Women, Families May Be Under the Bus For Year End Budget

As we grow closer to the end of the year, we have yet another congressional crisis on our hands — and it isn’t the payroll tax holiday extension and unemployment benefits extension.

Because of refusal to negotiate in good faith, a legislative inability to pass even the most basic governmental agenda items like a yearly budget has turned the session into a series of quarterly battles and stalemates that leave both parties playing chicken with each other while the rest of the country braces for a possible government shut down.

Once again we are here.  And once again, Republicans are testing to see exactly how far they can push the limits when it comes to bargaining. As Jennifer Mueller reports, they’ve already began plotting a series of policy riders that will effectively dismantle and eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency and nearly every form of regulatory oversight. But how much of that is just an extra plank that can be stripped away during bargaining so that they can instead proceed on their other favorite quest, the war on women?

The Huffington Post reports numerous bans, funding and stipulations regarding reproductive health and family planning measures that Republicans are stuffing onto the latest budget.  From continuing the ban on government funds for abortions in D.C. to trying once more to cut off all federal money to Planned Parenthood, the party also wants to spend money on abstinence only education grants, despite the fact that they have been repeatedly proven ineffective at reducing teen pregnancy or the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

The last time we hit stalemate, the D.C. abortion ban went into effect, although the president stopped the attempt to defund Planned Parenthood in his final negotiations.  Will he, and the Democrats, continue to hold strong on that position?  Or is it possible that they will cave in order to negotiate out policies like the REINS act and other right wing ideological environmental and social attacks?


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Brian M.
Past Member 6 years ago

I don't know how this surprises anyone. Here in America, the budget is always balanced on the backs of the weakest:the disabled, the elderly, the mentally ill, mothers and children, and vets. It is cruel and proof positive that we do not pass the test of a nation's true greatness: how well we care for those who need help most in our nation.

Linda T.
Linda T6 years ago

More like a Mac Truck Republican Party. This reminds me of the woman who repeatedly ran over her husband for having an affair instead of divorcing him. Will the people re-elect republicans for running us over?

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Bus has a name- REPUBLICANS.

Barbara Whitney
Barbara W6 years ago

@ben - the fact is - both men and women have sex in this day and age, and BOTH are responsible for that choice, not just one. Secondly, rape happens daily to a number of women and to some men as well, so whether or not you agree, the bottom line is that we women have the right to choose for ourselves just what we will or will not do if pregnancy occurs. You've stated that you believe there's no justifiability for abortion, and that's you right to your opinion, however, it is my right to choose and one that I will exercise whether or not you approve. The pill, the IUD, or the "morning after" pill do not stipulate or create in any way an abortive process, and you need to get your facts straight before you post again on this subject. Nor do you have the right to decide for anyone else what they can or should do in any circumstance because you've then put your desires as more important and correct than someone else and that's never going to fly. Nature herself ends pregnancies when there is not enough to sustain the population. Man is the only one who tries to legislate his beliefs as being more deserving than any other species. You are entitled to your choice, you are not entitled to legislate mine or any one else for that matter. We are way overpopulated and encroaching on land, water, and air of the rest of the God and Goddess' creatures. When man stops his violence, ill-behavior, and takes responsibility then he might be heard by women, but until then, this is a woma

Barbara Whitney
Barbara W6 years ago

If this is about CHOICE, then that must be observed, if it's about their spiritual beliefs and the need to mandate what the rest of us feel is correct for ourselves, though, I have a little something to say about that. And that's the second question I would ask. I'm sure all of us know about some "wise woman" and her methods of prevention. Fact is, the third part of my argument would be this. Why isn't there a 100% effective methodology to prevent pregnancy? The pill is only about 99% effective, and I've known several who pregnant, who were on it. And a condom is great for preventing STD's, but as prevention? About 50%. Go figure, and for men, well, that's about as good as it gets, ladies. Aside from that, there are probably millions of kids in orphanages, group homes, etc. Why not take care of those kids, first? They're here, so life can't be that important because I don't see that many standing in line, 'course there is Bachmann, but then, there's Bachmann. The major decision made by those who seek an abortion is both sorrowful and pragmatic, and yes, there are always those who're never get the point - let alone realize they are off the mark entirely, it happens in every walk of life. And while we're about it, what about the inhabitants of this earth, that we keep decimating, in our greed, with contaminated waters, unbreathable air, and the poisons leached into the land? And the number of humans - why should there be another population growth - if not for chea

Ernest R.
Ernest R6 years ago

Have the people who voted the Republicans into office had any second thoughts about it ?

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Sadly that's usually the way it is; women, children, the poor, the middle class, the elderly, sick and disabled are always thrown under the bus (dirven by the conservative elite) in this endless assault on the middle class and on women's rights. Makes me sick to the core. Thanks Robin.

Dolores D.
De D6 years ago

this comes as no surprise

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

No surprise here.

Mark Stevenson
Mark S6 years ago

OK, I'll rephrase that. People should not be rewarded for having sex by the government.