Zach Wahls Speaks Out Against Amendment 1


Zach Wahls, who famously stood before the Iowa House and testified as the proud son of two women against a repeal of the state’s gay marriage rights, has spoken out against North Carolina’s Amendment 1.

The proposed constitutional amendment would codify North Carolina’s existing ban on gay marriage and would also ban all marriage-like partnerships, rendering domestic partnerships, straight or gay, unlawful.

Wahls, in a video for Protect All NC Families, says that the state’s lawmakers have to disenfranchise one particular group of families, adding:

“When we talk about the politics of fear and division, this is exactly what we’re talking about with the legislature saying there are some families that are better than other families. That some families deserve more protection than other families. That some families have more worth, more value than other families. That’s not the future. And that’s why this constitutional amendment cannot pass in May.”

Watch the video below:

Not only would Amendment 1 dissolve straight partnerships as well as ban all recognition for LGBT families, it would also impact things like child health insurance and would critically impact domestic violence protections, which hinge on partnership status, to invoke higher penalties and give women the protection they need.

Voters will decide whether to enshrine the ban at the May 8 ballot.

A Public Polling Policy survey of 982 likely North Carolina voters reveals that going into the last week of campaigning, 55 percent of respondents favor the amendment, while 41 remain opposed. However, when voters were actually made aware that the ban would block all partnership recognition for gay couples and would harm straight families too, a majority opposed the measure.

“Voters who understand what the amendment does are opposed to it,” Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling is quoted as saying. “But there’s a lot of education left to be done in this final week of the campaign.”

To find out more about how Amendment 1 could impact citizens beyond enshrining a gay marriage ban, please click here to go to the Protect All NC Families website.


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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

First off, I love that he is speaking out. Second, i could be in love with this guy. He is young, well spoken, very handsome, and very passionate. He will go far

Lilithe Magdalene

Go Zach!!

And JW H? Since when does other people having their constitutional freedoms harm you? Get over it and take your bigotry somewhere else.

Jan N.
Jan N5 years ago

Rob D.'s profile says "hypocrisy and ignorance" are what bugs him. If that's true, I guess he doesn't like himself very much.

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance5 years ago

A bright articulate young man! Way to go. NO to amendment 1 in NC>

Rob Dean
Rob Dean5 years ago

We are so proud of our state NC that will pass this fine amendment to our constitution and keep the law that we have intact and free from interference by radical liberals. Please vote YES on Amendment One in NC on May 8th to protect Marriage and defeat the radicals who would tear apart our families and our values. Thanks so much for your YES vote on Amendment One next Tuesday!!!!! May God Bless. Marriage is ONLY between one man and one woman and any attempt to change that is not acceptable. We believe in GLBT rights and equality, but there is no reason to destroy traditional marriage.

JW H.5 years ago

Marilyn: As one living in the south I think the bigoted progressives in Cal and NY should keep their perversions to themselves and allow us to live normal lives. Than you and your welcome for the education

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L5 years ago

It has gotten to the point where I believe that States should NOT have the right to pass any human rights bills, that should be left to the United States Government with strict adherene to our Constitution and Bill of Rights period. The people in the South and other racist/begoted areas should be able to enjoy the same freedoms and liberties as everyone else in our country.

Anita Wischhusen
Anita Wisch5 years ago

An exceptional man, raised by exceptional moms!

John B.
John B5 years ago

Thank you Zach and thank you Steve for the article.

Sharon H.
Sharon H5 years ago

I live in NC and will be voting against this amendment. There are plenty of ads against it and personal reasons given. All we can do is hope people are watching and understanding.