Yvonne The Runaway Cow Gains Freedom


Yvonne, the runaway cow who escaped from a farm in Germany, where she was being fattened up for slaughter, has gained her freedom. Authorities called off their three-month hunt for her and will allow Yvonne to roam free in the Bavarian woods.

The six-year-old cow escaped from her farm on May 24 and has been living as a fugitive in the thick Bavarian woods ever since. When she walked onto a busy highway and nearly collided with a police car in late July, Yvonne was declared a public hazard and the ante to capture her went up.

The town of Muhldorf ordered her to be shot and hired two hunters to track down Yvonne. Animal activists were in an uproar over the mandate and began searching for the cow to save her. Members of Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary even purchased Yvonne from the city so they could give her a new home.

Yvonne on the other hand, had ideas of her own. She fooled her potential captors time after time during the summer, evading thermal-imaging cameras, search teams and bait that included two cows she knew from the farm.

Monday, officials granted Yvonne her permanent freedom and called off their search to capture her. The cow has wandered deep enough into the woods and away from the highway that she is not deemed to be a threat to public safety any longer.

“As the animal no longer constitutes an acute threat to road traffic in its current location, no major search or capture operations are necessary,” authorities told UPI. “The Muhldorf district office requests that the animal not be disturbed in its current habitat.”

“Yvonne has truly fought for her freedom,” a spokesperson from Gut Aiderbichl said in statement. “She has shown the world that her urge to be free is strong … even for a cow.”

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Photo from fuzzworks via flickr.


Alicia Guevara
Alicia Guevara6 years ago

Bravo Yvonne!

Phyl M.
Bul M6 years ago

All living beings, including animals! have rights!

Yvonne S.
Yvonne S7 years ago

I'm glad she escaped and I hope she will spend the rest of her life living in peace.

Harshiita Sharma
Harshita Sharma7 years ago

Wow such a liberating story!!
What an inspiring cow:))) And cows do not pose any danger to humans in any way,unless provoked,i'd say its just the reverse !

Sisilie B.
Sisilie B7 years ago

Such a beatiful story!

Svetlana B.
Svetlana B7 years ago

Yvonne! you rock, may God bless you! Free at last!

pam wilkerson
pam wilkerson7 years ago

Bravo, Yvonne!!! You deserve freedom!!! Now you have a real family who will care for you for the rest of your life.

Darla G.
Darla G7 years ago

Someone commented that the cow has been captured and placed in a sanctuary to live out her life. I hope that's correct because my first thought was "how is she going to survive on her own for the rest of her life?"

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan7 years ago

Yvonne has been captured after wandering into a farmers field.The report in the Daily Mail said that she had been taken to an animal sanctuary to live out her days.