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Your free click generates donations from our sponsors. You may click once a day, every day. One hundred percent of the donations raised go directly to International Relief and Development (IRD), who are on the ground in Haiti distributing oral rehydration therapy (ORT) packets to protect those infected with Cholera from dehydration. They are also providing hand washing and sanitation education to promote good hygiene and prevent the spread of this Cholera infection that has infected more than 3,000 people already.

How Do We Get 'Hands On'?

International Relief and Development (IRD) is not lobbying to get things done in Haiti -- they are getting things done themselves. Immediately after news of the Cholera outbreak, IRD sent people overseas and announced a multi-faceted program in cooperation with the Government of Haiti, the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations to treat the infected and halt the spread of the disease. A key component of this response is the distribution of oral rehydration therapy (ORT) packets. Cholera can lead to severe dehydration, which, untreated, can result in death. Often, access to ORT can mean the difference between life and death. To date, IRD has distributed 64,000 ORT packets to Haitians. learn more
featured sponsor: turning clicks into donations
featured sponsor: turning clicks into donations
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