Women More Likely To be Murdered At Home

On Saturday, Care2 reported on the countries with the highest homicide rates, as reported in the UN’s Global Report on Homicide. What the overall numbers do not show, however, is the gender dimensions of homicide. According to the UN, homicide victims and perpetrators are overwhelmingly male (80%). However, women and men are victims of very different types of crimes and the countries with the highest homicide rates overall are not necessarily the ones where women are most likely to be killed.

The countries with the highest rates of murder of women are primarily in Africa (ranked by female homicide rate per 100,000 population with percentage of homicides that have a female victim in brackets).

  • Ivory Coast – 17.6 per 100,000 (15%)
  • Sudan – 16.7 (34%)
  • Central African Republic – 14.4 (25%)
  • Cameroon – 13.9 (35%)
  • Congo – 13.5 (22%)

Interestingly, the countries where men and women have achieved greater equality in society are also the countries where women are proportionately more likely to be murdered (as compared with men). In many European countries, the proportion of homicide victims that are female are around 50%:

  • Slovenia (54%)
  • Germany (50%)
  • Switzerland (49%)
  • Croatia (49%)
  • Hungary (45%)
  • Belgium (42%)
  • Norway (41%)

The rate was also high in several economically developed Asian nations, such as Korea (51% of homicide victims are female) and South Korea (50%).

According to the United Nations, men are more likely to be murdered in a public place, while women are more likely to be killed at home. Women make up the vast majority of victims of partner and family-related violence. In Europe, for example, half of female victims were killed by a family member and 80 percent of people killed by a current or former partner were women. Sadly, the one place that people should be able to count on being safe (home), is still incredibly dangerous for women.

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Alicia N.
Alicia N7 years ago

terrible.......... sadly noted

Jay Hem
Immigrant I AM7 years ago

I'd love to catch a punk hit a lady in public... it won't b nice!!

Annie Urban
Annie Urban7 years ago


Yes, every life matters. This story was specifically about the differences in the way that women are murdered versus men. I wrote a story (linked in the first paragraph and again at the end of the article) about the overall stats the previous day: http://www.care2.com/causes/homicide-rate-highest-in-honduras-el-salvador-ivory-coast.html

Charlotte S.
Charlotte S7 years ago

Something MUST be done to end the violence against women everywhere! Men should never touch a woman except with love and tenderness.

Jackie Agusta
Jackie Agusta7 years ago

Thank you :-(

Jane Barton
Jane Barton7 years ago

Of course, that's where the cowards want to murder women, in the privacy of their own homes.
Women are safer in PUBLIC and probably safer in some other country.

Heather G.
Heather G7 years ago

To add to Robert's comment re: re-defining gender roles. Same-sex marriage is a re-definition of gender roles. If both people are the same sex there is no "man" to dominate a "woman" in a marriage. Maybe thats why "christians" and "conservatives" are so against it.

Katie K.
Katie K7 years ago

If ANYBODY ever hit me regardless if male or female they had better kill me because if they don't they better prepare to meet their maker. I am a strong, confident, self-sufficient female and it's easy for me to be this way. I do know others who don't have these strengths and I feel sorry for them. I guess its because its easier to be a victim than not.

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

Women get murdered in the home more often because we take care of it more. Men get murdered in public more because they are out more. That's true in ANY culture.

When we respect life, murders will stop.

Marie W.
Marie W7 years ago

CORRECTION: Only if women have power- rights, money, jobs, education, and most of all the KNOWLEDGE that they do not have to be a victim.