Women Accused Of Gang-Raping Man In Zimbabwe

A disturbing story from Zimbabwe emphasizes the fact that although in the vast majority of cases, rape is perpetrated by men against women (and sometimes other men), women can also commit rape.  In this case, a Zimbabwean man has accused three women of drugging, robbing and raping him.  Police say that this is the fifth such attack against a man this year.

The victim says that the three women offered him a ride, but passed out when the women pressed a cloth covered in some alcoholic substance against his face.  “After he woke up he was naked and the ladies took turns to rape him and abuse him,” said police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena.

There is currently no law on the books in Zimbabwe for rape by a woman, a gendered judicial oversight that clearly needs to be corrected.  In the other incidents, women have raped men at gunpoint, and last month, two women forced a man to have (protected) sex with them while another man stood guard.

Whether or not this can be called a trend, this much is clear: there needs to be serious attention paid to the fact that men can also be victims of rape, and that in many cases there is more social stigma attached to men speaking out about sexual assault.  Countries like Zimbabwe that don’t acknowledge the possibility of rape by women are institutionally silencing these survivors.  The women in this case have been charged with aggravated assault, but that’s just not good enough.

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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin7 years ago

Men get raped in prison. Does it make it all right then, becasue they have committed a crime? Or does it make it all right because millions of women get raped? Whomever the victim is and whomever the perpetrator; rape is NOT OK! It's next to murder the most heinous act against a human being.

Rebecca Lynn Mayo
Rebecca Lynn D7 years ago

Wow, Beth what gives? Not ALL the men in Zimbabwe are rapist pedophile murderers. How can you dismiss sexual violence with one gender but cry foul with another? Your statement is almost as bad as the, "she had it coming" argument. "She was dressed like a whore", or "she came on to me, then said no". That's horrible. Also, this isn't something that only happens in Zimbabwe, it takes place worldwide. Sexual violence against ANYONE is despicable, no matter the "who" and "how". It's not okay to punish all for the sins of a few.

Beth Gunn
Beth Gunn7 years ago

A single clinic in the capital of Zimbabwe recently reported the sexual abuse of 30,000 children over a period of four years, 20 per day. That's 20 children sexually molested at the hands of the men of Zimbabwe on a daily basis. Additionally, Ten girls or women report rape every day and probably another ten remain silent. The youngest victim reported was a baby girl of ONE DAY OLD, that's right, ONE DAY OLD, the oldest reported was in her 90's. So, while I would never condone violence, I must admit that I'm having a difficult time feeling sorry for the men of Zimbabwe. If they want change, they must start with themselves and stop raping their women and children.

Kate Kenner
Kate Kenner7 years ago

I do so hate to see women taking on the negative attributes of male dominance.

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

Rape is wrong. Men should be protected as should women.
No person should be made to suffer such indignity.

Patty Winter
Patty Winter7 years ago

I am shocked at how adament they are about some serious attention needed for rape against men!! How long has this been happening to women?? Only when these tragedies happen to men do they need serious attention. Rape is a way of live for most women in Africa.. I can't say that I wouldn't be slightly proud of myself for giving a bit of their own medicine back to them if I were living their Hell. I do not condone violence but what would you really do if you were faced this kind of violence everyday of your life? Watching your mother being raped by mutliple men? Raped by objects causing fissures where you from then on ooze feces and urine and your family shuns you and leaves you to rott in your own eliminations.. Or watching your sister, mother, aunt get raped? Forcing your son to rape another girl. It's sad that yes, men are being raped but if you look at the numbers I find it ridiculous that this is even an issue of serious concern!!

Joy Jin
Joy Jin7 years ago

Rape is wrong in both ways. No matter if man or woman does it.

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

Rape is rape. And it's wrong and illegal.

Please sign the Sean's Voice Petition, which asks for equity in emergency services for our unacknowledged survivors of abuse, our men, who have little to no support, shelter and services to become safe and successful survivors in this community.

Thank you for your support! Here is Sean's Voice, dedicated to baby Sean, who died at the hands of his mother, just for being born a boy.

Jan Carlo Tuclaud

If there's women's rights, there should also be men's rights!

Debbie W.
Past Member 7 years ago


God works in funny ways!