911. The dispatcher told her to dial 311 instead. That connected her with the Animal Welfare Department.

She waited 40 minutes, until the overheated dog gave up and curled up on the car floor. That is when she grabbed her car-locking club and smashed the window.

The dog was safe when police and Animal Welfare officers arrived, but two laws were broken. The dog’s owner, Cissy King, had left her dog locked in the car, and Susanne Jones had smashed a car window.

Both women ended up in court. Cissy King assumed Susanne Jones acted on the dog’s behalf and did not press charges. The judge dismissed charges against King when she agreed to take a pet safety class.

All ended well, and one little dog will likely never be locked in a hot car again.

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Harry Luckett
Lauren Luckett4 years ago

Thank goodness for Suzanne!! I would have handed her a bat, personally. I also note that it is really sad that a suffering and dying animal does not warrent a '911' call rather a '311' call - would Suzanne have been told the same if a baby was suffocating in a car? Either way, glad that the story has a happy ending and the owner hopfully leared a valued lesson!

Harshiita Sharma
Harshita S4 years ago

Bravo Susanne!

Mary T.
Mary T4 years ago

Cissy King should really be happy that Susanne saved her dog. why take your dog somewhere if you are going to leave it in the car, leave it at home.

Martina J.
Martina J4 years ago

Thank you Susanne for taking action!

Jeramie D.
Jeramie D4 years ago

Thank you for this. I just dealt with a similar situation, but was able to find owners in a restaurant.

Bette-Ann Libin
Bette-Ann Libin4 years ago

I can not grasp the concept of leaving an animal in a hot car. Do these people leave their groceries in a hot car? Ice cream perhaps? I doubt it!

Myriam Derome
Myriam Derome4 years ago

There are laws to reduce or eliminate sentences for crimes that needed to be committed in order to avert worse crimes. Hopefully, in the future people who follow her example can still be protected by them even if the so-called pet owner presses charges.

Carys J.
Carys J4 years ago

It's important to note that it's not just in hot weather that this is a very present danger. As a previous driver of a station wagon I can testify to the heat inside the vehicle on a sunny WINTER day. Many times I've opened the windows and vents in order to cool the interior.

For those who cannot bear the thought of leaving their dog at home, what about a pet-sitter or doggy day-care? As a sitter I charge $20 to go to the home and stay with the pet until his/her pawrents return. That includes walks, meals/snacks if required, and lots of attention and loving - isn't your baby worth it?

Elizabeth S.
Elizabeth Fuller4 years ago

To press charges on someone trying to save your pet would have been ludicrous and shallow, I'm glad she didn't. Most people would have sued...most people ignorant enough to leave their pet are most inclined to sue...I'm glad everything was settled maturely.

Debbie Nassouri
Deborah Nassouri4 years ago

This happened here in UK a couple of weeks ago...
It was almost closing time, sunday, at the mall and I came across two very distressed girls working in TopShop. They related an absolutely horrific story which upset me to no end...apparently someone had parked their car in the car park just outside TopShop-all day-locked and windows up-two dogs inside...by the time people became concerned and police brought-window smashed-the smaller dog had died-the RSPCA took the larger one-a Lab-away, still alive...and the owners were still nowhere to be seen...