You’ll Never Guess What Size Women Are Happiest At

Have you ever heard the saying, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”?

Well, according to a recent study by British retailer Littlewoods this is a load of crap (but we already knew that, right?).

The study of 2,000 found that women are happiest at size 16 (an American size 12). That’s not all. The study also found that half of those whose weight had fluctuated over the past three years were actually happiest at the magic number – size 16. Women sized 14-18 were also found to have a more positive frame of mind when it comes to their appearance.

What about thinner women?

Only half as many size six women (42 percent) said they were happy with their appearance. Of women size 6-10, 59 percent said they were happy with their appearance.

So, what would make woman happier with their bodies? Curves, curves and more curves! According to the study:

  • 52 percent of size six women actually want to be curvier, not thinner
  • 35 percent of size six women want a fuller figure because it’s considered sexier
  • 31 percent of women feel curves would make clothes more flattering
  • 24 percent of women feel curves would improve their body confidence

While it’s great to find a study that celebrates full figures and curves, all be it from a plus-size clothing company, making curvy the new body ideal as opposed to thin isn’t really a victory. A true victory would be body acceptance for women of all sizes and a world where a woman’s self-worth is based on not what size she wears, but what she thinks and does.

What would the world be like if that actually happened? What would women do with all the time and energy they spent focusing on the number on the scale and body in the mirror?

What would you do?

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Jerome S
Jerome S8 months ago


Jim Ven
Jim V8 months ago

thanks for sharing.

Anastasia Z.
Anastasia Z3 years ago


Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson4 years ago

I love my double zeroes. thanks anyway

Bernadett P
Britt P4 years ago

LOL. Oh my this is funny. I love being a size 1. If I wanted to be bigger - I would be. It's insane that the most overweight and unhealthy nations are the most fixated on diet and their size... as they reach for the second tub of fries...

Julia Cabrera-Woscek

I don't know but I feel great when I work out a few times during the week, clean my house, do chores and socialize with my ever companion doggie pooh. I am a size 2-4 and I am a small person. Last year, I lost 18 lbs that were crushing me and preventing me to be this active. I had an unhealthy habit of eating desserts every day every lunch and dinner. The pounds I accumulated where not healthy at all and my body and mind "KNEW" this. Now, I do have my curves and also my energy. There is NOTHING wrong about being skinny or obese. It is about your inner self. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR BODY (GOOD OR BAD) JUST LISTEN TO IT AND HAVE THE DISCIPLINE TO DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

Laura W.
Laura W4 years ago

Thanks! It's kinda sad. Most girls have poor self esteem, and they way they fix it, they turn their bodies into a size 0--to create the "nothing size" they feel they deserve!! Not really being here? The thing people SHOULD be working on are their minds and caring and love for people. Folks are putting on more fake hair and lashes, and they disappear. They don't look pretty anymore. I've been sick and inside the house for a while. I wondered what I learned in that long stretch of time. I've learned to be more comfortable in my skin, and I don't need all that subterfuge to look like the stars in Hollywood. That's them. It's ALL ENTERTAINMENT, not real life!!! I'll do a good me...And Baby, you're the star--by how kind and giving and loving you are!! Peace...

Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill4 years ago

Good for you Edward W.

Lorene Farnsworth

The older I get the more comfortable I become, and interestingly enough I am smaller than I ever was when I was on my dieting missions. I wish I knew twenty years ago that the key to this body stuff is just to be healthy, exercise, and be happy in what you're doing. Sure would have saved me a lot of time, anxiety and money.

Edward Wilkes
4 years ago

A woman should just be satisfied with who they are. Men love all types.