Would You Be Willing to Endure What Farm Animals Do?

Activism has taken an interesting turn with a movement that was started by Sasha Boojor, 27, from Tel Aviv, which led to three activists branding themselves in public with the number “269″ in an effort to raise awareness about the things that are done to anonymous farm animals every day.

The number 269 was chosen because it was the number given to a white calf who was born on an Israeli dairy farm and destined for the slaughterhouse. His life mimics millions of other calves who are removed almost immediately from their mothers, marked with tags and brands and shipped off to a feedlot for fattening before finally being sent to a slaughterhouse and killed. Calf 269 isn’t special. He was just noticed and the group hopes that he will give an identity to all of the millions upon millions of individuals like him who are exploited, overlooked and forgotten.

We’re easily touched by stories of individual animals, their personalities and their ability to forgive, love and enjoy life and are equally horrified by graphic images of the stark reality and cruel industry practices that many of these animals are forced to live though. But the ones who are saved whose stories reach the public are only a lucky few who, like calf 269, are ever recognized, while billions of others live and die in the shadows. Their individual personalities, desires, fear, pain and distress seem to go without consideration as consumers continue to contribute to the mass exploitation, intensive confinement, mutilation and slaughter of species used in agriculture on a daily basis.

Credit: 269life

“This anonymous male calf will be forever immortalized on our bodies, and hopefully this message of solidarity will somehow bring a new way of looking at non-human animals. 
No animal should be exploited to satisfy the selfish needs and whimsical desires of humans, and that is why we chose to use the industry’s own method of objectifying living beings as this symbolic means to convey our idea,” the group 269life writes on its website.

Since this movement started, it has gained traction around the world with hundreds of people joining and attending events, many of whom have since tattooed the number on their bodies in solidarity, while a few others have withstood hot branding the way it’s done to calves – each with their own beliefs, stories and reasons for participating. An estimated 800 people in different parts of the world were tattooed on World Vegan Day last November 1, reports Haaretz.

“We aim to bring the pain and horror other animals face each and every day out of the suppressed darkness and into the realm of everyday life,” states the group.

After recently coming under fire, and investigation, for leaving animal heads and dying the water red in fountains in Jaffa and Tel Aviv, Bojoor told Haaretz, ďa few meters from every fountain there is a supermarket filled with carcasses of those animals. I think itís a bit over the top to set up a special police team for food coloring in fountains. Itís not clear why people are shocked by the sight of animal heads but are perfectly calm when they eat other animal organs.”

Warning: this video contains violent images.


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Photo credit: 269life


Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Waheeda S.
Waheeda S5 years ago

What a powerful way to make a point!

Rachelle S.
Rachell Ledger5 years ago

Wow. I would not be able to do that. And that proves their point, I guess; if you wouldn't be able to have it done to you, how can you support/not protest it happening to someone/something else? Good on them. Powerful message, and some serious commitment.

Ioana Cristina Serban

I think these men showed great courage in order to highlight what happens to farm animals. Although I had to fast forward through the video I think they chose a powerful way to make the point.

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright5 years ago

No I could not and I applaude these people who not only walk the walk they talk the talk. It's easy to sit at a computer and try to save the world but what these activists are doing is so commendable and honorable.

Hanine Green
Hanine El Mir5 years ago

Really proud of them!
It's so sad that we don't see what our meal was before we receive it on a plate. Going vegan would not only help animals but the planet and our bodies as well.

Claudia Cavallo
Claudia Cavallo5 years ago

My compliments to these guys, they really got to the point, more and more people shoulkd watch this and think about its meaning

marc horton
marc horton5 years ago

thank you,every little bit helps,someone somewhere will see or hear about this awesome demonstration,and think about how animals are abused. i support humane treatment from birth till death, and i love and respect animals

Marilyn Ashman
Marilyn A5 years ago

These wonderful people are truly courageous in their showing of what takes place to a calf after being taken away from it's mother . I feel so terrible that the baby doesn't even get to be loved by it's mother , and so sad for the mother that didn't get to nurse her baby . Humans are the worse kind of animal there is on this beautiful planet . :(

Rochelle Hunter
Rochelle Hunter5 years ago

I have so much respect for these men! I hope it made people realize what these animals go through.