Woman Stops Fox Hunters at Garden Gate: Courage in the Cold

Written bySarah Hockeyof Merseyside, United Kingdom

I live on the edge of a beautiful park, Sefton Park in Liverpool, England. Last winter was the coldest I had ever seen, with lows of -19 degrees and a ton of snow which stayed for weeks, transforming the landscape.

One morning as I opened my front door to take my dog Rocky for a walk, I had the pleasure of seeing a fox run past and into the garden at the side of the house. It was so amazing to see this beautiful rusty red creature in the daylight, and against the white snow.

I should have known it was too good to be true — seconds later two men with four dogs went running past me too. I knew immediately why the poor fox was out in the daylight: it was running for its life. Well, all I can say is the fox picked the right garden to run into.

“Get Out Now!”

Rocky and I ran into the garden and I shouted at the two men: “What are you doing in my garden, this is private property!” They stopped, which gave the fox enough time to leap over the wall to safety. They said, “We just want to get over the wall to walk in the field.” Yeah, right.

I said, heart pounding: “I know exactly what you’re doing. Get out now, I’m phoning the police!” The men faced me, but even though I was scared I stood my ground. At least if they were staying with me, they weren’t over the wall pursuing the fox. Rocky instinctively stayed by my side and barked at the men. One of them threatened me and said he knew where I lived, and to keep my nose out of their business.

Isaid I didn’t care, and if they wanted to come back to bring it on, they were just a couple of cowards chasing after a defenseless animal! At which point, they left and just as I thought, the cowards that they were, they never returned.

I’ll never forget how relieved I was that Rocky and I were able to help that fox, and how instinctivelywe knew what I had to do. I am proud of that moment and would do it again. SEE PHOTO of Rocky


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Photo Credit: Valeriy Kirsanov | Dreamstime.com


Karen and Ed O
Karen and Ed O5 months ago

Good for you, Sarah Hockey, you are one special, brave person.

Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga5 months ago


Marija M
Marija M5 months ago

Brave woman, thank you.

Philippa P
Philippa Powers5 months ago

Brave woman. Good for her!

Brandi B.
Brandi B1 years ago

Me must be "sista's" as my friends say, I would have done the same thing. My mother always said I was too stupid to be afraid of anything or anyone, no common sense. I am very proud of that. If you intend to hurt an animal you had better hope that people like this lady and me are not around, because you will be the one that gets hurt. U R A Hero girl!!

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold3 years ago

More power to you and Rocky. Thanks from the fox!!

anne r.
Tom R3 years ago

Thanks for getting involved and stand up for the FOX. IM on his side too

Teresa W.
Teresa W3 years ago

The link doesn't work:
The link appears to be broken, but please don't go!

Teresa W.
Teresa W3 years ago

wonderful story

susan thornton
susan Thornton3 years ago

Good for you Sarah for standing up to these arrogant cruel bullying bastards. I hope the fox goes on to live a long and peaceful life out of danger of murderous humans