Women Protest for Equality In Tahrir Square [VIDEO]

An oppressive regime may have been removed in Egypt, but it still has a long way to go before women will have equality.  Women gathering in Tahrir Square to celebrate International Women’s Day learned that lesson as they were harassed and told that now was not the time to push for women’s rights in the country.

Via Ms. Magazine:

Reporting of that day has focused on the subsequent clashes between Christian and Muslim men. But what I saw first were men intent on breaking up the women’s protest. “Go home,” one sheik, hoisted on the shoulders of another man, told women. Others shouted slogans such as “Not valid!” that had been used against Mubarak in the same space just weeks earlier. One man held up a sign reading “Not now,” arguing to me that the demonstrations were “instruments of the West.”

Watch the video below.

Photo: video screen grab


Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

The time is always right to stand up for equal rights---thank you and godspeed to the women of Egypt.

Manuel Duarte
Manuel Duarte6 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Eimear C.
Eimear Crombie6 years ago

I hope them the best.

tara lav
Bracha K6 years ago

I wish them luck.

Susan Diane
Susan Diane6 years ago

Yes! yes! go for it women in Egypt! We support you and hope you can make greats strides in making sure that human rights include women's rights in the new Egypt. We are not that much further ahead here in North America. Women are still getting raped and harassed and make 30% less.

Marie W.
Marie W6 years ago

Interesting, women often have more equality under dictators than the old guard Democracy.

John B.
John B6 years ago

Dumb poll! If you are not in Egypt to find out what the climate there is really like don't comment on it.
It is perfectly alright to speak out for equal rights however, if you aren't there you don't know what is happening in that particular area at this particular time. Personally I have no idea if there is some reason that is valid for women to not push equality at present. I find it highly unlikely but I'm not there so I don't know.
I suspect that those protesting have not created a safe environment in order to arrange for their message to get out. You don't get any real message out if you are attempting to operate out of a chaos. If you have a group of men and who knows whether that is Bill and 5 friends or thousands shouting down this rally then there is either something there to resolve in the general environment or not.

Ulli W.
Ulli w6 years ago

@Elizabeth M C.
– sorry can't recall having compared to ’womens role in church hierarchy'. No need anymore. Your reference is bold enough.

→ see also my later comments …

Ulli W.
Ulli w6 years ago

@Ernest R.
I'd never doubt or deny your examples, but these are two out of Thousands of Imams telling otherwise.

and, aren't there enough strains of christian belief that stress the point of "a woman has to be obedient to her master" or ordaining death for "blasphemy"?

Ulli W.
Ulli w6 years ago

qVlasta Molak
»… and those guys in Egypt who seams to like the Muislim brotherhood will never agree to women having equal rights …«
I'd be interested to learn, as to where is your firm knowledge is from … in particular about the Muslim Brotherhood.
BTW, there are Christian Brotherhoods too → Monks – as we name their members. And extremists can be found everywhere…