Women Try to Break World Breastfeeding Record


Earlier this weekend, women across the globe joined in a concerted effort to break the world’s record for the most women breastfeeding simultaneously. †At 10:30 am on Saturday, women celebrated the last day of World Breastfeeding Week by joining in the “Big Latch-On,” an effort to get as many women as possible to breastfeed for at least one minute at exactly the same time.

Women from New Zealand to Dallas participated in the event, sponsored by the La Leche League, an organization which provides support to breastfeeding women. The first record for the most women breastfeeding at the same time in a single location was set in Berkeley, CA, in 2002, by 1,130 mothers and their children. †And most recently, in October 2010,†9,826 nursing mothers were recorded at 325 sites in 16 countries. †The numbers aren’t out yet for Saturday’s event, but judging by the amount of news coverage, another record may have been set.

Participating in the “Big Latch-On” seemed to be an overwhelmingly positive experience. †After all, as a promoter observed†on the event’s blog,

The Big Latch On is a rare event that is†in support of something, without having to be†opposed to something else. It is not a nurse-in or a protest.† It is a gathering that happens at places that welcome hungry babies and the moms who feed them, where time and space is created to make something special out of something that is really quite ordinary.

Some women said that they felt as though they were part of the movement to make breastfeeding less taboo. †”This sheds a good light on breast-feeding,” said one DeKalb, Illinois woman who was participating with her 13-month-old son. “Donít feel ashamed to breast-feed in public.”

Others explained that they wanted to promote breastfeeding’s health benefits. †Just last week, the CDC issued guidelines to hospitals, explaining that breastfeeding could reduce childhood obesity, in addition to providing a number of other benefits to mothers and infants. †And still others said they simply wanted some maternal camaraderie.

Whatever the reason (and regardless of whether a record was set), the number of women who were willing to take the time for a few moments on Saturday morning to express their support for breastfeeding is heartening and important. †It’s a wonderful way to end this year’s World Breastfeeding Week.

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Sarah M.
Sarah M6 years ago


Manuela B.
Manuela B6 years ago

I may be stupid BUT why is there any discussion at all about breastfeeding your baby. We don't question going to McDonalds to eat or Pizza Hut..... and we use a part of our body to
do that.

Jane H.
Jane H6 years ago

hooray!! It is good news to hear that the number of mother breast feeding may be increasing, and it is even more reson for us to keep poisons away....let's stop poisoning the world!

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago


Suzen R.
Suzen R6 years ago

If babies are normal why is feeding babies not normal? People are so weird.

Lilithe Magdalene

I am surprised that the couple of comments against breast feeding are from women, Wonder what that is about.'

Marilyn - I am shocked. I normally agree with you on subjects, but for this I must disagree - breastfeeding should be acceptable EVERYWHERE!!!

What a fun thing getting so many women feeding their babies at once!

Madi V - how sad that you hated breast feeding. You missed out on some beautiful bonding.

I will say that the bulk of my current health issues are directly related to NOT breast feeding, and I wish I could reclaim that part of my life. They didn't let my mother, because they had pumped her so full of drugs to give birth to me. Iatrogenic illness, I have.

Patricia Y.
Patricia Y6 years ago


Bobbie T.
Bobbie T6 years ago

IF I still could make milk and could find a baby to nurse I WOULD SO HAVE BEEN THERE. As for the prudes like Marilyn...stay home. Mothers have the right to go out with their babies and feed them when needed. If YOU don't want to see it; DON'T WATCH. Anyone notice how much more content the breast fed babies are than the bottle fed?

Deborah H.
Deborah H6 years ago

Marilyn - if you would feed your baby from a bottle in public, why not breast feed? Food is food. And babies get hungry when we are out and about too. Should we stay home or rush home when our babies get hungry? Or should we feed them in a stinky bathroom where people pee and poop? Would you with a bottle? We are mammals. This is how we feed our babies - in public or not!

Deborah H.
Deborah H6 years ago

What sucks is that on this particular saturday I was having some breastfeeding supply issues with my 5 week old and I actually called England's Breastfeeding helpline for support and got no answer. I then called La Leche League and my midwife, but no one picks up on saturdays! I ended up calling my husband who talked me through it as he recalled from baby #1 that if she goes through a growth spurt she will want more but she may have to be a bit frustrated as she nurses to allow my body to catch my supply up with her demand. But I was stressed and had NO support that day. :-(