Younger and Younger Rapists: 10 and 12-Year-Old Boys Charged with Rape in UK and US

Earlier this week I wrote about a program in the UK that police have launched to raise awareness of rape and personal safety during the holiday season. I was quickly reminded how important these programs are and really how important it is that we get them right when I read the following comment by a reader in answer to the post’s poll: Do you think men’s support is necessary to end rape?

“Yeah, I think men should be targeted, good thinking. The earlier the better too, seeing as two 10 year old boys have just been found guilty of raping an 8 year old girl here in the UK”

First thank you reader for your support and for informing me of an incident I had yet to learn about.

Now on the incident – WHAT? Two 10-year-old boys raped an 8-year-old girl? What?

According to the young girl she followed the boys to a park in Hayes, West London to play on the jungle gym but instead the boys led her to some bushes where they took turns raping her. 

She ran home and told her parents what happened and they immediately notified the police. Soon after the boys were arrested and after appearing in court last week they were charged with two counts of rape. The boys were released on conditional bail and will return to court for another hearing after the new year on January 2.

In the U.S. a 14-year-old boy is facing charges this month after allegedly raping a 12-year-old girl in a stairwell at school. The boy is being charged in Juvenile Court with rape and false imprisonment.

Both of these stories are incredibly sad and disturbing. What more proof do we need that anti-rape programs should be aimed at men – the sooner the better?

It is time that we empower boys and men with the tools to un-learn rape and accept women as their equals. This will not happen overnight or in a year or maybe even over a decade but the consequences of not starting now are too devastating.

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Elizabeth C.
Elizabeth C8 years ago

I doubt if any of them get more than a slap on the wrist when right now...on a daily basis a DYING 19 year old girl is beaten and raped by her father...and I do mean every day. his last attack dislocated her shoulder and she has be pregnant twice with children he fathered. His father raped her when she was four, then her dad took over. She has reported it and because she has tried to suicide out, the police refused to investigate. And yes, I'm talking about in the UK. She is trapped there with no place to go and a government that says; 'So? Spread 'em and deal with it'.

Past Member
Serena P8 years ago

I know I am going to get blasted for this, but this is the way I see it.

We have video games that promote rape. Everyone sees sex EVERYWHERE-videos, TV, movies. Thin women are usually shown in really short shirts, skirts, shorts, and bikinis. This society can't get enough of sex. The more people see these images (obviously not everyone, but a lot), the more excited they get, and some don't have an outlet for their 'expression'. Also, it's the way some people are raised. If they have no role models, they are more likely to commit crimes (this one is a no-brainer).

I am so glad I grew up in the late 80's/early 90's and had good TV to watch.

James Carpenter
Past Member 8 years ago

Jessica M. you have the right to take what I say anyway you wish, as I do you.
I just worry that by taking away the boy meets girl and the kissing, playing around that goes on in most cases, we will end up calling anything rape which we are started to do (take the kissing case which was look on by the police as a rape case), which in the end take away freedom of the young to know about the other sex.
Rape is Rape, Rape is sick, Rape must be a min of 30 years inside. and I would be the 1st person to turn the key on the cell door!

Eli Is Here
Past Member 8 years ago

Our society is becoming something that came right out of a bad horror movie. What kind of role models are these kids following?!!?____ James, I understand what you mean & I agree with you.

Gabi B.
Gabi B8 years ago

Jessica, perhaps you should take a breath and re-read the comment by James. He is not comparing the two and calling them the same. You should perhaps read it for what it is. There have been many comments here and some of the discussion has expanded beyond the parameters of the text of this particular article.

Jessica M.
Jessica M8 years ago

OMg james wtf are you talking about!!!!!???? Rape is not the same as "playing doctor" or "exploring eachother" sexually as kids! These kids held someone down and FORCED themselves inside a young girl as she most likely screamed and cried and bled. My god what is wrong with you and the world??? Do you not see a difference? You have no idea what you are talking about and obviously have no idea what it is to be ASSAULTED. Even a child can tell the difference between attacking someone and playing a game or kissing. You are an idiot.

Lukntwohvn R.
Mary R8 years ago

Lori K,

I agree with you to a certain extent. Females are not "talking" about themselves as being "sexual beings," they are acting as sexual beings. There is a difference. How about the song by Beyonce' with the lyrics, "If you like it then you should'a put a ring on it." This has a few implications. One, if you don't want your woman to stray, then make it a committed relationship. And 2) if you don't, you can expect her to 'play the field' just as a man does. Yet, does this mean she is "asking" to be raped simply because she is choosing to be the female being she was born as? NO! Men can go out and be 'Men' all day long anywhere they want to be, in any type of situation without the worry of any type of recourse simply because they are men and considered the 'stronger sex'. Women, on the other hand, are not viewed in this light. If a woman likes to look attractive because it is part of who she is and it makes her feel good about herself, she is viewed as 'nasty', a 'whore', putting it out there, asking for it, etc. Now I can agree and have seen my share of females who have looked like they walked straight out of a Frederick's catalog and have no business doing so. This still does not negate the fact that a man needs to practice self control and respect. Just as noone can physically assault (as in bar fight, etc.) just because they feel like it, they have no right to put their hands on a women in a sexual manner for any reason when she is not interested.

Marishka k.
Marishka k8 years ago

this is sad

James Carpenter
Past Member 8 years ago

I think this will be my last post on this!

I am old being 61 but I can think back to when I was the same age as the boys, and playing docters with the girl next door, today that would be call rape by some, the fact that we have be the best of friends for 51 years will be miss by most.
Sex has always play its part in young people lives but slowly we are taking this away from them, I know what you going to say, but if you do not let the kids have time to find out a little bit about the other sex then to me you are making a timebomb in their later life.
Not that long ago in the UK we had the police called in as a boy of 10 was seen kissing a girl of 11 do you think we have lost it a little bit!

You know my feeling if a man does rape then put him in jail for a very long time or till he to old to have sex again.

Thank you all for reading my posts!

Lori K.
Lori K8 years ago

I think a huge issue here is the objectification that women themselves have been buying into for the past several years. Music videos are truly revolting. Young women dressed in extreme clothing (or the lack thereof) are seen gyrating around simulating sex, humping the air, moaning, etc. Yuck!

Young women are constantly talking about themselves as "sexual beings", dressing in low cut tops with push up bras, thongs hanging out of low cut pants, butt cracks and cleavage everywhere you look, etc. It makes me want to scream!

These girls need to get a clue. When they offer themselves up as a sexual object, some males will think they actually mean it. The more disturbed among them will act on this thought. Unfortunately, most males are stronger than females, and unless the girl is lucky, or very well prepared, the guy will ultimately prevail.

Girls are getting the idea from movies, TV, games, videos, and each other that their only worth lies in their sexual attractiveness. If they want guys to "notice them", they need to give the impression that they "want to put out".

Until we teach girls that self respect, not sexual attractiveness, is their most valuable commodity, many girls will continue to devalue themselves.

This behavior invites unwanted responses from males. Girls are upset by it, but are not changing their behaviors. I am not blaming the victim. It's not her fault. I blame our money grubbing, "all is for sale" society that teaches this trash. It's sad.