You Have to Watch This. Really. Weiner’s Righteous Rage

People get mad all the time in Washington.  NOT usually on the Hill though; the tradition of “civility” (however phony) is too ingrained.  But Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner of Rockaway, Queens, enraged over a Repubican maneuver that prevented a vote on financial aid for 9/11 first responders who are really sick, put all that gentility aside.  Since he was a huge advocate for single payer in the health care debate, he has some healthcare chops.  Take a look – is this appropriate?  (Full disclosure:  I loved it.)

David Boyle via Flickr/Creative Commons


Mags M.
M M7 years ago

that was immensely refreshing! it's great to hear that there are at least some politicians will to stand up for what they believe is right, not what is expected. thanks!

Isa M.
Isa M7 years ago

Bravo! finally someone on the Hill telling it like it is. I never cease to wonder why Americans are against health care. My son (typical uninsured) lives in Colorado. He injured his knee (torn miniscus) while skiing up at a local Co resort. He could not afford to have his knee repaired in the US. so he came to Germany - he is a dual citizen. Had an MRI ($350. instead of $2000. in CO) and had his knee operated arthroscopy) by a respected specialist. He is getting the bandage changed and the wound looked at every other day and is also getting physiotherapy every other day. His German insurance will pay down to the last bandage....what the hell is wrong with Americans who prefer to pay for stupid stuff like fast food, HBO and SUVs rather than for their HEALTH...America never ceases to make me marvel. BRAVO to Congressman Weiner...America needs more like him

Donna Vandunk
Donna Vandunk7 years ago

Gloves are off! Loved it!

Chris L.
Chris L7 years ago

Now here is real astro turf. Nancy you have trained them well and know enough to use it wisely.

jane richmond
jane richmond7 years ago

I am SOOOO glad I voted for you!!!! At last someone who cares about the people. You've been doing your job for years but this time everyone took notice. THANK YOU!!!
Too many friends and other first responders have died or gotten sick as a result of 9/11, to delay any longer in giving back to them by not helping with healthcare bills is unforgiveable.

Celie Gordon
Celie Gordon7 years ago

what he said was basically how the congress, the people, and the government overall has seen an issue. "i wanna only say yes if this person tells me too" that is the dumbest thing i ever heard of! if you have an opinion about a certain law or a certain person who is running for whatever than YOU CAN VOICE YOUR OPINION!

Audrey L.
Audrey L7 years ago

I like this guy who stands up to the sniveling, obstructionist party of NO. I emailed him and told him I admire him for doing this, how he stayed coherent and passionate. KUDOS,KUDOS,KUDOS. We need these honest compassionate representatives who stand up to the WIMPY COWARDS, who can only yell liar and think they are funny in front of their Bozo no character frat boy party.

Audrey L.
Audrey L7 years ago

I love this man for standing up to the obstructionist party of NO. He did a great job, he also stayed coherent I doubt many people could do this. He was passionate and cares about his constituents. I emailed him and told him exactly that. What a great guy. KUDOS

Alice Liddell
Alice Liddell7 years ago

O Johnny Why, how nice of you to take notice of my alias. I like yours too. Here in text we are all anonymous, puss. ~ from one Cheshire Cat to another
P.S. kind sir, thank for the T.O. corrections. I wove you too.

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y7 years ago

At least someone in Washington is doing their job. I like my Weiners with mustard!

ps - "Alice Liddel" was the actual person Charles Dogson (aka Lewis Carrol) based his Alice and Wonderland stories on. So whoever that is here yelling at Mr. Weiner should try going Beyond the Looking-Glass. 110 yrs old my (rhymes with glass)!

The other reason I don't buy 'Alice' is, 100 years ago people read and wrote a lot more and their othography was much more consistent. The political divide in Washington DC is not the abbreviation for an island, it's called "both sides of the aisle"! And, 'Progressive' the way you used it (incorrectly, I might add) should be a plural noun. Further, the function of the Legislative Branch is to create or amend law, it does not convene in a court! (that's Judicial, not Kangaroo.) My grandma would never make such elementary errors.

Rather than accusing the Congressman of figurative constipation, you should pull the plug out of your own rabbit-hole!

(But, judging from your post it will take some time with a dictionary for you to even understand what I have said here-there are several doubles and one triple entendre)